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    G2X owners: Reply if you want Android 4.0 ICS for our G2Xs.

      OK, I will probably be flammed to dealth but here it goes.


      I want Tmobile and LG to release an update to apply Google 4.0 (ICS) to our G2X's.


      I am hoping to use this thread as a public request for update, kind of thread. I dont want it to be about how to root and apply a custom Rom or to be about how we all feel that TMobile and LG has left us in the dark with a phone that doesn't work properly and has software issues. We all know the problems we are having with the official Rom and can talk about those issues elsewhere. I want this to be a thread that all G2X customers can simply reply/Sign to and state that they would like to have a Google 4.0 ICS update for thier G2X's.


      I'll start it off. 


      Anyone that wants or thinks Tmobile and LG should update our G2Xs to ICS, please reply to the thread. Lets show them how many customers are really out there and how important we really are. Lets bump this to the number one thread. Surely they will notice us at some point.



      I would like Android ICS on my G2X Please.




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