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MT4GSLIDE (BLK) physical buttons, keyboard, slide not working?

So I just got this phone like a month ago...thought it was a good phone until a week ago! it seems like after I did the system update the physical buttons and the screen unlock ring started sticking...sometimes they would work sometimes i had to slide the phone to get to the unlock screen to use the phone. when the physical buttons the four buttons on the front of the phone would not work i would use the keyboard. The other day I decided to take the battery out and restart the whole phone but after i did that NONE of the buttons not even the keyboard or the slide would work to get the screen on! I know its not the screen because the screen would still turn on when i would restart the phone the startup screen would light up and the home screen would appear! When i unplug or plug in the charger the screen would turn on also. So i was reading how to do a master reset with the hardware keys i've tried that and still nothing. Ive tried clearing the system memory but i couldnt get to the blue menu after getting to the red triangle screen so i havent done that. well i was trying to clear the system memory yesterday but never got anywhere with that so i left the phone sitting until today now the dyamm thing wont even turn on! although i plug the charger in the red light turns on like its charging! but now theres no screen coming up at all omg its driving my crazy not working i just bought the phone. well my smartself didnt get the insurance! bc i fiured i never use it anyways after having insurance on my BB for a long time never used..anyone know what this might be? or if i can get it fixed somewhere or anything i can follow myself to do? thanks.