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    charging me for returning defective phone.....

      I bought a GS2 over the phone with tmobile.....Now I have to return it (defective)  they want to charge me $19 95 for shipping a new one to me. plus I have to pay return shipping .....they say they will credit me $10.00 for my shipping mine back.....I don't think this is fair .....any advice apprieciated.

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          Contact Samsung and have them fix it under warranty?  Then you're not getting a refurb like T-Mo will give you.


          If it's within 20 days (If it's really defective, you should have known within that period.  Otherwise it could be a bad app or something.  You don't explain why you think it's defective.), just take it back to where you bought it and do a return then buy it again.

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            I am sending it back within the twenty days....I will not want a refub phone ....I bought it through CS and they say I have to send it back through them....But I don't see why I have to pay shipping.  Phone seems to over heat then once in a while just shuts off.

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              Is this the one and only GS2 that you received from them? If so, they should send you a new one at n/c and shipping also included. I would bring it to a store and show them what's going on. They may make you call customer service while there but I'm sure they will work it out for you. I would get a new one and keep this phone as it's getting Ice Cream Sandwich. The Vibrant will not get updated anymore. Good luck!

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                Unfortunately, it's their rule.  Started like that in July.


                I guess it's convenient to order through CS if you're not close to a store, but it's reasons like this that a store is more convenient than CS.


                You say it's overheating.  Are you sure it's not a rogue app?  Does it do the same when you have no apps installed & configured?


                I have an SII and can say I've used the bajeevies out of it (with my apps) and haven't even felt it get warm.  Same usage would put some heat out on my Sensation.  So, the two options are "defective" and "bad app".  The later won't be fixed with a replacement if your apps reload.


                If you're not wanting to pay the twenty bucks, my first inkling is to say:

                Perform a factory reset and log in with a different (new?) Google Account (or no account.. just skip it) and see if it still happens.  If you're 'not doing anything' to cause it to overheat before, you don't need to do anything to cause it to overheat after, and can prove it's the device, but will still have to deal with the fee (Unless going direct through Samsung will produce different results).  If it doesn't overheat, you've just saved yourself twenty bucks by not having to return it and you'll have to spend time evaluating which app may be causing the overheat problem.  And, no -- just because it works on one device DOESN'T mean it will work on another.

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                  I'm curious: is it a policy that one will get a refurbished phone is one exchanges a defective phone?

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                    Yes, when you return a defective phone, you get a refurbished.


                    It may be different within the 20 day remorse period.

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                      I wonder why this is the case. It wouldn't be the buyer's fault if the phone is defective. I mean, if you pay for a new phone, you should get a new phone.


                      And could you elaborate on the 20 day remorse period? I could only see a 30 day return period in my manual.


                      To OP: a lot of users have said on forums that warming of the phone is commonplace due to the Snapdragon being confined to such a slim device with no heat dissipating method. But if the phone is shutting off, I think you should seek a replacement. Mine gets warm and toasty, but it hasn't shut off yet.

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                        I was told I would get a brand new phone...I paid for a new phone I agree it it not my fault it is defective. I will not ship back the old phone until i'm sure I got a new one.....How can you tell if it new or refub???

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                          Very good question. I hope someone can shine light into this question.

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                            T-Mobile has a 20-day "remorse period" -- e.g. you buy a phone (or sign a new contract) and decide "ya know, this isn't for me -- it's too complicated, or it's not what I thought it was, etc"


                            All because you cannot immediately make a determination if a phone is for you.  Especially since there aren't many "working models" in stores, and you don't REALLY know coverage until you get to where you live & work & hang.  (Best Buy you can SEE what a TV looks like before you bring it home... try features, etc... but not necessarily with phones)


                            It used to be 14 days (30 in California), but T-Mobile recently extended it to 20 days (still 30 in Cali).  This is especially important with new devices that just come out.  If you don't know how it's supposed to work (except in theory), you can't tell if it will work within your life.


                            That's the Remorse Period.  Most factory defects are determined within this period (if the SD card reader isn't working on day 1, it won't work ever).  Things just don't "creep up" (why do you think Extended Warranties are such a sell?  If there's no problems with a dryer while it's covered under manufacturer's warranty, chances are it won't faill during the extended warranty period.  And extended warranties usually end before the "end of life" time of an appliance to help avoid extended costs on the warranty company).



                            All that said, the manufacturer covers a specific warranty.  T-Mobile covers some as well.  But, T-Mobile itself is in the telecom business, not the phone business.  They don't manufacture the device, so they're not the ones fixing (refurbishing) them.  There's costs in that.  The choices are "pass the costs to those who are having problems" and "pass the costs on to everyone".  Their choice is to pass it to individuals with a problem.  T-Mobile DOES sell insurance for phones (see "Extended Warranty" comment above).  If you have this insurance, your fees are actually eliminated in the return process.  Of course, you're going to spend more in these warranty fees than the $20 to get it replaced.

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                              Generally new phones come in original box along with all manuals, SIM card, etc.

                              Refurbs usually come in a plain white box.


                              That's the case with other electronics.  I do not know how T-Mobile cell phones work.

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                                Just talked too Tmobile CS they Assured me I will get A brand new phone not refub...Also they will waive the shipping cost ......So Looking good so far....If I got correct info. Now to set up everything again will be the problem music pictures

                                contacts ect......ouch

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                                  Glad things are working out


                                  When you get a chance, look into putting your contacts on Google contacts. You will have access to it everywhere, and transfering old contacts to new phone takes a few seconds. I don't even use phone or sim contacts anymore.

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                                    I'm thrilled you got your shipping eliminated!  I hope your new phone treats you with all the dignity you hope.

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