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    Why should I pay exchange fee when T-mobile gave me a defected phone to begin with?

      Like many other G2x users, had trouble with my G2x phone.  When I got mine, it had Froyo firmware.  Gingerbread was out in the market already. I kept waiting and waiting for my upgrade to Gingerbread, and it never came.  That is when I realized that I have a defected G2x that wouldn't let me upgrade to Gingerbread.  So I contacted T-mobile about it and followed their instructions by hooking up to computer to update, but it still wouldn't work.... So that is when T-mobile tech said the phone needed to be exchanged because the one I had was defected.


      I was charged a $20 warranty fee charge! I don't get why I should be the one paying for this phone exchange when I got a defected phone from the very start? A phone without the updated firmware has many issues and eventually I can't use the apps on the phone due to the incompatibility. I contacted T-mobile customer service and they wouldn't waive the fee, saying it was mandatory for all exchanges with all cusomers.  They already cost me time and effort to solve the upgrade issue caused by them.


      Why should I pay for the exchange of a defected phone, when it was T-Mobile's fault for giving me a defected phone to begin with?

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          I was surprised to have to pay a fee on a phone that was still under warranty,  I came from Verizon and never had to pay for any replacement phone (if I needed one) that was still under warranty. TMO operates much differently than Verizon regarding what support they offer customers.  They are half the cost though for their plans.  At least in my case

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            Hey angelh!


            I'm sorry you're confused as to why there is a processing fee for warranty exchanges.  You can get more information about that in our Phone return and replacement policy FAQs.  Here is a small exerpt dealing specifically with your question.


            If your phone is defective and still under manufacturer warranty, you can return it directly to the manufacturer. T-Mobile can assist you by providing you with a replacement phone and submitting your phone to the manufacturer for you. This is a service that T-Mobile provides as a supplement to the manufacturer warranty that may come with your phone.


            T-Mobile charges a processing fee for this service. If you would like T-Mobile to provide you with a replacement phone and to send your defective phone to the manufacturer for you, contact Customer  Care to order a replacement. Please note that when you call, Customer  Care will first attempt to troubleshoot your phone issues. For this reason, please make your initial call to Customer  Care from a different phone or you may limit the ability to troubleshoot.



            Hope this helps!


            - Ian