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    Yes I have tried over my own wifi connection and still have the same problem. The lines do stay in the same place but I called Tmobile and told them about this problem and they are shipping me another one.. The only thing i'm worried about is how do I know if this one turret are sending is refurbished or new and if it will be worst then my current device? I will update the experience with the browser once I recieve it. A Thank you for your help.

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    The phone you will be receiving with be new or like new, a lot of people get upset about that but in reality the new one you bought if it in fact does have an issue came flawed where as if you do get a refurbished device the great benefit there is that it's been thoroughly tested unlike the new ones.  The important thing is that you have a device that functions the way you need it to so please follow up and let us know if that resolved it or if you need further assistance furthermore here is a link to help you make the transition from one device to the next.



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    Thanks for that link,I will be sure to let you know! :)

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    Here's an update Keith so I received my new phone and its a big difference! There isn't those visible lines that were on screen. Also the internet Pics are not blurry so i'm pretty happy with the choice I made :)

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    That's fantastic! I'm glad you are happy with the phone it's AWESOME! Hope to see you in the community more!

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