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    "No SIM card" error

      I just received a second My Touch Q and getting "No SIM card" error.  Sim card works in other phone device.

      It appears that MTQ phones are functional for about 5 minutes, however, once old (3yr) SIM is exchanged with new card, then MTQ no longer recognizes all SIM cards.  This happened with two MyTouchQs.  Has anyone experience this before? Took second phone to TMobile store, they tried 3rd card, did not work. I am waiting on third MyTouchQ shipment and saving contacts on SD card to avoid SIM card exchange.  Hopefully, I will get to use MyDroid.

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          I had the exact same issue!  Told the guy at the T-Mobile store about your post as well.

          I didn't put the old sim in the second phone, and its working now, so hopefully it continues.

          But it was nice to read that someone else experienced this and I wasn't losing my mind

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            leabantum and kjole,


            Can I ask a few follow up questions so tha I may better understand what's going on?


            • Do I have this correct:  You received the myTouch Q, put in your SIM, it worked for 5 minutes befoer failing?
            • What error message did you see which prompted you to try a new SIM? Was it the same "No SIM card error?
            • Were both of you using older SIM cards?  (Do you happen to know, or did the store say they were "non 3G" SIMs?


            An information you can provide which could help us replicate the issue would be greatly appreciated!


            As an FYI to anyone reading this thread, the new myTouch and myTouch Q utilize a newer version of Wi-Fi calling which requires the use of a new SIM card included in the kit.  These new SIM's are recognizable by "TM1977" printed on the SIM on the same side as the gold contacts.  (These new SIM's also up the amount of contacts which can be stored to 508, and you can store up to 3 phone numbers, and an email address to each SIM contact.)

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              I received the new myTouch Q and put my old SIM card in it, which was an ancient voicestream one and I assume it was a "non 3G" SIM.  It worked for calls and texts, but not web.  I figure I better activate the SIM that came with the phone, so I put it in and right away it says "no sim card", which I thought was probably just because it wasn't activated yet.

              So I called and had the card activated.  Still getting the "no sim card" msg.  Tried the new SIM in my old Behold II phone and it worked fine.

              Called back and was told that it was because they had the old phone's IMEI number in the system instead of the new one, so I gave them that and was told to wait 2 hours.

              Few hours later, still getting the msg.  So I did a factory reset on the phone and still nothing.

              Called again and was told it must be the SIM card and that I should go to a T-Mobile store and get a new one. (even though it was working fine in my old phone?)

              Went to the store, explained it all.  They tried a new card, and nothing.  Told them about the above post and he tried a new phone - Voila!  It worked.

              Hope this will help if others run into this issue.

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                Jared. My answer is yes to all three questions. The old SIM was used to upload contacts to MTQ.  On the Gold side of the card has "GEMPLUS" on the flip side shows VoiceStream & SIM#. I received my third MTQ and did not risk using old SIM.  New SIM has partial contact list, 29 out of 80 contacts, so I will need to enter the remaining contacts manually.

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                  This same issue happened to me with putting my old voicestream sim into my new MTQ and then I tried the new sim with "TM9177" on it and it still doesn't read it. The new sim works fine in my old G1 so I am assuming it is the phone. Customer Service says that sending me a new SIM card will fix it but I am not so confident...I guess I will wait and see...

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                    To replicate the problem, place old VoiceStream SIM card into MyTouchQ.  This will render the phone useless.  The only resolution is to get new phone, however, DO NOT PLACE "VOICESTREAM SIM CARD" into phone.  Only use TM9177.  If you have the capability to upload contacts into "GoogleMail" or any other recommended HUB from VoiceStream card before activating new SIM, then this will be your best line of defense in getting your contacts loaded into MyTouchQ.

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                      In my case, I had to replace phone.  Hope this helps!

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                        I just had the same problem, except with my MyTouch Slide 3G, which I've had for over a year and using the same SIM card. Then suddenly tonight, when I turned it off then back on, I got the "No SIM card" error and can't use it. I tried a bunch of things, including factory resetting my phone, but nothing... I guess I need a new card?

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                          No you don't.  t-mobile can send your contacts to your phone.  i have had to do this 3 times the last week.

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                            me too.  new phone, called to activate sim.  they activated to the phone i called from instead of my new phone.  called back.  will take 24 hours to undo.  no way.  went to store to get new sims.  new sim would not work in new phone but did in old phone.  now we are assuming new phone will not read a sim and is defective.  go back home get new sims in phones everything ok.  these were activated at the store.  next day, no network, no working phones.  call back told sims are in wrong devices.  call back have sims reactivated and they work in the devices they worked in the night before.  did not try in new phone because we assumed it would not read a sim.  today, i  put sim in new phone and what do you think happened?  it worked for a brief moment.  put back in old phone, no network.  everytime you take a sim out of phone it has to be reactivated, or rebooted or something.  i turned phone off and back on and at present, i haven't looked in last 10 minutes, it is working.  that is why i am online instead of on phone.  i was going to try to reactivate sims online because i had no phone.  something is going on with these sims and tmobile needs to figure it out.  i won't even go into why i have a new phone.  mercy me.  see my post under "what is going on with these sim cards".

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                              this is good info.  so you are telling me that the sim i went to the store to get did not work in my new mytouch but did work in my samsung blaze is because it was the wrong sim card.  your stores need to know this info.  we had assumed the device was faulty and i was about to return it.  tmobile had originally activated my new sim to the phone i was calling from and not the new mytouch phone.  so we have been going thru this **** for 3 days and nights and 50 phone calls because of this? 

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                                did u mean tm9177?  u said tm1977.  which is correct.  i have a 9177.