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    Will T Mobile release 2.3 for the Vibrant?

      Samsung has released it to T Mobile, when will T Mobile release it to the consumer? 

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          I concur with wnleon!  I have a great phone and really bad os support from both T-Mobile and Samsung.  I am to the point where I will not buy a new phone from a carrier again...EVER!  I choose to say no to endless 2 year contract extentions.  Do yourselves a huge favor and buy a nexus phone that uses stock android...no modifications, no wait for updates, no bloatware...no hassle. 


          I would rather spend $500-600 up front for a phone than extend my contract!

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            You do know that it is Samsung that makes the updates not T-Mobile right? Other then approving it they do nothing. Falls on Samsung to develop the update.

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              Then explain to me why all of the other major US carriers have already approved and released the OS update for the Galaxy S.  Tmobile has also approved and released the OS for the vibrant's sibling...the vibrant 4g.  Why not the original and beloved vibrant?

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                Because the hardware is different and needs be customized to this variant.

                Plus they had to make  a lot of time to make a few extra updates to get gps semi functional on the device. Sure they have the same problem.

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                  Everything I have read says Samsung has released 2.3 for the Vibrant, but T mobile is responsible for the final customizations and when or if they release it. 


                  I was very happy with the 2.2 release so many of us backed off the pressure, but we are still here and look forward to 2.3.   Do we need to become the squeaky wheel again to get this done?   Future buyers are watching to see how you treat the current customers. 


                  So help us help you by keeping us informed.



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                    Will this work for the Vibrant?  It says 4G S.  I have model SGH-T959 with Baseband T959UVKB5.  If it will work, it is sad that sights like   http://blogs.computerworld.com/18077/android_23_upgrade_list are unaware of this.

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                      Found my answer:


                      • T-Mobile announced availability of Android 2.3 for its Galaxy S 4G phone (not to be confused with the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S phone) on November 15, 2011. The update will not be sent over-the-air; instead, you can download and apply it manually using Samsung's Kies Mini software. You can find full instructions on T-Mobile's support site.


                      So, still no word for the Vibrant.

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                        Unless Tmobile gets pressure from the Vibrant community, they won't do an update...or they already would have.

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                          TM got their answer from the Vibrant community almost a year ago with the proportion of the million or so users who bothered to update to Froyo. I'm betting those numbers nowhere near matched the commotion stirred up prior to the release.


                          This time there isn't even a commotion, just a few dozen posts here and there.


                          The device will be 18 months old in a few weeks time, which is the support window TM referred to when they described their future update policy back in the spring. With no hint of any test builds in the wild, you have to conclude there is nothing going to happen.


                          I haven't checked for a couple of weeks, and but last time I looked only one of the US variants of the Galaxy S had been updated to GB.



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                            Looks like Verizon updated the Fascinate right after the last time I checked, which leaves AT&T and TM as the carriers still without an update....but there are leaked versions of GB for the Captivate so that may change soon enough for AT&T customers as well.


                            Welcome to the new T-Mobile.

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                              Nope sorry guys Samsung Vibrant  reached it EOS meaning end of shelf Life and these means no more upgrades..ITs a business arrangement to get you to buy the new Samsung Phone.They are no longer selling them and if you have insurance they will not get you another samsung Vibrant.Just ROOT and enjoy the change and improved performance

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                                If this is true, then I will shop for the carrier and hardware that has proven to have long term support despite EOS.  

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                                  Back in the spring, TM's CMO, Cole Brodman, was talking about their device support strategic plans, shortly after a meeting between Google, the manufacturers and carriers. At that time he described an intention of providing OS support for a device for 18 months after launch, and getting updates out (for new devices) much more quickly.


                                  Of course it was only a matter of weeksd before they announced the planned takeover by AT&T and, very likely, those strategic plans were put aside. In any event, they wouldn't have applied to the Vibrant, which was already 8-9 months old when the announcement was made.


                                  What is significant to this discussion, however, is that this declared intention would have run way past the EOS on most devices. I really don't think that EOS is what influenced the lack of action by TM, nor do I think they are motivated to try and sell existing customers "the new Samsung Phone."


                                  Since most people who acquired their Vibrant in 2010 will still be under contract and not entitled yet to a full upgrade, it is unlikely that many people are being driven to a new, almost full price device simply because of the absence of Gingerbread. A number of people may have decided that some of the inherent faults with the Vibrant were too much to take any longer, but none of those issues will be solved by the installation of a stock Gingerbread ROM.


                                  It seems odd that, if that is a sales strategy, TM are the only carrier pursuing it. Sprint and Verizon have released the GB updates for their comparable Galaxy S devices, and AT&T has a leaked ROM in the wild for theirs, which suggests it will be coming soon.


                                  There is a list of other, more credible possibilities why GB hasn't come to the Vibrant:


                                  1) TM cut back on all unnecessary expenditure after the sale was agreed. Investing only in that which would yield a return-on-investment before the sale was completed.


                                  2) Most of the devices are out-of-warranty and TM has no appetite for handling the storm that will arise from people soft bricking their phones during update with no possibility of doing a warranty replacement.


                                  3) It's very likely that only a relatively small proportion of the overall Vibrant customer base took the trouble to do the Froyo update in January. In the past, because of OTA updates, TM never knew what the genuine level of interest was in updating the OS. Because Froyo was optional, they will have very clear statistics about how many went through that process. They will also know how many stuck with the stock Froyo OS after making the change.


                                  4) TM takes certain information away from these forums, and one clear message from this discussion is that there is only a tiny number of people who are sufficiently motivated to get vocal about this update. Compared with the noise that accompanied the lead up to the Froyo release, this is but a whisper. Most people who really cared either moved on to another device or rooted this one.

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