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    WiFi Issue - Replacement Phone

      I just replaced my phone under warranty.  The new one has an intermittent Wifi issue with the Internet.  Here are the facts:



      1. Turn On Wifi on phone, within Settings, I see it getting an IP address and connecting to my network.  The signal indicator in status bar is at full strength.
      2. When I select any web page, it times out after like 60 seconds and the phone displays an error saying there is no internet connection.
      3. I have reset browser to defaults, cleared cashe, history, cookies and all that, rebooted phone.
      4. At home for example, when all my wireless devices can pull up internet pages, my phone will not.
      5. If I disable wifi and go back to T-mobile 4G network, I can pull up internet pages.


      So, do I have another bad phone?