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    Anyone else having problems getting their rebate money?

      I bought 2 sidekick 4g's and filled out both rebate cards and sent them in promptly and still haven't gotten the rebates back.  T-Mobile owes me 100.00 in rebates  and still hasn't come thru.  I hope they do or I will be asking others to join me in commenting on every tmobile story we read on the internet about how they haven't come thru yet.

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          How long ago did you return your rebate cards.  I have received rebates 6-8 weeks later after my rebate was sent off.  It is not an immediate turn around.

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            TMobile Rebate is a SCAM!!!!! I also bought two items (Tablet and a phone at full price) signed a TWO YEAR CONTRACT and was told I would get a $50 rebate per item, along with other customers in the store that day..at NO TIME WAS I TOLD IN ORDER TO RECEIVE REBATE that I had to SIGN UP FOR EASY PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the sales associate FORGOT that little bit of INFORMATION!!!???!!!


            WHAT A JOKE!!!




            WHAT A SCAM!!!!

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              Hmm,I've bought 2 phones,both with rebates,& have always received the rebate debit card.The 1st one,a few years ago took about 7 wks to get to me,but just bought a  new phone in September,& received the rebate in just a lil over 4 weeks.

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                I sent in a rebate in April and received a letter back from them stating that they could not approve it because my phone was not purchased from an authorized TMobile retailer (I bought it from an official TMo store). It gave a number to call in case I believed their decision was erroneous and I called them and asked them what the heck they were talking about. He "re-checked" the information and advised that he didn't know why I was denied and that he would re-process it. I got my rebate card about a month later.


                I had never had that problem before and after thinking about it, I figure they do that on the off chance that people won't want to bother with calling them to get their money. I'm sure some people out there think oh well since they already spent the money weeks before and don't have time to mess with it. For the people that take the time, they give them their due refund.


                I'm not sure what has happened with TMobile, but in the last several months, I have become very disappointed. I was singing their praises for the 8+ years I have been with them but not so much anymore.

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                  I would say then you are one of the "lucky" ones!! I have been a customer with Tmobile for over 10+ yrs. and the last couple of years, Tmobile is doing nothing but going 'downhill' fast!! I receieve different answers/pricing/terms/plans/etc..from every person at Tmobile that I speak with..It's ridiculous!! They are never on the same page!! IF I was not eligible for the REBATES then the salesperson at the store should have told me this!! (He SHOULD KNOW the terms, guidelines ...afterall HE DOES WORK THERE)!!! Not lead me to believe that I would recieve not 1 but 2 rebates, on the phone & Tablet that HE suggested to me!!! I might have reconsidered the 'deal', not to mention ..signing another 2 yr contract on both Items bought! I do NOT like being LIED to and/or taken advantage. Of course, I know that the Salesperson works off of Commission so, he didn't care what he had to say..True or not, to get the sale!! Once it's said and done...Too BAD for the Customer!! Futhermore, after reading the comments on here I would say the majority DID NOT recieve their REBATES!!! EXCUSES after EXCUSES..


                  Also, I would hurry up and use your 'rebate' if you did get one before Tmobile changes their mind, and comes up with a reason as to WHY you can't use it!!!!


                  Truly DISGUSTED!!!!

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                    Total rip off by T-Mobile--the rebate cards they send you (after 6 weeks) expire, so you can't use them. And you can only get the rebate if you apply for it immediately. Otherwise you can't get it at all. The customer - service rep says they do this "to be fair to all the customers." No one ever says this is the case--not on the phone or in the store. There's a special line to call where you can't get to a human being. Totally unethical behavior. Company is going downhill fast. Bad business practices. Ended up paying $450 for a Blackberry with a two year contract with no discount, no rebate. Have had a family plan with 4 or 5 lines with the company for more than 10 years. It feels like indentured slavery.

                    Have filed complaint with the consumer prrotection agency

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                      T-mobile doesn't actually send out the Rebates, a different company does.  I'm not sure of the exact relationship, but it is a separate company that will approve or deny the rebate, and send out the information.  Gramps is right you can go to tmobilerebates.com to check that status of your rebate, and even to verify the terms of the rebate for your new device.


                      In the event that your rebate is denied, it will tell you why, and you can call the number is listed on the denial letter.  It does generally take 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer over the holidays.  I promise that if you are told there is a rebate, there is one, it could be one tiny thing that is missed on the rebate form that denies it, I have seen it for something like missing a number from the imei number.  On any new phone purchase, as long as you are qualifed, there is almost ALWAYS a rebate, usually combined into one instant rebate and a mail in rebate.  If you activated new lines, like for the tablet, there should have been a rebate.  If you still have your letter, I can help go over it with you, and at least get everything going in the right direction.  I don't have access to your account, but I can absolutely help get this resolved for you. 

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                        I have been trying since June to get a rebate.  when i called the rebate center they said they did not receive my rebate and to fax a copy of my form and receipt...  i have done that twice now and they still dont have my rebate!!!!!  when i called customer service they said that they had to verify with the rebate center if i received my rebate, but they could not get to a live representative!!!!  the CS representative that i spoke to was so RUDE!!!  she was distracted and i had to repeat myself several times...  when i asked for a supervisor...  she laughed at me.  when i asked her where she was located, she told me that she could not tell me...  i thought it was a law that they had to tell you...  guess not.  does not do much for my confidence in tmobile or their rebates.  i never had a problem getting my sprint rebate and after this "customer service" experience, i will not be upgrading my lines and extending my contract!!!!!!!!

                        Good luck getting your rebate!!!!

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                          Can anyone a TMO tell me why your customer service has done a 180 ever since the ATT merger started??? You guys were the best now your worse than ATT. Its like you two swapped employees. I know many people are saying the same thing. I have an ATT account and a TMO account now. I starting to think I may just got all to ATT since there service is what TMO's used to be. They are happy eager to help and solve any issue. Now its like they could care less about you and give you a hard time doing anything. I needed to replace my cliq 2 since the volume buttons stopped workling. They out right refused to give me another cliq 2 and gave me the garbage sidekick instead. That really made a customer like me that has been why TMO since it was omnipoint and then voicestream very upset. Can some one from TMO please explain why your service has got to this point? Give me an honest answer please and not some already written script.

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                            Guess what.  It occurs to me that the T-Mobile Rebate system is broken.  I can't even get a rebate form to send in for my $50 rebate on the New Nokia Lumia 710 which was purchased Online through the Store with Customer Assistance during the Rebate Period.  Ever since I was able to provide my IMEI # all I get is: "Can't you see the Terms and Conditions  "Accept" button to agree.  But the Accept button does't exist. This has been going on for weeks.  My only thought is to go to T-Mobile Corporate.  Any better ideas out their?

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                              Quick update.  The Rebate Form team got their Website up and running and I was finally able to print out my rebate form. Thanks T-Mobile, but oh all those hours of trying with no result and Tech Support telling me to "Try again, there's no problem" !!!!!!!! Anyway Thanks.

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                                I got a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.. one for each of my adult children..I love mine and they love theirs...  got 30$ rebates.. for each one..  I bought them at the Tmobile store.. and the clerk did all the work.. I just needed to put the rebates..  into an envelope and sent them... and then the rebate cards came.. about 6 weeks later...


                                Hmmm.. Texas needs to change customer service there.. by the way Murf.. has moved back to Texas and has a job in Houston...

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                                  ive been back and forth to the tmobile retail store and they keep saying call this and that number, its been 8 to 9 months now and i havent got my $200 rebate yet, everytime i go to the store for help, they keep telling me to call a number. Looks like tmobile doesnt even care about their costumer, only there money!

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