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    Can't receive mms messages G1

      I got about 10 mms messages in a row of different pictures from one person. I can see some of them, but not all... the ones I CAN see... I can't save to my phone or media card. And the ones I can't see at all won't download? Says "download unsuccessful". If it got some mms messages, then why not all. I would like to save them to send to other ppl, look at later, etc... WTF???

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          i was having this issue and i fixed it fast and easy

          Step 1. go to setting on your phone

          Step 2 . then go to wireless and networks.

          Step 3. Go To mobile Networks

          Step 4. click Access Point Names.

          Step 5. click the Menu button on your phone

          Step 6. click the Reset To Default.

          you are done


          you should have somthing like this


          T-mobile Data



          T-Mobile MMS



          Enjoy your picture messages i was on the phone with support they tried everything had me reboot remove applications and everything but they never had me reset my Access Points i did this on my own and solved my issue.

          hope it works for you.



          you should just have to  touch the screen on the pic then it should pop up and say view or save

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            I've had the same problem since I purchased the phone a year ago. Unfortunately, this fix did not work for me. On the boards, it appears many people are having the same problem with no fix. Please, T-Mobile!!! Figure out what the problem is!

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              Sounds like either photo file size issue or space left on your phone is too low.