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      Have had my Comet a few months and like a fool the first time it acted up for a weekend i didnt take it back. Wish I had now as the phone only has a blank screen. when it is on i can feel the vibrations when i touch buttons and can hear the tone when turning up or down volume. but the screen will not light up and i  dont htink it actually does anything even though im feeling the vibrations. We first came to this company through SunCom. we have 5 lines on the plan with unlimited everything and have for years without ever a service interruption. Tmobile wanted us for years to switch to their plan after the buy out but we didnt. they finally talked us into it and the phones were a bonus for years of faithful payments. what a joke. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! ive had so many numerous small issues that take from the phone as wsell as now a fatal problem. once the contract is up though yuou can bet we will no longer be requiring the services of tmobile if this is the kinda service one recieves after 10 years of business. Does anyone know what i can maybe do short of getting stuck paying for another phone?