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        I am so frustrated by this situation. I did the upgrade and the phone seemed better for about 3-4 days and then back to the hot battery, random shut downs, and not holding a charge. Where I live, we have "7 on your side" which is a part of the local news that helps people in situations where they are being taking advantage of or not being helped in a situation like this one. I am thinking of calling them to see if they can help. If we all work together and use the media and social networking, we can force t-mobile's hand in exchanging these phones. I paid $200 for it, have been with t-mobile for ten years, and am 3 months out of warranty so they basically are telling me "too bad" so I am here to tell t-mobile that I will post this situation everywhere I can, so people will see how they do not stand behind their products. Better do the right thing t-mobile!!

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          I'm with you.  Phillip of t-mobile started this thread with his original post, but no one from t-mobile has responded to any of our complaints.  We have been with t-mobile for 8 years and up to now had been happy with their service.  My phone was 3 weeks out of warranty when it "failed".  I got no satisfaction from t-mobile - willing to sell me a new Samsung phone for $200, of course.  I ordered a new battery via Amazon after reading some of the posts, but it made no difference.  The phone is a brick - blanks after the droid screen and doesn't respond to a hard restart.

          Many states have consumer advocates in their Attorney General offices. 

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            I don't know if this will be directly related or not, but I was out of town in Atlanta for the past three weeks.  While there, I brought both of my extra Garminfone batteries along.  When I was out and about last weekend I noticed that I was getting random shut downs.  I suspected a battery problem and cleaned the terminals as best I could.  Then I found a T-Mobile store at the mall and stopped and  asked them about it.  They opened my Garminfone and gave me a new SIM card as well as transferred my contacts.  They told me that the new SIM card is better, but really couldn't explain to me what it better about it.  Anyway, I no longer seem to get the random shut downs.  I guess I would normally suspect that is simply a coincidence, but maybe there is a correlation.  Anyway, has anybody here heard what is "better" about the new SIM cards?

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              I think I may have come up with a solution although it may be temporary. I found the post on the forums from searching for a new battery myself. It started with the shut downs over past month. I thought it was because I put it in my pocket and the button gets hit by accident. Then it would show a full charge icon but shut off saying battery low. The past two days were the worst. It would not come on even though I know the battery had been plugged in all night and when it did, the touch screen wouldnt work had to use buttons. Acted slow and flashing what was on the screen like a broken light fixture in a horror movie. I had to use the car mount to turn it on to get it working at all. I took off the back, cleaned it up but I noticed the battery in its compartment was a little loose so I took a tag off a new shirt I got or anything with the thickness of a matchbook cover and cut a sliver and stuffed it on the top of the battery. I believe the contacts arent making a tight connection IE turns off in my pants because of my movement ding ding ding. So far so good it works normally now and being plugged in all day, its not super hot like it was. Hope this helps Tmobile! You guys need to check out your products well before you sell them to us. I really like the garminfone and hope you do the right thing and make product support easier than passing the buck among the c s reps.

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                After submitting my reply I get a meesage saying "Whoa where's the fire. Consider being a little more economical with your posts"


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                  Do you continue to no longer have random shut down problems after sim card replacement?  Thx.

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                    Dos your shirt tag solution continue to work?  No more random shut downs? Thanks.

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                      I have the same problem unless iI have it on the charger. shuts down saying battery is low. Florida Fort Myers.

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                        I was shocked to come accross this HUGE list of issues with my Garminfone. I had a Blackberry that I loved and after 2 years the cursor broke, I waited a while to get a new phone hoping to find a Blackberry or considering switching to another carrier to get an I-Phone. I called customer service and they offered me this phone for free, well know I know why.

                        I have had to do a master reboot, which lost all my pics and am trying to figure out what to do at this point because this phone has a mind of its own. Reboots on its own, seems to wear itself out when in use, or so it seems when it is hot to the touch and I am worried the phone is cooking itself.

                        I am just about ready to spend the money to cancel my contract with T-Mobile, who I have been with since 2007 to just have a nicer phone that works. I am not sure where to go from here, they are encouraging me to send away for a replacement of this same phone?

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                          So I had a conversation with a cell phone rep (non-T-Mobile) that made an observation that seems to make sense. Backstory - I use my Garminfone more often as a GPS unit, meaning I use it every time I get in my car.  I don't need the directions so much as I like knowing exactly when I am going to arrive somewhere and I also find the GPS speedometer to be more accurate than that in my car.  As a consequence, my battery charge hardly ever went below 75-80% charge. Rep indicated that I simply "overcharged" my battery without allowing it to completely drain and then recharge as a lithium battery should.  She went on to say the batteries only have a shelf life of about 400 charges anyway.  My mode of charging (per the design or standard use of the GPS/phone) damaged the battery.  I have since received a new battery from Garminfone and I no longer have the random shut down problem.  I now hardly charge the phone by the standard wall jack.  I try to only charge the phone using the GPS holder/jack in the car.  We'll see how that goes.  I just hope Garmin/Asus continues to make the batteries now that the phones are no longer made.  I actually like the phone a lot and hoped to have it for a long while.  I don't need a lot of fancy stuff.  I had a Motorola Sliver I just loved and only changed it to get a phone with a radio that ended up sucking.  That sliver was the most durable phone with consistently good quality.  With the Garminfone, I got some smart functionality with GPS, email and Internet access.  Thought this would be the last phone I would need for a long while.  We'll see.

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                            Well, even though I am getting another phone as an upgrade I still want to keep my Garminfone as a back up, but this is another reason why I upgraded. I too, have the issue with my phone shutting off when the battery charge indicates a full or at least 75% charged. reading through the post, I guess I will replace my battery with a new one and go from there. Hopefully that remedies the problem. thanks for the helpful post and comments.

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                              wow, am I glad I found this thread.  For years now I have carried a Nokia candy bar phone and my Ique3600 PDA/GPS.  So when I found out about Garminfone I was ecstatic.  Just what I wanted.


                              Now I'm down again after reading this thread.


                              As an EE I can add some insight to this problem.  no real solution  but maybe it will stirr some thinking or observations.


                              First of all LiIon batteries are a real pain anyway.  Depending on their exact chemistry they will want a certain voltage/current discharge/charge profile.  If this doesn't happen then these things can actually catch on fire.  So  when this thing was designed, assuming a new battery, software was written so the battery was charged/discharged  properly.  I suspect that since then battery conditions  have changed with age, maybe the battery design has changed, and maybe software upgrades have changed the battery charging profile with the bad results you guys are seeing.  Maybe there is a separate wire to sense voltage and it has a poor connection.  No real surprise when you consider all the other bad press regarding LiIon batteries.

                              Can you image how hot a Tesla might get if something goes wrong with its charger?  I'm sure that they have a lot of thermal sensors processors  to keep this from happening.


                              So I would not be surprised if some alternate charging scheme such as only charging to half full may actually work.   Maybe charging it externally?   Problem is that this is not a real solution, just a shade tree  fix.


                              From what you guys are saying I would definitely NOT  go off and leave this thing on a charger unattended.  Furthermore, keep it away from anything valuable.  Like NOT in your pocket. 


                              I am guessing that what is happening right now is that Tmobile/Garmin/Asus are in a huge debate about who is going to pay for these problems.


                              Please keep the thread going.

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                                Ok it worked for a little while. At least its not acting crazy like before but shuts down. Jdogg99? How did you get a new battery fro Garmin? I cant see where you can order it on the site. Id really appreciate it if you could post what you did. I agree I think its the battery itself. It for the first time went from almost full charge, shut off and when I plugged it in showed not charging but was working since I had plugged it in. If its not the battery it could be the circuit that charges itin the phone itself. Since the battery is acting up when you use the internet it requires more power and noticed it shut off then too.

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                                  I e-mailed garmin support and they asked me to register my phone. After that they didn't respond, so I e-mailed them again and they sent me a battery for free even though I am out of warranty. All in all in probably took about 5 e-mails, but the did send one. Good luck!

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                                    So - some good news. I e-mailed Garmin support directly and they sent me a battery free of charge even though I am out of warranty. The spontaneous shut downs have only happened about twice, but at times it is still very hot. I am trying to follow the advice of some of you in trying to make sure the battery is a tight fit and that I am draining it completely before charging.


                                    While, I am happy that Garmin stepped up to the plate (after about 5 e-mails) and sent a new battery, I will not be renewing my contract with t-mobile even though I have been a customer for 10 years because their response to this matter was deplorable...