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    can't see incoming calls

      If I am on the phone and I have an incoming call, the screen stays black.  I have no clue who is calling me until I hang up and look at my missed calls.  Any idea what's going on?  VERY ANNOYING!!!!

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          Your touchscreen might stay dark if the sensor just above it is covered. Don't use covers or screen protectors (even clear ones) that cover this sensor.

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            Hello Amy,


            When a call comes in if the screen is black touch the on button long enough to turn on the screen, then swipe the screen lock away.  Then to answer the call you must swipe or push the green answer button to the right.  Because

            of this multi step process I have missed a number of calls.  To bad the programmer did not make this a simple touch to answer. 

            I forgot how I did it, but if you delve deep enough into settings you will find a setting switch that allows you to answer the phone with one tap on the home screen button.  Problem solved. 


            Mike Petersante


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              One more thing.

              As Baracuda 1971 mentioned there is a proximity sensor at the top left of the screen.  This shuts off the screen while you are talking on the phone to save battery charge.  As soon as you move the phone from your face the screen comes back on.    I suspect that if your hand or other solid object is covering the upper left corner of the screen that it might keep the screen tuned off as well.  I have my screen covered with a clear screen protector and have no issues with the sensor. 

              Mike Petersante


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                Hmm... When I get a call the caller appears with the swipe-to-answer screen.  Even if my phone is asleep and with the pattern lock in use.  It just takes one swipe to answer.  I have made no special setting.  Assume we're all using t-mo branded usa phones in thsi thread? 

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                  I do beleive you are correct in that the answer button does appear when receiving a call  without having to unlock the screen.  Sorry for giving the wrong info.