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    Replacement For the G2

      Has anyone called in  tech support and when replacing the g2, Tmobile offers to put you into another phone?


      If so what phones?

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          They offered me a MyTouch4g, but I stuck with the G2.

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            I have had 3 replacement G2's sent to me over the last year and now this 4th phone (G2) is doing the same thing the other 3 did:  slowing to a crawl, freeze-up's, force closes, random reboots, dropped calls, etc.  I called T-Mobile support over the weekend and advised them of the situation.  They told me I could not receive any more replacements NOR a different phone (they did say I could upgrade AT THE FULL PRICE), and that I would have to contact HTC for further help.  When I asked them why, they said "obviously you do not know how to operate the G2 and that the problems are my fault, so maybe HTC could teach me how to use it correctly".  


            I bet you can't guess who's switching to Verizon when the new Galaxy Nexus comes out

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              I have not had any of those problems since the Froyo OTA fix months ago. Are you rooting the phones?  4 replacement phones seems a little excessive to me as well. I've loved my G2 just about as much as I did  the G1.

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                Nope. Never rooted any of them.  For the record, I did not want a 5th G2.  I wanted a different phone but T-mo said no.  I had the G1 from the day it came out and never had a problem with it.  It still works today.  I've been with T-Mobile since 2002. All things must come to an end. 

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                  I would be more than happy if Tmobile wouldn't just send me to the Mytouch 4G Slide but they won't. They told me I had to have the same, discontinued/cancelled, phone and they event sent me a used one with different issues.

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                    the reason i ask is because i got offered a Sensation from tmobile to replace my G2 .....what do you think? is it worth it?

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                      I had a My Touch and went through 5 replacements before I had to yell and scream inside the Tmobile store.  They gave me a G2 and it crashed after the update on Friday.  I had to pay to have Assurion send me a replacement phone ($135) because of a scratch on the display screen.  Then the replacement wouldn't hold a charge!  Tmobile is exchanging the phone for a Samsung Gravity Smart.  I have no idea if it will be any better.  I am getting out of my contract in June.  I have been a customer since 2005 but I'm done with them!

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                        Sensation is a great upgrade. dual core bigger screen better camera.  When does your warranty expire and how long have you been with t-mobile? Wonder why you get that phone while everyone else gets g2 or mytouch 4g's.

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                          We moved to 2 MyTouch 4G slides but had problems with 1.  We swapped this for a Sensation.  Much better results. 

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                            How long ago did you get a replacement? i am thinking of doing it soon becuase my screen is having problems.

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                              OMG...I wonder if my G2 will have these issues. So far...my problem is the loose as a goose hinge that opens on its own. I remedied this by adding a rubber wrist band around its frame edge, like an added rubber bumper. Previousli I owned the My Touch that had no aux adio out & a lame mini usb charger / head set port that could not be used as a charger when used for audio out / head set. I thought G2 's larger screen & 4g design would be an upgrade but...its becoming problematic & now its lame reputation & removal from T Mobile stores is a bad omen. I can not even buy accessories specific to the G2 ( Cases etc ).  The phone has no option to remove call history in " Favorites " None of the phone settings address it ! Now...this is a security / privacy issue ! I need more info re: replacement policies.  I feel this was a bait & switch scam on consumers if not remediated w/ equal value phone. This is not as bad as when T mobile canceled my account once due to thier own clerical error & charging me a cancelation / breach of contract fee & damage to my credit report.  Since then...for 2 yrs, I refused  contract & used non contract service & used after market t mobile phones. I refuse to finance thier phones, prefered buying out right...and this G2 issue is one reason to discourage financing junk & receiving poor remediation solutions or tech support.  Does T Mobile value its customers ?   Proove it to me ?? 

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                                Just this week, I filed complaints with the BBB in Washington State and Florida (where I reside) and also the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.  I did this after lodging a complaint with T-Mo HQ and no one returned a call to me after 3 weeks.  I am on my 4th G2 from T-mo and it has once again became an unreliable phone.  T-Mo wants to send me a 5th G2.  I told them I was done with the G2.  They told me "oh, well we would be glad to upgrade you for another 2 years PLUS I would have to pay $259 for an Amaze or $229 for the Samsung Galaxy S II."  Yeh, bait and switch comes to mind to me as well.  After 10 years of being a T-Mo customer, I am ready to try another carrier.  Hello Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus!!

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                                  I went through the same thing.  I really think the G2 is flawed hardware that should be recalled.  No one addresses the time, expense and pain inflicted with so many exchanges when T-Mobile either knows of the problem or should know.  They try to pass the fault on to the customer. 


                                  I did a quick Google search of several states.  It looks like in most states you can file a complaint online with the Attorney General.  This might be a good avenue to explore.  So much of what T-Mobile is now doing is hurting their customers.

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                                    I fad a similar G2 issue w/ HTC tech support / waranty via phone.  4 days after I inquired w/ t mobile retail to get HTC's phone # to complain that my G2 hinge was  causing it to open unintentionaly & snag on things etc..& requiring me to use a rubber wrist band wraped around the phones fram to hold it from opem\ning...it finaly did snag on my clothing, pulled from my hand & cracked Shattered the screen so bad...I can not read text msgs etc.   HTH refuses to cover it ...wants to repair it for me for $160 plus shipping.    What a useless customer support & what bait & switch policies HTC has. I now boycot them. This models warranty expires in Dec 2011...so all G2 owners are SCREWED. Not to mention software issues that my G2 has...!!!

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