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Weather Data service...here, then gone!

So I have a more basic plan with no 3G data for internet, but do have data plans for text and some updates from T-Mobile.


When I first got the phone I had weather service for about 2 weeks then it stopped providing.  I didn't care much at the time.


Last month when T-Mo sent a text stating that all data services were available and just pay as you use, I noticed I was getting the weather information on my phone again.  This time it lasted right up to my Oct billing, got the text it was paid, and the next day I no longer have weather info to the phone.


Tried a restart...haven't done a reset though.  Still no joy.


I noted prior to restarting the phone the processor was up to 65% with nothing running.  After the restart it's back down to 45%.


Any thoughts?

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    When I was using my TP2 without a data plan the weather never showed.


    Maybe you were on a free data trial for 30 days when you got the weather

    on your phone. Tmobile started putting all the smartphones without a data plan

    on a pay per use data which is probably why you started to get it again but there has

    been a backlash by the customers and what posters are saying on this board is that

    they stopped .


    I would check in your MyTmobile account under services to see what data service

    you have.