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    Gingerbread issues thread

      It was like christmas for me when they finally announced Ginger for our Galaxy S 4G!!  Install went as expected however the results of the update are not so good.  Battery drain is worse.  The 4g on/off switch is no longer found when holding the power button.  You can go through wireless and network settings but that isn't as convienient.  For some reason you can't add pandora as a widget...not sure why.  I can't find the music player that I was using, the one that came preinstalled.  Using the Amazon music player or Google music, they no longer recognizes my music on my sd card by artist/album.  It just has them on one big list.  With my past experience with ota or kies updates, the only one that has worked as it should was on my wifes vibrant.  Pretty much all other updates have been ****. Hopefully they fix these issues but I doubt it.  It might just be time to sell and get a new phone, again.  Seems like every 5 months or so I get a new phone because of the update issues.  That's okay with me but it would be nice if they would actually fix things and make them better instead of breaking them.

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          I think you just got a bad update i have none of those issues. I was actually pretty pleased with the update but considering they took their sweet time with it, it better be polished.



          1 issue is that the phone will crash when sleeping while in an active application ( not always )

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            So I have one problem and I am wondering if others are having the same thing...


            I *extensively* use the Bluetooth Audio Streaming. I pretty much use it all day long. Whereas Froyo had no problems with this, Gingerbread constantly drops/restarts the audio stream.


            I did a complete factory reset and repaired two different bluetooth headphones. The problem didn't go away. I even tried to download different audo players. The problem still exists.


            It would appear that there was something in the software update that is causing this "drop" in the stream. As I never had a problem with my phone prior to GB, I have to believe it is a software issues and not a hardware issue.


            I have called T-Mobile and raised the issue. They are going to raise it with Samsung, but as of now, I cannot go back to Froyo to eliminate this problem and I have found no alternative. According to the T-Mobile support rep, I am the first to bring this issue to their attention, but there must be others out there.


            If you have the same problem, please post here and contact T-Mobile customer support. I really need this to be patched. ASAP.

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              Also too add when i go to task manager Ram is  /323   what is up with that ? isent it 512 ?

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                ^^Yeah, i'm having the same issue.  It shows there are 328mb free and I'm trying to add angry birds which is 18.99mb.  It says Error downloading.  There is insufficient space on the device.  This would go to the SD card anyway and that has 5.7GB open!!! This is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  Having issues with dialer not dialing  it just kicks ya back to main screen.  tryed calling from call log/contacts same thing shows dialing for about 5 sec. then kicks ya back to main screen.  Same with voicemail



                  Also having the data on/off  when hold power button be nice to have back

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                    I don't seem to have the other issues mentioned here, but I do have a problem with the camera. After upgrading to Gingerbread (official version), I noticed that my camera is much darker in a low light environment. Even outdoors, it seems much darker. The pictures turn out the same way. Has anyone else noticed this?

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                      I had a similar memory full issue after installing angry birds too (free version).

                      After installing angry birds, all subsequent installs would fail with the memory full message.

                      But, manually checking free space showed plenty of free GB. !?


                      I messed around a long time trying to clear caches and data to no avail.


                      The solution was to do a full turn off and reboot :

                      1) Hold down the external top right button and then select  PhoneOptions=>PowerOff

                      2) After shutdown, Turn back on

                      The memory full problem was gone !  

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                        HI all,


                        after upgrading to GB i had the problem of phone crashing several times a day, the phone seemed to respond very late (like an old computer running with low RAM) and the battery life was bad...

                        then 3 days ago i decided to do a factory reset and reinstall the apps, it takes some time..., but the result is great.

                        Battery life has improved a lot, the improvement is obvious


                        phone hasn't crashed in the last 3 days and is responding like as it did before the update, but the weather channel app seems to be crashing a lot and i had to remove it.


                        hope this information helps someone out there

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                          one more thing, even after re installing all the apps i already had, the phone memory is only half full. have gained about 140 MB after factory reset and GB update

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                            Bluetooth audio drops for a split second when I listen to music. Phone crashes several times at day. If I run anything with a chat interface like facebook, ebuddy, and skype it makes my text messaging switch back to Home screen everytime. Some times my dialer will keep forcing me back to the home screen making unusable.  Skype video chat will not work not work after GB update. If I loose signal it will randomly not reacquire signal even when I scan for networks forcing me to reboot to get signal.