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    Battery charge not being reported correctly

      It's happened twice now where my battery charge will be reporting 100% for a couple hours. Obviously, that can't be right.


      One morning I was off the charger and for an hour and half and it was reporting 100%. After restarting the phone, it was reporting a 75% charge.


      Is anyone else running into this issue? There's no way that my phone could have used a quarter of my battery while sitting in my pocket on my ride on the train :I

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          Yes, I see this problem too.

          It's not predictable. I can go days with out that happening.

          There's a bug in there somewhere. I suspect that the bug is not specific to the battery status. Other stuff, like bluetooth, will go south until I reboot.

          About once every week or two, I remove the battery for half an hour. Then the phone runs much better for much longer.

          It all may be heat related. My phone runs better if it's well ventilated. I run "BatteryLife". That shows the temp if you check "Show extended info".

          Also, it seems to run better since I changed the case from the Body Glove to the D3O case. That may point to a heat issue too.

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            I found on my GS2 that using a 3rd party charger will cause the phone not to update the battery level correctly. If i use the usb cable on a PC will work fine but if i use a non Samsung wall charger i have to reboot my phone so the battery percentage work correctly. I assume is a volatge issue.

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              That's a great insight.


              Is there anyone from Samsung who can confirm that it's only a voltage issue?


              The adapter for my phone says it's 5.0V and 1.0A


              The only other place I charge my phone is using a crapy cigarette lighter adapter in my car. That's probably the culprit.

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                I did some analysis and based on my own experience have concluded that this is a problem with some pieces that were manufactured in September and does not effect later pieces manufactred in October. You can see the difference between the the two pieces very distinctively where the ones manufactured in October have a darker grey box (packaging) and have the Qualcomm 4G sticker, but the September models have a Qualcomm 3G HSPA+ sticker. I am not sure if it is the charger because I am using the same charger for both. I have tested this with two samples, and wish could test with more to conclude with a higher confidence.

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                  Even though I bought my phone in October, it does have the 3G HSPA+ sticker.

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                    Whats the exact date on your box? I have tested this with 10/7 and 10/14.

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                      SAM T989 Galaxy S II Titanium Kit

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                        10/02/11  and only 1 time after 1 month of owning has this issue come up.

                        I charge from OE charger, Samsung bluetooth hands free charger, and NOKIA usb DATA cable.

                        The issue came up after using my most common charger piece, the Samsung bluetooth hands free charger.

                        (Only because it actually has decent length.  the OE charger is lacking in cord lenght thats for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          Hey wmeigs, I too originally had a piece from 9/29, and issue was persistent. I called up Samsung, and they told me the issue should never happen and asked me to send in my phone for repairs. I have only used the original charger. 

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                            i bought a cheapy from walmart to charge in the car...it does not work. It shows 50% for about a second no matte rhow long I charge it. As soon as I unplug it...the wanring comes on and says no battery life...charge battery. My car charger doe snot work at all and does not show an acurate charge.

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                              My phone shows 100% all day long and then after about ten hours simply dies. I plug in the charger and it shows 0% or 1% and charging. I had used a task killer and battery life program which I uninstalled.  After seeing 100% all day and knowing it was wrong I went to T-mobile and they said they knew about it and swapped out my battery. That made no difference at all. I still show a completely full battery all day long and I know it is being used.  I charge with the PC and desktop charger.

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                                Hello everyone! 


                                We have a troubleshooting document available regarding the issue with the battry indicator appearing stuck at 100%.  Please take a look at Battery shows full: Samsung Galaxy S II.  Those steps should resolve the problem.


                                Take care.

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                                  Do you REALLY think we have not tried this as a solution before?  Even when we call you the stupid recoprding says "We notice you have an android phone, have you powered the device off and on befiore calling us?" I'm pretty sure those of us who see this issue have already:


                                  Tried another USB cable

                                  Double checked the batery (I even swapped mine out at a tmobile store)

                                  tried charging from another source like AC, PC, or car (I did all three)


                                  For me I charge overnight to have a fresh charge for my day. Using the phone without a charger attached since 7am (it is not 11:30am) I stil have 100% showing. Now I reboot and viola, 81% remaining.


                                  I have minimal apps since I just got the phone, no third party battery programs or task killers are installed.  And with this many posts about it, there is a bigger animal in front of us here. You need to give uis real solutions rather than to make sure we know how to charge. I bet we all do.

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                                    aorobert, may I ask what is the date-of-manufacture on the back of your box?

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