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    Vibrant after 2.2 update

      Not sure if anybody is having same or similar problem but I did the 2.2 update (twice actually after having phone replaced when froze up the first time i did update) and since then wifi won't connect...even in home where my laptop connects..and therefore wifi calling doesnt work either, to go along with that everytime i try the mobile ap theres an error and it just keeps "trying" to connect packet service...until i hit back or home button. has anybody had this problem and/or found a fix to this problem?

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             I'm so sorry to hear you are having trouble with the wifi-calling but I am here to help! There aren't any current known issues on the device that would be causing this problem. To best assist I wanted to ask you a few questions to start and I will follow up with you as needed.


          1. Can you connect to the same Wi-Fi network with another device or computer?

          2. Are you within 15 feet of the router while testing?

          3. Are there walls between the device and the router?


          Thank you so much in advance.

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            Did you do a factory reset before or after the update?