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    Buy the Anker battery.  My experience was similar to yours with the stock battery.  My phone was also on today at 6am, done the same synching and calls along with texts and bluetooth, I'm currently at 38% after 11 hours.

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    With the stock battery and recent master reset, my phone easily lasts 12-14 hours or more. Granted, that's minimal to moderate usage: little GPS, few calls or games, a number of websites, syncing on with frequent email checking, and a handful of SMS. It will definitely last me through a full day. I think it's pretty good to be honest. When I first got the phone, I used it a lot more, so naturally it died faster. The screen is likely the single greatest battery hog on the device; minimize "screen on time" and you'll maximize battery life.

    Give it a few days. Once you've gotten used to the phone, you'll likely use it less and you'll find a charge will last longer.


    On a side-note, JuiceDefender did seem to prolong the battery life significantly. I haven't installed it again after the last reset because I'm trying to get an idea for the phone's baseline, but I will likely install JD again shortly. And I have the 1900mAh Anker battery + charger on my wishlist for Christmas. With those two mods, this phone will be a beast.



    In other news, I just got the latest software update - 1.43.531.3 - which enables WiFi calling. Does anyone know if this update is also supposed to solve the random power-down problems with the phone? Time will tell for me...

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    Thanks for the advice, I ordered the battery off Amazon.  And thanks Dryphi too, how do you do a master reset?

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    After you restart hold down the power-down button. It returns the phone to stock; I wouldn't recommend it unless necessary. I only did it to be sure it wasn't a downloaded app causing my phone to power-down.


    Well, 24 hours on the new update and not a single random reset. I guess they fixed it (fingers crossed)??

    Maybe I didn't need that warranty exchange after all... oh well it's already done.

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    I bought one of those Anker 1900 mAp batteries thanks to this thread. But unfortunately there are no instructions with it. There are 2 prongs and 4 metal connectors labled as ( + S T - ). Does anyone know which am I supposed to connect to in the charger? I assume Plus and Minus, but I don't want to accidentally blow it up.

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    The two prongs go on the two outside contacts of the battery. It doesn't matter which direction you put them in because it reads the polarity and adjusts to how it's been placed in the charger. Wonderful feature! I found a youtube video link in one of the battery reviews that explains it. They really should explain this to people. If I can find it again, I'll post it in this thread.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGJ-IEfbM6s This one is better than the one a found right after I bought it...

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    Must say with the Anker battery very impressed.

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    You mentioned a software upgrade to 1.43.531.3 to enable wifi calling, I have 1.36.531.6 and it says that I'm up to date.  Is the upgrade release timing determined by the carrier or am I missing something?

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    Hey rtuntland,

    You can find more info on the software update using this link. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-3021

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    Thanks, looks like my upgrade just hasn't been released yet.

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    Hmm... am I right in reading that this comes with two batteries? Two cellphone batteries for under $40? Holy smokes that's awesome!

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    You are correct sir! That's exactly wht I ordered and they work very well.  I swapped them back in forth intitially so I could cycle each battery down and fully recharge a few times.  Now I just keep the extra battery in my brief case just in case.

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    I noticed my battery lasting longer after activating the new sim card that came in the box. The new sim has a larger conductor. I used my old sim card from my Sensation, never noticed a difference till 3 weeks later that the Sims were different from what came in the Amaze box, when activated and installed noticed better battery life. If you agree or have valuable information please comment.

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    I monitor my battery life with the battery watcher widget available on the android market.  I recommend this application for anyone who wants to know details about their battery performance.  It is free and has everything you'd need to know with specific durations and percentages as well as a graph of battery use since last full charge.  I use the task manager widget available on the device to ensure GPS, bluetooth, and wifi are never on unless being used and screen brightness is at most 50% at any given time.  My phone signal never displays anything but 4G in the area i'm in and surrounded by.  I exhaust my battery fully before recharging and ensure via the task manager that nothing unecessary is running in the background.  I have none of my accounts or applications synchronizing more than once per hour and that includes email and facebook etc.  With all that said, my Amaze battery started out lasting nearly all day.  I have had the phone for over 2 and 1/2 months now and just today my battery was down to 6% after just 11 hours of being off the charger.  Yesterday it was fairly similar usage patterns throughout the day but it lasted nearly 18 hours without needing charged.  Frankly, i'm quite sick of this uncertainty when it comes to the battery life on this device.  I do notice that if I turn off the 4G radio (antenna) that the battery life lasts considerably longer (slightly expected).  I also notice that if I use the device for a little while (maybe 20-30 minutes consistently) it becomes very hot and if I put it back in stand by mode and put it in my pocket it seems to remain hot for quite some time and seems to accelerate battery drain.  I'm not sure why exactly, but these are just patterns i've noticed that i wanted to pass along.  That being said, I called care today and had them send out a new battery.  Fingers are crossed for an update or for this replacement battery to be more consistent.

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