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    Has anyone flashed back to the original ROM with wifi-calling enabled? How's it working for you?

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    So basically, for the people that "upgraded" from the Sensation to the Amaze...We get less features than we did on the Sensation (no MAP, no WiFi calling)....outstanding!


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    no MAP?

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    theartiszan wrote:


    no MAP?

    refresh my memory please? MAP?

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    Message Access Profile...it is what allows text to speech via bluetooth. The Sensation had it and it worked perfectly. The Amaze lists it in the specs but it doesn't work and doesn't show up in the bluetooth settings.

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    Yeah it does show here:


    not sure how to make it work though.

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    It doesn't work and HTC tech support can't tell me how to make it work. If you look at the "advanced settings" under bluetooth settings for the Amaze only FTP is shown as an option however the Sensation has FTP and text to speech options.


    So I will restate my request...since I know T-mobile can't make this work on their own they need to apply pressure on HTC to fix their kernel to allow the text to speech (MAP) profile under bluetooth to work.

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    I just called HTC to see what the deal was because on their forums I saw someone said HTC was able to tell them how to activate it.

    They told me that they don't have that ability and that it's up to T-Mo to get it activated and working. So HTC is passing the buck on to T-Mo and T-Mo is telling us they still don't have an activation date.

    So we got screwed with the G2X and now this! This is really bad T-Mobile!!!!

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    Agree that the wifi calling feature is totally on TMO. IMHO however, the only fault TMO has WRT to G2X is selling LG phones in the first place.


    The G2X is a dog and that issue falls completely in LG's lap...they couldn't make a decent phone to save their life (as is evident by their failing wireless business). How TMO ever decided to let LG build their new myTouch line is beyond me...you would figure at some point they would learn their lesson.

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    Another thread I read earlier says WiFi calling is a T-Mobile app HTC didn't write and doesn't support.  Why can't T-Mobile offer their existing WiFi calling app while they are refining it.

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    Bluemoon737 and Nowhere, I agree with you both. I didn't know that LG was so bad at making phones. I've been using Blackberry for the past few years and there's nothing better IMHO for a business user.

    This Amaze though has come pretty close but this WiFi calling issue is so annoying.

    As an IT guy I don't understand why thier previous software will not work with the GB 2.3.4 release.

    I also would like to know how important WiFi calling is to the general T-Mo user. I mean there's only 24 of us on here talking about it and I would imagine that there are a couple thousand of these units out there. So maybe it's just an issue for us users who know about it and more so NEED it. I myself do not need it but I have users who do because of bad reception at home.

    I guess i'm giving T-Mo the benefit of the doubt, don't know why.

    It's kind of like Microsoft saying, we're going to release Windows 8 but it doesn't have any Remote Desktop feature. To most people out there, that's not that big of a deal but to us techie people, it's HUGE!

    Keep up the fight and don't let the machines take over!!

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    wolphman, I agree that the Amaze is a great phone and would be as close to perfect as possible if they fixed the MAP issue and restored WiFi calling (well, OK the soft key screen bleed is annoying but can be overcome with software). Hopefully TMO and HTC are listening but I'm NOT going to hold my breath.



    I'm telling you...put these two cameras (and software) and added RAM on the Sensation (and bump the processor speed to the chip spec 1.5 GHz like the Amaze) and you have a near perfect phone by today's standards. Everything that is wrong with the Amaze is great on the Sensation and everything that is wrong with the Sensation is great on the Amaze...if only we could meld them together  

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    I'll chime in that I look here almost everyday for a progress report on wifi calling as my phone has  no bars at the girlfreinds house. Just switched from Sprint which worked fine almost everywhere to TM so for one she isn't impressed with my snazzy Amaze.

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    Just tell her that it takes great pics and vids of her!! Haha

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    The Start of another day without Wifi Calling.........I wish I was surprised