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        Good luck tazman.  Sorry about your daughter's work.  I suggest an app like MyBackup Pro to put everything on the SD, then back that up on the PC weekly. 


        Just to be sure, by now I assume everyone knows the "reset" method built into the phone is NOT the prescribed reset for 2.2.  See this link:



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          I have all of the above issues.

          Me and my wife have identical phones that were both upgraded to 2.2 some time ago.


          Both of our phones freeze daily, sometimes multiple times a day, the GPS location is impossible to acquire or it takes like 15 minutes to finally get signal.

          The phone freezes every time you try to use navigation or Maps.


          We've tried regular resets from the menu and the hard one and it still doesn't fix anyting.


          I will not be buying another Motorola phone ever again. This is a 2nd time i'm burnt.

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            As has been mentioned, these issues are NOT specific to Motorola.  I have read similar complaints on HTC and other forums.  GPS is especially quirky.  One person on an HTC forum got his GPS to finally work (and Maps) by un-selecting the option to automatically update the phone's time.  Hey... I'm just sayin'.  My latester version of Maps works fine, BTW. 

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              I'm on my 2nd Defy since April and the issues have not gotten any better.  The phone frequently locks up, reboots itself, and is painfully slow.  I've gone through 3 SIM cards, and countless master resets.  I've turned off unused apps and services, power the phone off numerous times a day, keep the browser cache cleared as well as cookies, and history.  All to no avail.  The bottom line is that the phone is a piece of ****!  These phones can't hold a candle to products by HTC or Samsung.  TMobiles support and thier 3G and 4G Networks are no better.  When my contract is up, I am moving to Sprint.  Provided, I don't run out of patientce with these rank amateurs first.

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                You have reformatted or tried a new/different SD card?  When you say "turned off" unused apps?  If you mean you killed them, that's pointless as Android will just try to restart them again.  Which consumes more resources.  Did you use the 2.2 reset (not the one found on your phone)? 


                Also, even a casual search will show you Samsung and HTC phones being reported with similar issues.  One I read was, in fact, at Sprint... who could not solve.  Some think there may be some issue in 2.2.  If you did not do the "new" reset, try that AFTER having a shot at the SD card.  At least that's what I would do. 

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                  Just wanted to add: on a developer's forum there's a thread dedicated to listing SD cards that work/don't work on Defy with 2.2.  It seems to be a general 2.2 issue not specific to Defy.  Some report constant freezes and restarts traceable to a particular CD card,  FWIW. 

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                    Any link to that developer's forum list? I'd be curious to find out if my SD card is there.

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                      So, I decided to pull the SD card just to elimiate this as a possiblity: the phone appeard to be better for a bit but I thnk this was due to the reboot as the problems came back hour or so afterwards. Slow response, freezing on one screen, decreased performance in applications such as games, freezing in Maps app.


                      So going with the scientific method, it's not the SD card

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                        Thanks for all the help.  They once again replaced the Defy...replaced that with a Comet (claiming it to be "comparable") ...finally, sent her an HTC Sensation.  So far, there hasn't been any issues with the new phone...works just the way it's supposed to...

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                            How were you able to replace your phone with a different model? My daughter received her Defy back in Feb 2011. In the first few days she noticed that pictures taken with the phone had spots on them, so T-Mo replaced it that week. It seems that every few weeks we are having issues with the phone. (restarting, poor sound quality, no signal... etc.) We have replaced the reset phones, sim cards, memory, batteries, replaced phones, and are still experiences issues. Long story short we are on the 7th Defy phone in less than a year. (My daughter has insurance on the phone too.) When ask if it was possible to replace the phone with a different model, we were told no. All they could do is send another Defy. My daughter is frustrated with the phone and so am I. We still have another year left on the contract. So again back to the question, how can I get this phone replace with a different model?  Thank you.

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                            This seems very odd eandex.  Others can advise you about a replacement, but could I ask some stupid questions?  Do the problem persist when you are...


                            1) On wifi only?

                            2) On wifi with wifi calling activated?

                            3) On 3G?

                            4) On regular GSM with both wifi and 3G off?

                            5) And... as the robot voice at t-mo would ask, does this happen everywhere? 


                            most importantly,


                            6) When you get no signal -- does it eventually fix itself or are you unable to get signal again? 

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                              Odd it is, but as I mentioned we have been going through many issues with different Defy phones for a year now.

                              To answer your questions:


                              1) On wifi only? wifi off

                              2) On wifi with wifi calling activated? No wifi calling off

                              3) On 3G? Yes with 3G on (Strong signal in our area - no problems on other T-Mo phones)

                              4) On regular GSM with both wifi and 3G off? Not sure, What would be the point of a smartphone w/o 3G?

                              5) And... as the robot voice at t-mo would ask, does this happen everywhere?  Yes, very random no consistant place


                              most importantly,


                              6) When you get no signal -- does it eventually fix itself or are you unable to get signal again?  After it restarts it works fine for awhile. Then will randomly restart. (I have seen it happen just sitting on dinning room table,)

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                                I only ask about GSM only as I had experienced some issues with 3G on but not with 3G off.  I solved that.  Which is why I asked. 


                                Trying to think of things that could effect ANY Defy...


                                I have found a usa t-mo only issue with wifi-callng preferences causing no signal even with wifi-calling off.  To resolve: Turn wifi OFF, start the wifi-calling app, Then menu > settings > connection preferences, then select "cellular preferred". 


                                There is a known "bug" in the usa t-mo version of Android 2.2 that can cause memory to get maxed out and not clear itself (as Android should).  This can cause all kinds of issues: lagging, etc.  The cure seems to be: menu > settings > applications > development > select USB debugging. 


                                You said you have tried replacing the sim (with a NEW one?) and replaced and/or reformatted the SD card?  Both can cause craziness. 


                                You said you "reset" the phones.  Are you aware that the reset proceedure listed on the phone does not actually reset the phone?  What's on the phone is for 2.1 not 2.2. 


                                After a proper reset, is it possible you are installing an app that might be causing issues? 


                                Are you using the Task Manager app that came with the phone?  If you are killing apps with it, stop using it as it is a worthless POS.  It can cause issues. 

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                                  I am on my second phone the first one worked beautifully even after android upgrade except after 2 weeks the speaker died I didn’t mind since most of the time i would use headset or loud speaker

                                  But my x wife who works at cell phone store kept bugging me to send it too warranty 

                                  I ended up doing it and now my new phone reboots locks up and restarts and stays at the Motorola symbol when you turn it on looks like a moon but whit the m on it

                                  Tried almost everything here an no go will call warranty and see what they say hopefully I will have working soon and will post what we did to get it running

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                                    Bottom line is this phone is junk.  I am on my 2nd phone since April of last year.  2 new SIMS, countless master resets, run only minimum apps, reboot the phone multiple times during the day.  It still runs horribly slow, locks up frequently, reboots itself, and numerous other issues.  Tmobile support has been almost useless.  I have been a customer with Tmobile since 2003 and I have 3 lines with them.  But, when my contract is up, I am dumping this phone and Tmobile and find something better.  To say I am a satisfied customer is VERY far from the truth!