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    Dear disgruntled HTC Sensation 4G Owner


      Your options are as follows:

      1. Try some basic trouble shooting tips.  Most are in the documentation area.  Others you can find via searching in this forum for your issue and seeing what others have tried.  Try a battery pull soft reset.  By pulling the battery and putting it back in, to reset that way.  Try master reset via the battery pull master reset method.  Try clearing the system cache.  Try a new SIM Card.  Try a new MicroSD card.
      2. If you say you've already tried point #1 a thousand times over, you are part of a group that simply can't get the Sensation to run well in its stock configuration, and you have to try one of the other options below.
      3. You can ask T-Mobile to let you try another Sensation, but if you're already on your 2nd Sensation or 3rd Sensation or higher, don't waste your time getting yet another replacement, continue to the other options below.
      4. If still within the 14 or 30 day return window, get a full refund and buy something else. If beyond the return window, continue to the other options below.
      5. Ask T-Mobile to swap your Sensation for something else. If you don't want to swap for what they offer you or are refused, continue to the other options below.
      6. It's already not working, you're already on your 2nd or higher.  So you are at a point where an outside of warranty option may be something to consider.  Check out the Android Development forum. Keep in mind, many things in the developers forum might void your warranty, some things may and some things won't, but you can read and learn which do or do not there, or ask there. If you don't care to try something like this, continue to the other options below.
      7. Sell your Sensation on Ebay and get yourself something else. If you don't care to sell it, continue to the other option below.
      8. Continue to suffer in your current state.
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          If your device is not working for some reason, you could try to reset it first and see if things work out fine. Don't get mad just yet . http://www.freerepairguide.com/how-to-hard-reset-htc-sensation.html

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            Three SIM card, 2 memory cards. I've done the hard reset on each of the phones I've had so far.


            Any other solutions?

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              Mine worked perfect without ANY issues for 3-4 months, now it just locks up, restarts at random and will turn itself off at random. It will also go into "super battery heat" up mode. I don't use a case anymore as I can't tell when it is going to decide to fry my pocket and I'd rather be able to feel it burn my leg (it won't stop even when turned off, have to pull the battery to stop it). It also drops calls with a massive solid signal (and I'm in a chair, not moving) and the WIFI calls suck a$$ (always have to turn off WIFI to use the phone). It is embarrassing to tell people that I have to call them back cuz my phone sucks. I called support a few times but now I just plan to suffer until I die.

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                Have you tried all recommendations mentioned in step #1 yet?  And have you tried getting a new battery?

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                  I should have included in point #1 above, try a brand new battery.  Some people are having issues now that their battery needs replacement.

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                    this is good info i did do the system cache wipe does help but then also clearing data cache or even disabling some apps helps to battery has been ok but think i will be getting a new one in case the old one go;s bad.

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                      Ha.. I am waiting for my third replacement HTC Sensation. In the last 3 days, I havce performed 8 re-starts manually, 3 system resets before I got a new phone through my insurance. This is in addition to the phone restarting about 15 -20 times when I try to text or use the internet. I have begged T mobile to give me another phone to avoid being on the phone with their tech support. The response I get is:


                      1. Credit for new battery after 2 replacement phones. The phone dies randomly even though it shows fully charged.

                      2. Instructions emailed to me for master reset so that I don't bother T mobile CS again

                      3. Do not install Pandora or Yelp so that you don't have any issues again

                      4. Do not sync up your microsoft Exchange account


                      If these are what it takes to use an HTC sensation, I might as well go back to the iphone which is slow but it WORKS!!

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                        So, I finally have my replacement #3 from the insurance and 2 new 2500 mAH batteries. The good news is that:


                        1. The phone lasts for at least 6 hrs now without having to keep it on the charger. It still dies if you use navigation.

                        2. The restarts have come down from 10-15 per day down to 3 yesterday. I count that as slight win for me.

                        3. Phone has only frozen up twice when using voice search and Google Navigation


                        Now it has only been 1 day since I got it and I have not downloaded most of the apps that I use for fear that I might need another replecement.

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                          I had the same problem with my Google Navigation.  I fixed it by removing the latest Maps update.  No problems since then.

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                            My camera stopped working ever since I upgraded to 4.0.3. All it does now is crash the phone when I try to open the app.

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                              Because t-mobile is ridiculous and their service sucks.  Their customer service is a friggin joke.  Any time you talk to anyone about anything they want to add a new two years to your contract. I can't leave here fast enough.


                              I've been a customer for 8+ years, and I'm done.

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                                scoschro,  WhiIe I agree that their service sucks in many areas, they are also superior in many other markets (when I travel for work, they rock out east, at all major airports and in the Orlando and Sarasota, Florida areas).


                                Here is my personal story of my experience with them. I have been with them since I left US cellular (US cell is probably the best carrier for just Wisconsin) in around 2002 or so and their service (coverage and signal) sucked big time in Germantown, Wisconsin . I had to walk outside of my house to make a call. I called them and they said to keep filing a complaint (with service I think) about it every so often and I did. They told me that if they don't keep hearing about bad coverage in areas they can't and won't do anything about it. After about two years or less they put up a new tower about a half a mile away and all my troubles went away. Now I have an excellent signal and access to a fairly high speed data network. They get better all the time so I personally have to give them credit. You have to remember that they are a fourth ranked carrier and do not have the resources of Verizon or Sprint (and I pay way less than those two big guys so they have less cash to invest as well) so I know what I've gotten into. The bottom line is that they offer the best plans for the least money and they gave me a bonus of about $10 off my last 2 year plan for a "loyalty discount" and that was sweet.  I needed a new phone (and I got the HTC Sensation) and I didn't have to ask or anything they just called and offered it to me after I ordered the phone from Wirefly.


                                The worst thing about them is that the government did not allow them to merge wit ATT (that would have made for a good three way powerplay). I do not know how the recession has affected their customer service but every time I call I get good results. I would consider calling and complaining about your coverage if it is in a specific area and maybe they can help you like they did me. I heard that they are back to offering the best priced unlimited plan again after they pulled it for a little bit last year.

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                                  @jacturne, Did you call them (probably won't do you any good but worth a shot). Mine was not affected so maybe it is the phone itself or a poorly written free app that is causing problems. My phone does all sorts of other weird sh!t but the camera is fine. How old is your phone?

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                                    I had many map problems early on but they went away after a few updates. It usually failed depending on which nav app I chose to work with maps. I have all sorts of other problems with my sensation but the map app works fine now. I did get a new Google map update today and I applied it a few minutes ago. I'll try it out later and see how it goes.

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