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    anybody seen Randomly restart/reboot, battery percentage stays at 100% and flaky web browser?



      I got my S2 like 2 weeks ago, I've been using it and seen couple problems appearing up randomly and intermittenly without cause, anybody seen the below issue list? how can I report the problem to T-Mobile or Samsung for a fix?


      1. counted total 4 times during the 2 weeks that the phone for no reason reboots and restarts itself, seens like it crashed?, the phone was on with the screen off, I just felt a vibration and took it out of my pocket and saw it rebooting itself.


      2. sometimes after recharge, the battery percentage just stays at 100% unless I reboot the phone even though the "real" battery percentage is already being used to like maybe 40% or lower, i've seen it like 3 times already, I had "android booster" app installed, not sure if that matters, My old HTC sensation was ok witht the same software installed


      3. the included web browser seems flaky, when you scroll up/down, the graphics or webpage rendering is not smooth, it shows some black and white square mosiac on the sides and the "letters" just seems to flicker when you scroll, I tried Dolphine HD web browser and didnt' see the problem


      4. sometimes my pattern lock screen didn't recoginze my finger smoothly as I "glide" across the screen with my lock pattern, it "jumps" dots, not connecting the dots as it supposedly


      I think so far that all that I encountered, I really liked the S2's AMOLED, bettery signal,  light weight, great construction and simpler more intuitive touchwiz interface (in my opinion) over my old HTC sensation, but HTC's phones are truly more stable when compared with the S2. and I sort of missed the wifi-calling feature, hope they have an update soon for all my complaints


      I might go change out another S2 if nobody sees my problems, maybe I got lucky and got a galaxy "lemon" S2

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