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        In reality, I suspect that the symptom has many causes and that a faulty battery is simply one of many possibilities.


        Specifically, I've gone through situations when my phone is obviously hot around the battery compartment and then have the problem disappear.  I also have two batteries and it can happen (erratically) with either one.


        One thing I have noticed, however, is that there are a number of situations in which the battery often overheats (at least my phone and my batteries) and the battery tends to drain exceptionally quickly.


        I suspect that, by now, most of us have discovered that

        • Using the GPS navigation functionality when not on a charging circuit can drain the battery entirely in a matter of hours.  (Basically, I'm talking about those situations in which one is using the GARMINfone in lieu of a handheld GPS unit.) On the plus side, at least in the GARMINfone, the GPS doesn't seem to affect the battery unless some application is actually using it (which you can see by the presence of the icon in the tray).
        • Similarly (and this has been true on every cell phone I've ever owned), running the phone when outside the range of cell towers (or in extremely marginal conditions) can also drain the battery very quickly.  It seems that the phone keeps searching continuously for a cell phone tower to link to and when it doesn't find one, it starts searching all over again.  So, turn the phone off when out of cell tower range.
        • Third and very recently I have discovered that leaving the WiFi functionality enabled when there's no WiFi to be had seems to also drain the battery very quickly. 


        However, what I've most recently discovered and can definitely lead to overheated battery compartments has to do with using the phone's data connection when System Memory is almost completely utilized.  (At the moment, I'm showing 1 MB free.)  The phone can go into an unending cycle of polling e-mail, weather, messaging, and other apps.  If there's something that needs to be downloaded but there's not the appropriate buffer available in System Memory to process the function, it just seems to go into continuous repeated polling.  I've seen the fone go into continuous polling for e-mail if there's something waiting to be downloaded but no space to process the downloaded messages. (And please note that all the e-mails are stored on the SD card in my fone, so it's not the storage per se but rather the space necessary to process the message when received -- which would be in System Memory -- that seems to be lacking.)


        Now, that doesn't really help solve the problem if this is what you're suffering from, but we're discussing that in two other threads at the moment, so follow those.

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          Thanks for the post jvmorris! Those are all fantastic battery management tips!

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            Hi, for the past month or so my Garmin has been shutting off for no reason.  It will ask me first, "do you want to power of yes or no"  I click 'no' and the phone goes black....so I have to push the top power on thing again.  Sometimes it will do this several times over and over. 


            It doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of doing something....like trying to ANSWER THE PHONE! it will start doing that so I lose the call....the 'yes or no' question re if I want to power off will come on, I press NO and phone goes black and I push the top ON and the 'yes or no' question will come on again. and again.  and again.


            I'm really disappointed because the phone is not that old and it was working just perfect before all this.





            PS:  I live in Michigan.

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              Hi Sue,

              I am definitely sorry to hear your having issues with your phone. Did you download any new apps before this started happening at all? Have you tried any troubleshooting already? We will definitely work together on this and do what we can!

              Thanks so much!


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                Maybe there is some semi-official recognition of this problem.  After seeing that Garmin had sent replacement batteries to a couple of people in the last week, I called Garmin support and, in one call, convinced them to send a new battery.  The rep suggested the usual (master reset, etc.), but pretty quickly came around to the possibility that the battery was at fault. Once I receive it and try it out, I'll post the results here.

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                  Pls excuse the long response delay.  I had intended to do so and was at work when your response came in.  I registered my Garminfone with Garmin and sent a message to their tech support.  Interesting to me was at the time I searched their support chats there was no mention about the battery issues we talk about here.  At any rate, I explained the issue with the battery and asked where I could find a replacement battery locally since the T-Mobile stores do not carry it, locally.  He just offered to send me one.  I said yes and received it within 3-4 days.  Still no problems since replacing the battery.  Thought I still use my phone as a GPS and charge it when driving, while out of my car, I try to let the battery get as low as possible before charging it fully.

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                    Just wanted to throw our 4 cents in:


                    I have found that mine will get abnormally hot while on the car mount, whether it is in use as a GPS or just charging. Wife and I both have continual issues with the phone turning itself off or restarting.  I have found that mine will get abnormally hot while on the car mount, whether it is in use as a GPS or just charging.  Sometimes this happens without user input, as in, you pick up the phone to use it and find that it is powered off, despite being fully charged and "on" less than 10 minutes prior.  Sometimes this happens directly in the middle of use: third-party applications, native Android applications, or Garmin GPS functions.


                    We both had our Fones delivered by mail (ordered by phone from T-Mobile) to the Atlanta, GA market.  We have since moved a little north to Roswell, GA, and problems contine.

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                      I've been having the same problems with my Garminfone as everyone on this thread. My device does the random shutt downs and the battery overheats. I've also noticed that the touch screen has lost sensitivity. My guess is that the overheating battery makes it difficult to detect the warmth of my finger tips making the touch screen function properly. The convience of mobility has now officially become useless due to lack of holding charge unless it connected to an outlet. Another frustrating think that is happening is when the device powers off it struggles to reboot.  I take at least 10 to 15 minutes after opening up to the main screen before it begins recognizing my touch. I am very frustrated and annoyed. I attempted purchasing a new battery through T-Mobile but they no longer carry the product. After speaking with several  T-Mobile CSR's I asked to speak to the Loyalty Department considering I've been a customer for 9 years. While on hold I resorted to upgrading altogether but i found out I was a couple weeks shy of getting a full upgrade. The T-Mobile Rep suggested I wait a few more weeks to take advantage to my upgrade fully. When I explained my dilemma of having a useless phone until then she found a replacement through Garmin.com and credited my account for the price of the replacement battery. My bill reflected the adjustment within ten minutes of our conversation. I was very pleased with the efforts of the T-Mobile  Loyalty Department.


                      However, my ordeal continues. I ordered the battery from Garmin the very night I talked to T-Mobile. It has been over two weeks now and my order status still says "awaiting processing". The battery has yet to ship from Garmin but my money was withdrawn from the bank the very same day. My waiting time for the full upgrade has almost come and gone and here I am, still waiting on Garmin. Needless to say, I am going to try to get a refund from Garmin and thanks to T-Mobile I will have gotten paid $50.00 for my troubles and the headache I guess. 

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                        gamboamize wrote:


                        ...I ordered the battery from Garmin.... 

                        Just as an FYI, I ordered a new battery from an eBay dealer and got it within a few days.  And it wasn't that expensive.  I just checked on eBay and there are still a good number of folks selling the battery.  My new one is working great.

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                          I live in the Kansas City area and my phone battery is consistently hot...and it shuts off on its own or randomly boots me off of calls, out of messaging or other applications. If this is a widespread known problem, why are the consumers responsible for replacing the battery? Wouldn't that be considered a defect?

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                            I live in Riverdale, GA (20 mins from Atlanta). My Garminfone dies on me mostly when I'm using the google maps. My Garmin navigation system does not work anymore.

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                              I'm having the same problem in Portland, Or. The phone will say "Low battery, Shutting Down" even though there as about 80% battery left. I try to restart the phone but it keeps doing the same thing. I've checked the battery and it not hot so I don't think overheating is the issue. But if I wait for a long time, it might come back on. But usually it doesn't until I put it on a charger. I have even put it on a charger for a couple of seconds then taken it off and it restarted fine. Also, I have a battery level gidget and it will tell me I have 0% battery left then, a few seconds later, it will show that I have much more (64-85%). This leads me to believe that it's either a battery issue or there is something wrong with the phone that causes it to read the battery level incorrectly.


                              Also, when I go to "My Device" it tells me there is an issue with my battery and that I have to go to TM to buy a new one. WHAT? They use a defective part and then tell me I have to buy a new one? And that's not the worst part. TM and Garmin no longer sell the battery so I have to go on eBay and buy an aftermarket battery from someone in Hong Kong or an OEM from someone on Amazon for almost $50!


                              And why hasn't "Phillip" posted any kind of an update to his original post? Of course, it seems to be par for the course when it comes TM. Keep in mind, my Garminfone is the only reason I've stayed with you folks. If it goes TU, I'm done with your crappy company.

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                                Garmin does sell the battery. It''s the only battery they sell but it has a different number. It does cost $50.00 but if you call T-Mobile and ask for the Loyalty Department they can credit your account the cost of the battery. Tell them you will leave unless they do but it must be through the Loyalty Department only.

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                                  Hi Gaboamize,


                                  Can you give that battery number please? Garmin likes to play stupid and send you back to Tmobile who doesnt want to support this phone anymore. I saw the post the first time and then my garmin did the same thing. Now I cant unplug it from the charger only will stay on for 5 minutes at most. Thanks in advance. Mike

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                                    I e-mailed Garmin - first they make you complete a form, then I e-mailed them about 4 times and they sent the battery for free. Just know that the battey is a temporary solution and a few months later, the phone starts acting up again