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    Battery Life TERRIBLE


      So I charged last night to 100%. I've read my news ticker and sent 4 text messages. It is now noon PST and my battery is down to 44%. I have nothing running in the background. No apps are causing this, my display brightness is very low. Anybody have any idea why the battery life on this phone is so awful? Anybody else experiencing this?

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          did you check your Running Services? there might be something that your OS is doing that is causing it.  settings > applications > running services


          it could be anything though .. live wallpapers, widgets, bad battery ... could be a number of things.

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            Your battery will take a couple of days to get running 100% strong.  I remember when I got my MT4G I couldn't even make it 12 hours but now it'll last me a full day easy.  Just keep using it and charging it overnight and the problem will resolve itself.  Also make sure you don't have any apps that are always running.  But don't worry about an app killer cause that'll just eat more battery. 

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              I noticed the same awful battery life on Friday, but when I stopped to think - I changed a couple of things:


              1. ditched ALL widgets except for the Quick Settings panel (Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Calling - Brightness - GPS - Bluetooth). Any that "run" (sync, update data, etc.) -- GONE.


              2. keep Wi-Fi turned ON when I'm in my flat, at my mom's, or anywhere else I know the Wi-Fi is secured AND not overloaded.


              Point #2 might sound a little odd to some people, but it's INCREDIBLY HELPFUL for anyone who lives or works where there is a weak or only mediocre cell signal OR like me : in highly congested downtown areas where the signal strength can vary wildly throughout the hours of the day.


              3. charge to full and run it doooowwwwwn a few times, like <10% down, before you plug it back in.


              I agree with unclespoon -- this is my third Android.  The first two "developed" better battery life across the first week or two as the battery got better broken in.  This one is already showing signs of that between yesterday and today.


              4. was this NOT your first Android?  We all know that the 4G Slide won't be available to NEW customers until THIS Wednesday. Can I guess that you're much like MANY of us who spent the the first couple days downloading nice fresh copies of dozens and dozens of apps? Constantly running with your screen on, while you spent a few days moving your stuff in and "rearranging the furniture"? Trying out all of the new features so that when you actually NEED them, you already know what you're doing?


              5. download a task manager that can give you completely detailed information of what apps are using what percentage of your battery charge. The results might seriously surprise you.


              Yesterday was my first full day of "normal use" (as opposed to point #4) and I went more than 36hrs until I finally had to plug it in  this morning when I woke up.


              I'm sure I'll decide to put some widgets back as time goes on and I figure out which priorities are still priority and which might not be so.


              Take you time and break it in well :)

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                It's an issue with tmobile 3G/4G network, not something specific on your phone or your battery. It's happening to a ton of people across the nation. Take a look at the below thread that was started specific on the G2 but has expanded to include other models.


                If you take your phone and lock it to 2G it'll stop draining. That may be our "workaround" until Tmobile fixes whatever the issue it.



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                  Hey man i have the same problem! im thinking about returning my phone, i've had the phone for a week and the battery constantly dies with little to no use. help  me!

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                    battery life on the stock 1300mAh battery is pretty horrible.

                    I get 13 hours of MINIMAL use from full overnight charge to 0

                    Minimal being: 20 txts, 2 minutes of phone calls and checking the market for updates.

                    I'm waiting for a 1900mAh battery to get here. (NOTE: our batteries are the same as the HTC Sensation)

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                      can the 1900mAh be used with our phones?

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                        yes, it's the same size and our battery is the same as the sensation.

                        Any battery the sensation uses we can.  It *theoretically* should add 3-5 hours of life.

                        Your real world useage may vary but it wont be any less.  Unless you get a fake from ebay.

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                          Rahul, check Running Services or a third party task manager to see what's going on in the background. There are a number of baked in third party apps that can drain the battery quickly if left running. The included task manager is kinda like the running tab in MSWin - it might only show one or two things while the all services tab shows 50.
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                            weird - mobile posted when I tried to cancel and can't be edited now.

                            Re: the MSWin task manager vs. HTC Sense task manager -- think of the HTC Task Manager like the Applications tab in MSWin.  You need an advanced task manager that's comparable to the Processes tab.

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                              I charged my phone fully last night. Unplugged it...went to bed and missed my alarm because when i looked at my phone there was a weird message/screen with like dying droids at the bottom and the kind of letters on a computer screen when you incorrectly shut down (i dont know if that even makes sense to anyone else) and i had to use the volume key to scroll up or down and it said that my battery was so low wouldnt work then the screen went black and had a little battery with a big red x.... anyone else have this? how could a full battery drain in less than 5 hours??

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                                I am having the same issue!! i have only had this phone for 5 days and i'm ready to take it back for a refund. after fully charging overnite...within an hour or so this phone needs to be charged  again...thats crazy, never had problems with my blackberry curve, i'm so disappointed in this phone.

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                                  Diva - if you don't already have a third party task manager (the built in TM is approximately WORTHLESS) - install one post haste, then check how many apps are running that you aren't using.  Obviously the system apps such as Dialer, Genius button, Messages, etc. etc. etc. all need to stay running, but if there is any of the optional stuff like Slacker, Video Chat, any social networking app you are NOT ACTIVELY using, etc. etc. -- kill that stuff.  It's all just slurping on your battery.  Even though I run a BOOT manager, whenever my phone reboots, I STILL have to kill 20 processes that restart themselves if killed during boot or I'll have 42 processes running at all time - yes, 42.  Before I installed the boot manager, it was over 50.  When my phone is down to the 22 "that matter", the battery can easily last two full days of standby, email and light use of Facebook (NOT sync'd; NO notifications) if I don't have any calls.

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                                    Thanks Clea023!! The people at the tmobile store are totally no help at all. I have a zillion apps that came with this phone, have no idea what they are for...how do i get them off?? There is a task manager on this phone, so how do I get a third party TM??..I'm totally clueless when it comes to technology...lol

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