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    Defective G2X from a T-mobile dealed and bad customer service

      I just purchased a p999 (or as known by T-mobile the LG G2X) for my son, it was not until after I purchased the product that I realized that the accelerometer was not calibrated properly. The T-mobile authorized dealer wants me to handle this issue with LG.


      The problem:


      I purchased this phone brand new and from a T-mobile authorized dealer. I have called customer support for instructions to remedy this, but T-mobile was unable to resolve the issue, and an LG customer service representative stated that there is no calibration feature on this phone and that I must send it in for a refurbished replacement.


      My question is:


      Why does LG and T-mobile think that it is fair for me, a loyal customer, who purchased a brand new product to receive a refurbished product instead. Had I wanted a refurbished product I would have purchased one for considerably less money.


      I simply request that Either LG or T-mobile please provide a solution to calibrate the accelerometer, or provide a replacement phone of equal or greater value to the P999.


      Thanks to everyone for reading.

      Any suggestions for a solution/fix would be very helpful.

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          Hi Sean, I am so sorry you're having problems with your G2x's accelerometer. And I am definitely very sorry that you were advised to handle this through LG. T-mobile has a dedicated technical support team here to help you 24/7, and we absolutely want this fixed for you ASAP. My first recommendation would be to uninstall any third party applications and then the next step would be to perform a factory reset on the phone, which will recalibrate the screen. Here's a link for how to perform the master reset. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1239. If you are still experiencing issues after the master reset please give us a call at 1-800-937-8997 and we will be happy to assist you from there!



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            LG has already walked me through all the steps that you mentioned prior to telling me that the accelerometer is defective and that the would replace it with a refurb.


            1. There are no third party applications running on the phone at all.


            2. I have done a factory reset at least twice.


            3. I have also followed addtitonal more advanced diagnostic steps from L.G.


            4. I have even spoken with the research and development team at L.G. (the engineers) regarding this phone


            So my question still remains:


            Why does T-mobile / LG feel that I, a loyal customer, would be happy with or be entitled to a refurbished replacement when I paid good money for a new product that was aparently defhiective.


            All I ask is for a replacement of the phone with either a new phone of the same model or with a phone of same specifications/processing power or higher.


            Is this unreasonable to ask?


            When I, acustomer, pay for a brand new product should it not work as advertised?


            I feel that the dealer should replace the defective product they sold me, and if not since T-mobile authorizes them to use the T-mobile brand / logo and to sell their products as an authorised dealer, that T-mobile fix this issue. If the dealer is out of compliance with the contract they have with T-mobile and will not honor the 14 day return policy that they are required to then T-mobile has a responsibility to the consumers to step in and do so. We are buying T-mobile products are we not?


            Thank you for your prompt reply, but I would really appreciate an efficacious remedy.

            Currently, I am not a happy customer please help.

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              Hi Sean,

              Definitely want to thank you so much for all the troubleshooting you have already completed. It sounds like you have done a fantastic job of exhausting all of your resources. You are absolutely right that you are purchasing products from T-mobile and you are absolutely entitled to the 14 day return timeframe for a replacement for a brand new phone. If you would like to send me a private message with your mobile number, last four of your ssn, and last name I will be more than happy to follow up on this and make sure we make this right for you! To send me a message click my name and click send private message to the right!

              Thank you again!


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                I only purchased the telephone from T-mobile not a plan. But it is from a T-mobile authorized dealer and a T-mobile branded phone. I have sent you the information that you need to contact me, and my son and I are awaiting your phone call. As soon as the issue is resolved I will post an update detailing your efforts in helping us, along with a public thank you to both you and T-mobile.

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                  Sean, I sent you a private message! Please let me know if I have answered all your questions and if you would still like a follow up via telephone and I will be happy to contact you!



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                    Thank you for your quick reply.


                    L.G. wants to give me a refurbished model, and Cell Spa in Houston, TX does not want to comply with the contract they have as a T-mobile authorized retailer and refund or replace the phone within the 14 days of purchase.


                    1. If they are acting as a T-mobile authorized retailer they must sell products obtained through the proper channels.


                    2. T-Mobile has an intrest in this company because they are doing business in T-Mobil's name.


                    3. If this company does not comply with T-Mobils terms of sales and service then T-Mobil is responsible.


                    If this company is operating in a fassion not compliant with T-Mobil's terms of contract then does T-Mobil not have a responsibility to protect their name and resolve the issue in an efficacious manner?


                    The fact that they refuse to refund or replace the product causes me to suspect that they may be acquiring their goods via questionable means while selling under the T-Mobil name. This issue is complicated even further because us based carriers such as T-Mobil and AT&T do not mark a high percentage of the IMEI serial numbers of stolen or lost phones. I know this because I have spoken to many retailers such as RadioShack and Best Buy who activate phones every day and I am also familiar with other oversear GSM cell service providers.



                    If it becomes aparent that Cell Spa in engaging in questionable business practices in both the areas of:


                    1. Dealing with customers in a fassion which T-Mobil requires an authorized retail center to treat their customers.


                    2. Obtaining the products resold via questionable and / or unverifiable practices



                    Then dont you think that T-Mobil should:


                    1. Step in and correct them so that they may be in compliance with the contract.


                    2. Make the customer feel valued by providing the customer with what they paid for.


                    This is a simple problem to resolve T-Mobil sorld me a defect through a dealer and it can be remedied very simply via a replacement. I don't understand why T-Mobil can't simply replace a phone with a defective accelerometer and send me a new one. This acclerometer was DOA (Dead On Arrival). I paid good money for a working product.


                    I don't think that it would be hard for a company as large as T-Mobil to simply replace the phone for me with a working one and make things right.


                    Please let me know your thoughts


                    Once again I thank you for your time, and for your continued assistance in tesolving this matter. I truly hope you can remedy this soon.


                    With great respect


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                      Sean, We definitely value you as a potential T-Mobile customer, however at this time without being a T-Mobile customer you are not eligible for the the contract buyers remorse period of 14 days. You are currently a customer of CellSpa, and therefore CellSpa's return policy is the only one that would apply. For example if you were to purchase a TV from Target it cannot be returned to WalMart even though it is the same product that was obtained through proper channels by both stores.


                      My best recommendation at this point would be to dispute the return timeframe through CellSpa and potentially escalate through their company's business channel, or to contact LG and complete the replacement LG is offering for a like new device.


                      We are so sorry that there is not more we can do to replace the device for you, however a T-Mobile account is required for us to be able to place any orders for any devices.

                      Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know if you have further concerns!


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                        I'm sorry, but I must respectfully disagree.


                        I purchased a T-Mobile device from a T-Mobile authorized seller, so there is no reason I sould not be intitled to service from T-Mobil. T-Mobile has authorized this seller to use the T-Mobil logo and advertize and represent T-Mobile, so leagally the company Cell Spa is operating as T-mobile agent(s).


                        It would be convinent to say we cannot offer you customer service as you are not a T-Mobile customer, but this is an insult. I came to a store where an authorized T-Mobile agent sold me a T-Mobile product.


                        Just because I only bought a phone and no rate plan does not mean I am intitled to any less service than any other T-mobile customer.


                        Additionally the product was defective. So a T-Mobile authorized agent sold me a defective product and is now refusing to provide a replacement.


                        I'm sure it would be easier for customer service to add and subtract credits on a T-Mobil account and adjust to compensate for defective products but even though I do not have a T-Mobile account if does not mean that I an not a T-Mobile customer.






                        1. A person who acts on behalf of another, in particular.
                        2. A person who manages business, financial, or contractual matters for an actor, performer, or writer.


                        Definition from Law.com leagal dictionary




                        n. a person who is authorized to act for another (the agent's principal) through employment, by contract or apparent authority. The importance is that the agent can bind the principal by contract or create liability if he/she causes injury while in the scope of the agency. Who is an agent and what is his/her authority are often difficult and crucial factual issues.


                        Please note in the leagal definition : The importance is that the agent can bind the principal by contract or create liability if he/she causes injury while in the scope of the agency.


                        When Cell Spa begins selling under T-Mobile's logo and selling T-Mobile's products then they are leagally acting on T-Mobils behalf.


                        Once again thank you for your prompt response to my previous reply.

                        I am very eager to hear T-Mobile's position on this.

                        Thank you for your continued assistance in resolving this matter.

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                          Greetings Sean,


                          At this time, we are unable to process an exchange on your device.  As I mentioned above, even though you purchased your device from a T-Mobile authorised dealer, all exchanges will have to go throught that store.  We track warranty information through a T-Mobile Account.  Seeing as you do not have an account with us, there is no information on file.  The record of your purchase is through the store you purchased the device from.  In this situation, your options are either discussing this with the store and reviewing their return/exchange terms and conditions, or contacting LG once again to follow their exchange procedures.


                          Thanks again for your time.



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                            Greetings Sean999,


                            At this time regina_p has answered your question correctly.  Those are the only options available to you at this time.


                            Thanks so much.

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                              The G2X is also not t-mobiles product. They didn't make the phone either that is all lg. Just has their name on it since it is designed for use on their network is all.

                              Say you buy a motorola cable modem from best buy
                              you use it with internet service provider RCN

                              modem goes bad you dont call RCN and demand a replacement.


                              Same goes here. It is not a t-mobile product and you didn't purchase it from them.

                              Cellspa is a completly independant company they are not a agent nor speak on behalf of T-Mobile. Just that T-Mobile allows them to sell devices that work on their network, that is all. Depending on state it is typically state law that there is a 14 days buyers remorse that you can return said product and 30 days in california.

                              If they you are in 14 days from buying device you can take it up with Cell spa for that reason.

                              Also past 14 days or a month or whatever your phone is also no longer new either. So you have 2 options you can send your phone to lg wait for them to fix yours then send it back to you or have them advance you a like new device that has already been fixed and tested so you are out a phone less time.

                              But since you didn't buy the phone thru t-mobile and are not a t-mobile customer there is nothing that t-mobile can do to help you.

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                                Thanks for this explanation!