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    Unsync Facebook contacts on myTouch 3G Slide

      Hello all. I have two question about syncing and unsyncing facebook contacts.

      I don't know exactly how to phrase the question so I'll give the reason...One of my phonebook contacts has a phone number listed on a business facebook page. I specifically didn't link the business page, only their personal page. However, the personal page, doesn't pull in a phone number. When they call or I try to send a text, it comes up under the business name because it pulls what is listed on the facebook contacts. Is it possible to unsync the phone number?


      Also, all 300+ of my facebook friends are listed as contacts, and although I know how to turn them off in view, they pop up when I am trying to do other things, like send a text message. Is it possible to import only certain people into the contacts, and leave the rest of them in facebook land?

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