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    htc touch pro 2

      I just got an htc touch pro 2 over the internet, but I think it needs to be unlocked/flashed....don't know the correct terminology.  Does anyone have any recommendations??  It is an open phone and is not connected to any company...

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          What are you trying to do with it though?

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            Use it as my t-mobile phone, but when I put my sim card in, I get nothing.  That's why I thought it might need to be unlocked.

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              The TouchPro 2 is a phone that is locked to AT&T and you would have to perform a SIM unlock on the device.


              But since you did not get the phone from AT&T, they will probably not provide you the code to do so. You can try to bring it to a repair shop to see if they could do a SIM unlock for you or might have to find other ways online for the code.


              But just so you know, using a non T-Mobile phone will result in a slower Internet speed at 2G / EDGE instead of 4G and might have to manually configurate some setting in order for the phone to perform correctly on the T-Mobile network.


              But first, get the phone unlocked and if you cant, you might want to think of returning the device if that is an option.

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                thanks, I appreciate your help!

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                  no problem!


                  If there is any more problem, just repost here and maybe the T-Force here can help you too!