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    Switching from "Even More Plus" Plan



      I am currently using a T-Mobile plan called "Even More Plus™ 500 Talk + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web w/FlexPay®", and I have to pay $59.99 per month (no contract). I am interested in switching to the Samsung Exhibit II 4G with the $30 pre-paid plan. Is it possible for me to port my old number to this plan?


      If this is not directly possible, can I switch to another carrier first (say to a different pre-paid plan), and then switch back to T-Mobile? If this is possible, what's the best carrier to go to (I want it cheap AND painless, as some pre-paid carriers don't allow number porting in or out).



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          I just did this. It was painful and the outcome wasn't ideal.


          I called T-Mobile to switch my plan from Ever More Plus to the Monthly4G plan. The good news is after more than 1 hour of talking to mostly Indian operators with really bad line quality, and getting hung up once in the middle, I was able to retain my old number. Also the left-over credit from the old plan was transferred to the new plan.


          However, they couldn't give me the $30/100min/unlimited web plan, because that's "new activation/walmart only", and not available to me. I ended up using the $30/1500min/30MB plan, and see if I can really squeeze my web usage back to the prehistoric level.

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            You are more than welcome to keep your phone, sim card, AND number when migrating from flexpay to Monthy 4G service as far as the plan that fits you best you can take a look here




            and gti2kids is correct the 30$/100min/unlimited web plan is a wal-mart promotion only.


            Please don't hesitate if you have further questions.



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              Hi Keith,


              Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to activate a new account (with a new number) with the Walmart promotion, and then transfer my old number to the new account?


              I heard that other people were able to do this. Is this true?

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                Good question and the short answer is maybe, basically the process would work like this:


                Go to walmart and request to activate a T-Moblie Monthy4g line (not a family mobile line)


                You will get a different number


                Cancel your current prepaid line


                Call the support for prepaid (it is prepaid who handles the number change)


                They will submit a form to request the old number back (takes about a day)


                As you can see with this process your line will be canceled for a short amount of time (about 24 hours) so although we do try to recycle numbers for 30 days it doesn't always work that way and you have a slim chance of losing the number, but in personal expirience I have never seen it fail.

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                  If I purchase the phone from Amazon.com instead of from Walmart will I be able to select the $30 100min/unlimited date plan? 


                  Also, the following question may not be a fair question.  What will happen to T-Mobile's prepaid customer if the merge with AT&T 1) successful, or 2) fail.


                  Thank you.