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    What happened to tmobile customer service

      Just today, I called in 7 times.  Call 1, 45 minute wait till I hung up, Call 2, 35 minute wait till I hung up, Call 3 and 4 the same for about another 40 mintues.  Call 5 got through and was told to call back from another phone and they refused to take the number and call me back (also could not understand there english) , call 6 started to explain my problem and put on hold for 50 minutes till i hung up. Call 7 explained my phone would freeze, they said they reset the network and that should fix it my problem, I refused this solution so I told as told to master reset my mytouch every morning,  Asked to speak to supervisor and was hung up on.  Could it be that Metro PCS now has better customer service than T-Mobile?  I left ATT for Tmobile and noticed a decline in my voice and internet service, I was going to go back to ATT but the customer service at Tmobile was so attentive and went out of their way to keep me as a customer that I decided to stay.  After my experience today, I will be talking to ATT again tomorrow. 

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          Ever think you call too much?

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            I've had just the opposite experience. I have a new My Touch Q and I cannot initiate a web call, but can receive them just fine. I've been talking with cust serv about this for a week now and tech sup for the last two days have never waited more than 3 minutes. They do give you the option of a call back if they are busy. Very nice feature.

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              That has been my experience with tmobile up until the last call.  Up till then I give them five stars!  If i wasnt dialing 611 from my phone I would swear I reached a different company.  I don't know for a fact, but I believe I was talking to people in India by their accent and broken english.  I went to the local store and they we most helpful, saw my problem and ordered me a new phone

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                I am absolutely furious with TMobile's customer service right now.  I've had more issues & phone calls to CS within the past 2 weeks than I've had in the nearly 10 years I've been a TMobile customer.  It's frustrating when the reps just make changes without explaining the causes/efffects that would happen.  Most recent issue:  I called about blocking MMS on my Android phone since it's not a part of a grandfathered feature that I have (did it on Blackberry).  I THOROUGHLY explained to the guy that I only wanted to block MMS not SMS.  Is it possible?  Without telling me exactly what he found out or is capable of doing, he places me on a long hold & the call drops.  I call back & now have to go through the entire spill of what I'm looking for etc, etc, etc.  After explaining everything, she tells me "oh, yes ma'am", the previous rep was able to block the media messages".  Now something told me, ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS!!  When I asked to confirm exactly what was being blocked.  Numb nuts #1 did exactly what I thoroughly explained I didn't want to happen.  Now numb nuts #2 is telling me everything from "we can't do it", "we can block IMs & emails" (not relevant), "we can add web content since the media messages are from the web".  Don't just randomly give answers if you don't know.  #1 issue I think it going on is the fact that many of the reps speak "just enough" English & aren't completely comprehending what is being said/asked/told.


                Let's go back to TMobile circa 2002.  This new age $^%& isn't working!!!

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                  I agree, Tmobile reps are numb nuts. Everytime I talk to someone and they say they fixed my account I look online and nothing as ben handeled. Tmobile your loosing your touch, get it together because I know where to find the door and it wont be hitting my cattuse.

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                    Same  here.Something  is going on here.Now I know.When I call CS and hear  peoples with wird  accent I hangups and call again till somebody talk normal.Shame

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                      Just wanted to add my voice of protest.  Tmobile's customer service used to be great... one of the reasons I've been with them for years.  They have clearly outsourced, and have not given the outsourced employees authority to resolve real problems.  We were placed on a $30 per month data plan for my husbands line.  He does not have a smart phone, and does not use the internet at all with his phone.  We did not sign up for this plan.  I noticed the extra charge this month and called about it.  The usage stat on the bill clearly shows that this feature has never been used, which I feel substantiates the fact that we did not sign up for it... that and my husband's antiquated phone, which tmobile is also aware of.  Apparently we've been paying $30 a month for this thing we didn't know we had and can't use for the last 5 months... I didn't notice before because we use an automatic bill pay service and somehow got a month ahead, so our bill usually was reduced by credits from the month before.  At any rate, after talking to about 5 employees and supervisors, it was clear that none of them have the authority to do anything beyond offering to take the data plan off and refund us for this month and last month.  None of this explains why we were signed up for it in the first place, or why they can't refund us the full amount based on the strong evidence supporting the fact that we did not sign up for it.  We will be filing a complaint with the FCC.  Great job tmobile - from longtime happy customers to an FCC complaint and looking for a new provider in a single series of phone calls.  Could easily have forgiven being signed up for and charged for something without our knowledge if customer service had been willing (or able) to refund us now that we found the problem. 

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                        noelle, is there a chance your husband, even accidentally, used a data service with his phone? That may have kicked off a pay per use plan if Tmo has such a thing.

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                          Well, if it's possible to do it accidentally then by definition there's a chance he did it.  But that seems like a super bad system, to be able to be signed up for something that costs $30 every month without even knowing you did anything?  And my problem is that however he got signed up, a quick check of the usage record (which they report in the bill) would show that it has never been used.  On the strength of this, and our assertion that we did not want this service or use it intentionally, I feel that the possibility that some accidental key stroke triggered this several months ago is not a good enough reason not to refund our money.  Having us signed up for this has not cost T-mobile anything, nor have we been using any bandwidth.  Refunding us the money just restores to us the money that shouldn't have been taken from us in the first place.T-mobile wouldn't be losing money on this, just not taking extra from us for nothing.  So my first issue is with not being refunded.


                          My second issue is the clear drop-off in customer service that has resulted from T-mobile outsourcing their support.  These folks have been given nothing but techniques.  They give a stock answer, and if you push for more they put you on hold to have someone else tell you the same thing 15 minutes later.  Even your explanation in the 2-line post above contained more information, at least a conjecture as to what may have happened.  I don't think it's a good enough reason not to refund our money, but it at least feels like you are listening and thinking.  They didn't provide any guesses as to how we got signed up, didn't respond to the fact that we clearly haven't used it, didn't explain _why_ they could refund 2 months but not more.  Just repeated the answer.  Because that's what they've been told to do.  This kind of customer service isn't serving the customer, it's designed to get us to give up.  There are a lot of cell phone companies.  I have AT&T for my work phone, and they've actually been excellent.  T-mobiles big selling point for me used to be their great service.  At this point, I'll take my next good opportunity to switch.

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                            Looking at the timing on this,  the start seems to have coincided with TM's controversial decision to automatically activate pay-per-use charging on accounts without data plans. When challenged they initially responded by converting accounts to monthly data plans,  but later backed down and promised to revert plans and refund charges.


                            The promise related to smartphone users,  but there was always a suspicion that some users of feature phones got swept up in this as well, but never got taken care of properly.


                            That said, with data plans,  you can't rely on the summary line information about data use,  as it will normally say 0 bytes used.  You have to drill down into the transaction level detail to see what use there might have been. I'm not saying your husband consciously used data,  or that you shouldn't continue to fight this,  but it would be wise to double-check this and avoid being blind-sided later by some claim that they have documented proof of data use.


                            I can totally relate to the problems caused by getting ahead with payments because of the confusion caused on bottom-line billing,  but the contract is based on the reasonable assumption that you check the detail of each month's bill,  and if you pay it, you have accepted the charges. The contract allows challenges up to 60 days after the event and that is the normal limit on refunds.


                            With all that said, TM have up to $150 of your money for no service provided and likely as not caused this problem in the first place by imposing an improper policy, from which they had to execute a humiliating climb-down following widespread customer protest. So you should continue to pursue a full refund.


                            The best way to do that is to write to the TM support team in this forum at tforce@t-mobile.com. They seem to be able to do a much better job of fixing these issues than the regular customer service teams.


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                              Thanks so much. This was an extremely helpful post.  I will definitely contact the support team at that email.  This is really what I was looking for when I stumbled into this forum, a way to contact someone besides the call center in order to resolve this issue.  I agree that I should have been checking my bills more carefully, I just don't think that justifies not getting a refund now that I _have_ discovered the mistake.  We'll see how it goes from here.  Thanks again for the thoughtful input.


                              I still think it is unfortunate that I had to dig through all this to find someone who may be able to help, and am hopeful that tmobile will re-vamp its main customer support line since that is the only obvious means of addressing issues like these and it is amazingly unhelpful.  It is a bad face for the company to be presenting to its customers. The call center employees are polite, and I believe just doing their job, but the job they've been given to do and their parameters for doing it, and the lack of any in-country backup really does a disservice to both company and customer.  Because no complaints actually filter through to the company through the labyrinth of surreal obtuseness, tmobile may think the new system is working fine, but the change is very noticeable on this end.

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                                I agree that you really need to have a couple (or three) go-rounds with the automated response system to work out the best way of getting through to a person.


                                They keep tweaking the system and I've noticed it's once again started to be a little more difficult to get past the irrelevant automated questions to speak to a representative.


                                Sadly, with the recent announcement of stateside call centers closing down, there is little prospect of an immediate improvement.


                                Whether they are just making the best possible spin, or they are sadly deluded, TM executives seem to be placing all the blame for their huge contract customer losses (1.65 million over the last four quarters) on the iPhone, or rather not carrying the iPhone. While that is certainly a factor, I'm sure a lot of people would have continued to resist the attraction of that device, if TM's customer service hadn't plunged so badly over the last year or more.


                                Unfortunately, TM is an ailing business, with an owner - Duetsche Telekom - who would like to ditch this liability (by their reckoning) as soon as possible. With the state of the world economy, and the specific problems in Europe, putting everything right with TM USA will just cost them way too much of the resources they have earmarked for other purposes.


                                Since part of the break up fee from the failed AT&T takeover came in the form of additional spectrum, they have chosen to prioritize network improvement which will ultimately allow unlocked iPhones to work fully on the TM network and enable the deployment of the next generation network. This is as smart a move as is possible technically, but it provides no resources to apply a much needed fix to the failing customer service wing.


                                In the end, they will continue their tailspin because people will continue to ditch them by the hundreds of thousands unless they can convince the disillusioned that they have really reverted to the TM that won a sequence of 12 out of 13 JD Power customer service awards.

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                                  I have to agree, have been a long time TMO member, and switched from Verizon which had much better cell service bc I didnt like their customer service and TMO seemed to have only the nicest folks from some part of the US where nice folks come from exclusively (clearly not the big cities I was living in).  So, I was content with lower grade cell service for much better customer service.  But since the outsourcing of the customer service to India - it sbecoming increasingly unbearable.  I really dont want to leave TMO, but the service, which is now just OK - has really taken a step down.  Folks in India and the Phillipenes, not only are much more difficult to understand, they just dont get the American conversation, the tone, the cadence, etc.  I find myself each time getting annoyed with them and getting aggravated. Its not their fault really, they shouldnt be trying to do CUSTOMER SERVICE with foreigners for which they, for the most part, just can not do as well.  TMO - please reconsider before you ship the rest of the call center jobs offshore and lose me as a customer.  Here is a plug for the return to 2 years ago when a TMO call (even a level one call) was taken somewhere in the USA.

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                                    They apparently Unleashed It  - see my 7 month saga after 10 years with t-mobile at http://mikeangeexpeditions.com/scuba-lessons-certifications/t-mobile-unleashed-its-customer-service/

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