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4G connection dropped intermittently

Got my Exhibit II 4G three days ago with $30/month 5GB+100min plan. Pretty happy with everything except a few times each day my 4G data connection just disappears. I can't reliably reproduce it but seems to happen during periods of inactivity (such as when viewing PDF instead of being online). Sometimes the bars dissappear too, sometimes only 4G goes away and the bars stay. The way I get it back is by toggling Flight mode and/or Wi-Fi on and off; it takes a minute or two usually. This is a problem for me since I'm pretty busy and my business requires an always-connected app most of the day.


I am in Dallas metro area, firmly in 4G area with good to very good reception according to T-Mo's maps. Usually have 4 bars, occasionally 3 bars. Speedtest gets around 3.5mbps down, 1.2up when 4G is working fine.


Any idea what's going on and how to fix it? If dropping 4G is some kind of battery-saving feature then I really need to disable it. Thank you.

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    This could be a sim card problem or a device problem or even a network problem.


    To eliminate sim card first, which is easiest, i would try your sim in another phone and see if the same thing happens. If it does, go to a T-Mobile store and get a new sim.


    If the issue still keeps occuring or does not happen in another phone, then it is your exhibit. I would try a master reset. This should fix any network issues.


    If the issue still keeps happening, then it is a network issue. You would need to contact us to get the towers in your area looked at...but this is very rare since the problem seems to be happening everywhere for you and intermittently.

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    Thank you for your response. Unfortunately no other phone I could try the SIM in. When you say "master reset" do you mean the "factory data reset" that wipes out everything or just a regular reboot?

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    I have exactly the same problem and very concern as the return period will run out.

    I guess what he meant was factory rest. Did you try that? Please let me know.

    My sim card is fine and works on my other phone (but it is 3G tghough). I am kinda dissapointed.

    Please advise.


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    Haven't tried the reset, but I did download free "Restart Connectios" app from the Market which does the off/on connection toggling. That brings the 4G back within 10-15 seconds with a single click. Not the greatest solution but better than fumbling through the menus to do the same thing. I'm not happy about this, but leaning towards keeping the phone anyway. From reading various forums it seems like this is a relatively common problem across different phones and networks so fingers crossed that it will get fixed with time.

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    Thank you for your kind reply.

    You know I had LG Optimus before and never once expirience this problem in the same places i am expirience this now. I still think It might the phone, it is incredibly inconvinient, might return it.

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    Ok un update after a month. I did all troubleshooting with T-mobile, spent a lot of time... We did a restart, we did default restore, we checked all settings, we exchange sim card to new one, nothing helped.

    I went and exchanged the head set (samsung exhibit II) to another new one.

    Nothing changed.

    So now I thinking it is not the phone. But I checked the coverage and it is supposed to be OK.

    Do any of you expirience the same problem with data service dropping?   Noyb what about you?


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    Where did you get that download and how? thanks for help, I just got started with this and it is dropping connection every five min. or so.