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        I tried all possible solutions.  Even drove to the store and had the people there take care of it.  Same issues on all counts.  The vast majority of any users will not post because 1 this a new thing, 2 not all are aware it is possible,3 who knows exactly how many people are still using the defy, 4 and just because you can find some obscure web site does not make anything a fact.  I am not "Punishing" T mobile, if we choose to take our money somewhere else it will be because they have managed to not make this situation right.  I was offered a step down phone as a replacement for a phone they knew had issues, so is it fair to say they are "punishing" me for purchasing a sub par product.  I appreciate the fact that they tried but it just seems like a waste of time and energy to fight to right the situation.  SO, when our contract is up if T-mobile has not been purchased by another competitor we will think about staying but we are just as likely to show around to see about competitors phones and pricing.

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          All I'm saying is, make a decision based on the phone and service you really need.  Not emotion.  IMHO (and based on my experience) you're not going to find the service better that the other carriers. 

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            There is nothing you can do but play their little game or cancel your contract and fork over more money to them. I have had horrible experience with the customer service as well I am on my 5th phone and have yet to be offered an alternate but they are more than happy to have you pay the $5 per line for them to ship you another crappy phone that will do the same thing oh and keep paying your $200+ a month for a service you can't use because the phone doesn't work. I am waiting for tmobile to get the pants sued off of them because someone more than likely a mother like me with no home phone tries to call 911 in an emergency and can't because the stupid phone froze or decided this was the time to turn itself off and on by itself for the 10 millionth time today with no one even being close to it.What would they do then if a child died because the mother couldn't call for help? Probly make some excuse to weasel their way out of responsibility.  This is by far the worst phone i have ever owned  and the worst customer service I have ever experienced and then to top it off they won't even give you the phone number to call and complain. You can only write but the phone number is easily accessible online all you have to do is google it but they don't offer it up by any means and once you talk to corporate they aren't any better. I signed a 2 year contract in april when i bought these phones and am seriously considering cancelling my contract all together and cutting my losses because this is absolutely ridiculous I just got off the phone with customer service because they tagged a $10 charge per line on my account for the latest exchange when I have in black and white from the chat session with them when I processed the exchange saying at no cost to you!!! Not to mention I was told by corporate if you do an exchange within 30 days of another you are not to be charged anything I did one on 11/17/11 and the other on 12/15/11 how is that not within 30 days but they tried arguing with me for 30 mins telling me they could only waive one charge, finally they took them both off after I brought up the whole 30 day thing but if I hadn't have known that i would have had to pay that. They will try to get as much money out of you as possible. Lying cheating and practically stealing your hard earned money.. I am a very unsatisfied customer and tmobile seems to care less...

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              You are not alone in your observed decline in your assessment of the noticeable decline in customer service aptitude. 8 phone calls and 10 hours of speaking with each and every business unit across the globe and my bill still included substantial charges that I was assured were being reconsiled. My bill for services and products never received or approved was so high this month that it would have been less expensive to pony up the $100/line early termination fee for All 4 Lines in my plan. In fact, somewhere along the line a 5th phone line and device mysteriously appeared on my bill this month. My business experience makes me wonder if receivables are being inflated in order to increase T-Mobile's value on paper in anticipation of the merger with At&t. JUST wait until all those iPhones start clogging up the infrastructure... bad news. ahrenberger25



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                I dont get all the problems I have a 4G Mytouch its the best phone I ever owned. customer service has been awesome.I love this phone it is amazing has so much to offer and has never given me a issue. Would highly recomend this company.

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                  Right nickiex, I share your experience.  I've been with them for a long time and always had great service and support.  And I have a Defy I bought back when they first came out. 

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                    I went thru the same thing with previous phone and now with my HTC Sensation 4G and its very poor call quality (exchanged the phone 3X so far) and TMO reluctant to swap out the phone for a different phone; you either stick it out with T-Mobile or jump ship. After almost 7 years with TMO I decided to jump ship and go with another carrier. I sold my HTC SensationalCrap 4G on craiglist (Sorry guy) and using the money to pay off the early termination fee.


                    Hopefully the grass is better on the other side, if not you live and you learn but I refuse to stay 1 more year with TMO! 7 years of loyality meant nothing to them.

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                      That's odd. My sensation had good call quality. Only speaker phone quality was low volume. But hardly user speaker phone anyway.

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                        PCMag or Cnet I cant remember which one did a review on the HTC Sensation 4G and noteed on the poor call quality and the speaker is garbage i forgot about that. Callers complaining about me sounding muffled or at a distance and yes I made sure I wasnt blocking the mic (pin hole) and nothing was blocking the hole.


                        Since I sold my phone and I am awaiting my new phone, I am using my GF old Blackberry 8320 when she use to be on T-Mobile everyone I speak to says how amazing i sound now like if I am right next to them.

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                          FWIW, the HTC Sensation 4G/t-mo gets 4 out of 5 stars average from CNET users.  The reviewer says:


                          "The bottom line: Its excellent design and user experience, coupled with its solid performance, make the HTC Sensation 4G one of the best Android phones yet and a top pick for T-Mobile customers."


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                            PCWorld - HTC Sensation 4G, was the article I was talking about


                            Also gave it 4/5 Stars but noted call quailty issue




                            Call quality over T-Mobile's network was fairly good. A few of my friends reported that my voice sounded somewhat muffled. One reported that the background noise (traffic and wind) was quite distracting during our call."


                            I had the same issue with the replacement phones, the HTC Sensation phone is great (a bit more RAM would have been nice) its fast but in my opinion the call quality sucks. To some people call quality its not a big thing but for me its essential since it my only form of communication I dont have a landline. I am not leaving T-Mobile because of this issue alone, I had a similar experience when they upgrade the OS on my old MyTouch 3g. The phone was fine prior to the OS upgrade once they upgrade the OS it was forceclose and screen freeze hell, after MANY calls to TMO cust. careless they acknowledged it was a known issue and replaced the phone for a LG Optimus. How I was treated with these 2 incident was the last straw that broke the camels back, I there wont be a 3rd so I am out!

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                              just an update I finally made the switch and went with Verizon, this friday ends my trial period with verizon and staying with verizon. What can I say I am in love I was going to pick up the iphone but at last min I decided to stick with android and picked up the Droid Rarz Maxx hands the phone is a beast worth every penny. people actually hear me clearly not like the HTC sensation. Verizon service is incredible I have service where ever I go. Big notable difference at my job, I work on the 1st floor with TMO I wouldnt get service unless I pasted the phone to the window (requested several service tickets and no improvements), now with verizon I get service every part of the build. Their 3g is incredible fast no need to mention thier 4g. Since I seen how fast 3g/4g is with verizon I dont think tmo 4g is really "4G" but that just me.


                              with that said SO LONG

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                                Well...I got my dose for the last time.  My DEFY has been replaced since I do pay the insurance....twice already for all the same reasons.  This last time they were really sincere and sent me a phone that was not waterproof, had no flash on the camera not to mention the camera on that prism was a 3MP versus my phone 5MP, and the hotspot use had to be hooked up to a computer.  That phone also cost $93 at Wallmart.  They basically said (6 months until my contract up today) that the best they can do is send the prism. I too  spend over $100 on a single line and insurance.  They said I could sign up for another 2 year contract if I wanted a phone that was better than the prism....geez.....I have these unsafe very scary things happening on a phone that has not been working properly for over a month.  I was told they did not have the phone in yet and that it was up to me to keep checking back on inventory and then they would replace.....well, a month has past and today they told me they do not carry the phone at all now and the only way to get the comporable replacement would be to resign into another 2 year CONTRACT! I just want a phone that works. It's not my fault it's malfunctioning.  I can only contact consumer affairs.  When I tried to end the contract they told me they cannot do that but instead I would have to write a letter to Customer Relations in Albequerce New Mexico at PO Box 37380, 87176.  I only live a mile from the corporate office in Bellevue, Washington.  Tyler F. told me that there was no one above him I could speak too and there was no phone number I could call in New Mexico.  I am paying over $100 for a phone that does not work properly, they will not replace it with something comperable, and I was not allowed to break my contract nor have  a phone number to call someone in Customer Relations.  The phone call took place from my XXX-XX0-7706 today at approximately around noon sometime.  I have never had such poor service and felt so ripped off. I am a college professor and this is something I would call bad ethics.  Only the consumer affairs bureau will be able to help me on this one I am afraid.  Getting out of that contract and moving onto a company that cares is something I look forward to doing and as for the phone....hopefully it doesn't catch on fire.....as it gets so hot I have to set it down out of my hands at times........


                                Valorie Coyle

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