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Phone is Backordered!?


I am extremely pessed off today. I ordered my new 4G Slide yesterday first thing in the morning. That would stand to reason, that my friggin phone has no business being backordered. I called and called and the phone was unavailable, then finally after a few hours they said the phone had JUST gone live in their system for the July 19th Presale, and that I would receive my phone in 3 days and that they definitely had them in stock. Now THIS morning I get some bullshet text message telling me my phone is backordered. So after a useless 20 minutes with Customer Service (an oxymoron inherent) my answer was pretty much "We don't know why your phone is on backorder. You should receive it hopefully in the next 5 weeks." So...I paid top dollar for express shipping, and now you have the sack to tell me that I will have to wait until a date that will be well past the July 27th store launch date!?!!? I'm sure I won't be the only one receiving this backordered message this morning. I am beyond livid. Anybody else have this dung dumped on them?

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    Well i don't dare try to order it now. Good luck, that sucks!

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    I got the same message and I ordered the phone probably 30 minutes after it became available. Hopefully it just means a few days delay because if I don't get my new phone until several days after it's in stores I will not be happy at all. The fact that they offered expediated shipping but aren't shipping it out right away is a total scam though. I paid 20 F-ing dollars for it to be shipped quickly and now it may show up after it's already in stores?! Not cool

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    When is it backordered until?

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    I was on the phone yesterday with customer service for over an hour trying to order the 4g slide. I'd been online early yesterday and noticed that the phone was 'not available for immediate shipping' once I put it in my cart. That's why I called customer service...mistakenly thinking that they would have a clue what that meant.


    Six customer service reps later (after I was routed in circles and disconnected), I finally ordered it online anyway. Each person had a slightly different version...some said it was ready to ship, some couldn't confirm either way, one didn't even know which phone I was talking about. Only one person took significant time to find some internal memo that the 4g slide wouldn't ship immediately but I could order it anyway and my card wouldn't be charged until it ships (haven't confirmed that part yet). Sadly, before I could complete the purchase with the only person who seemed to have a clue, he had to transfer me because of a price issue and when the sales department didn't answer...I got the automated 'please try again later' message and was disconnected.


    After a couple of hours to cool down and knowing there was a delay, I got back online and chose the cheapo shipping. They already took $18 for some 'upgrade fee' that no one could explain either, so I wasn't going to pay for expedited shipping on a phone that couldn't be expedited. No word on an actual ship date either. I'm just hoping it arrives on or by the launch date (27th), but that may be wishful thinking.


    Ahhh...the perks of being a customer for over 10 years...wait, what? I hope I love this phone.

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    I got online and ordered it Monday night at 11:30 since I figured it was Tuesday on the East Coast and it might be available to order. It was.


    Couldn't get a clear answer yesterday on when it would ship. Literally got a "I cannot confirm or deny it has shipped" yesterday. But I got my shipping notification a couple of hours ago and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow.


    Fingers crossed.

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    I just got a shipping confirmation from T-Mobile, so I guess my phone is on the way. Hope yours is too!


    They had no estimated ship date earlier today and now I have a tracking number...go figure. It's pretty sad that they don't know the status of their own products within a few hours. I bet they could have avoided a lot of angry customers by having better info.

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    TM store in Oakland says they already have them in stock for sale on release day.

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    Ordered online on Tues. 19JUL2011 (about 30 min. before getting the email/text message that it was available to order ;-), and it said back ordered, expected delivery date 27JUL2011.  It shipped the next day, Wed. 20JUL2011, from Lexington, KY, and I received it Fri. 22JUL2011.  Very happy!

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    Should be getting mine on Wednesday - SO excited!

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    I ordered one last night and this morning I got a message saying it was now backordered. After the j**k around I got with T-Mobile's horrid customer service just to get my service renewed PROPERLY, and now this I'm very irritated at the calousness of this company.


    Now I realize it's just a phone but it's one that cost me over 200 dollars to get, included with the foolish 18.00 "upgrade" fee, and shipping, now I don't know when I'll even get the phone but I'm still paying for service.


    If I ever stopped paying my bill, T-Mobile will be very quick to get ahold of me, mabye if I ask them to press 1 for english, and give them an automated system, they'd get the point, lol. Funny how I can't seem to get a direct and straight answer on this phone that I've purchased but do not have.


    Is it worth the wait, can I even swap the order out for something else?

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    ugh. well its not as bad as what happened to me. i got my phone yesterday and i saw it was having a few system issues but i ignored it. later last night, my phone was in a bootloop so i called t-mobile to get an exchange for another phone. now the new order says its on backorder. what a b*tch! i want a working phone already!

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    Valmont -- if you read your order confirmation verbiage closely -- you would have read that you won't actually be billed until the phone gets tagged for shipping, so you could actually CANCEL that order and just go directly to the tMo store tomorrow when the phones in the floor.


    I'm thinking the only reason I already have mine is because the server timestamp on my confirmation says 1:38am 19 July.  With such a big launch, there were probably a few thousand of us who stayed up late to make sure we were "first in line".


    Again -- read the backorder terms in your [recent orders] -- if your actual phone has NOT been bagged and tagged and sitting at the loading dock to be picked up by UPS, you have NOT been billed, so you CAN cancel and buy in-person.

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       Need a couple definitions. 

    1.  What is a "bootloop"?  Is that where the phone keeps going thru a "rebooting loop' and never stops/

    2.  What does it mean when someone "Roots" their Android phone?



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