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    Received Anonymous Text Message?

      Has anyone received one of these?  I do not think it is Sidekick specific-but it was strange.  My notification bar said I had new messages and when I opened my messaging there was a text from anonymous that quickly disappeared and I could not find-however everytime I went in and out of my messaging app it would pop up for a quick second then disappear.  I was finally able to access the message by tapping the new message in my notification bar and there were 3 empty texts from "anonymous" I replied asking who it was and they replied today saying they received my # from a fortune cookie and wished me Happy Thanksgiving...suspicious to say the least!


      Anyone heard of this before??

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          I actually had the same thing happen to me as well... like a day or two after I got the latest update.  I've tried to quickly delete it everytime it appears but it never works.

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            Im sorry to hear that this was happening to YOU, but i do want to help. Now usually in this case 1 of 2 things is happening. Either a 3rd party app has been put onto the device causing this, or someone is sending a message to yournumber @ tmomail.net. This would come in as a text message although you would not see a phone number. I hope this helps! If the issue continues feel free to reply and we WILL get it taken care of!



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              how would I go about checking my "tmomail" account?  I see the email app but i have no emails on that app.

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                I haven't gotten this type of message but I keep receiving the ones that tell me to call a number in regard to my bank account with a bank I don't use. Silly scammers.

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                  If you received a message to yournumber@tmomail.net it would appear in your text message inbox but you may not see a phone number.  Because this comes in as a text message, you do not need to check or sign into an email account to do so. 


                  I hope that answers your question!

                  Thank you,


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                    it does and it doesn't at the same time


                    If messages that get send to my tmomail.net appear as text messages, then one would think that you can get rid of them just by hitting the delete button, no?  If so, then there should be no reason why it keeps instantly appearing and dissapearing after I deleted it the first time.  EVen when I shut off my phone and turn it back on it keeps flashing in and out.  Only other thing I can think of is that it's some sort of glitch, but there has to be a way to fix it, right?

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                      You're absolutely right, if a message is sent to yournumber@tmomail.net address, you would be able to delete it in your message inbox as normal.   Like joe_g said above, this could be caused by a 3rd Party application. 


                      You can check under Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Downloaded Tab and click on each application and check Permissions to see which has access to your Messages.  Try removing the apps that require access to your Messages and see if the random text message stops appearing.  If it does, readd apps you removed one at a time to see which is the troublemaker


                      Hope this helps!


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                        I had this same exact problem. What I did was delete all the text messages in there close out the message app and reopen it and tap the Anonymous Text Message as soon as it popped up. I was able to click it and get into it and delete the message (Which were just all blank by the way). Hope this Helps!

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                          I had the same issue, this fixed it:  Went to the message above the "phantom" message.  Dragged left or right to get the phantom message to finally appear.   The message was a DRAFT of a picture message that I was going to send, but then my phone rang while i was creating it about 3 days ago.


                          I removed the photo, deleted the blank space in the message, and wala...the "phantom" message does not appear.


                          HOPE IT HELPS!!!!!!


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                            Everything said here is wrong. Sorry


                            Its a Class Zero message also known as a ping or command from the network or a third party sms server. In some cases it might be a person with a class zero sender app like on windows mobile there used to be a program called hushSMS that you where able to send class zero message to another windows mobile phone and it shows up and then deletes its self, i think the same bug is in android that allows to send and receive class zero without number

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                              Got this about 2 days ago, an blank message from anonymous. Didnt think to much of it and think deleted it.

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                                It happens when starting a group chat with a party using iphone..