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        The ability to tether and get away with it was spotty at best though. We've been seeing regular threads on the question of tethering and it being blocked ever since Froyo was released. I suspect that TM have found a new method of detection with  the SGSII which is much more reliable than the methods they were using before.


        I agree they don't make a great deal of money on devices, which is why I said that that revenue from broadband-only accounts will have also declined. The two lines of revenue together will have been significant enough for them to make this effort...


        Of course, the 42mbps modem on the newer handsets is also a huge factor and represents more download capability than is provided for many businesses servicing hundreds of employees' internet requirments. It wasn't that long ago I had to provide MPLS-based web services for 700+ staff with nothing more than a 10mbps gateway. 

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          Why not just download Easy Tether and pay the 10 bucks for the app. I have used it on all my previous droids (Samsung galaxy and G1) with out issue and didnt have to pay the extra 15 bucks for "tethering" from t-mobile. I have not downloaded it to the Amaze yet, but I dont see why it would still work if it was working for my Samsung a week ago.

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            Looks like that would work on a laptop like pda net.  I tether with my tab over wifi, not a cable. Thanks though.

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              The PDANet/Easy Tether solution may work, but may not. Depends on how they're detecting tethering.

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                I just spent almost 4 hours on this issue with T-Moble, including tech support and billing.  Their explanations inconsistent, -- I had tethering, or I didn't, or I did, but the service changed, or I never had it but they let me use it for free, or such nonsense on and on.  It's time to report this conduct to the FTC, if they have any bandwidth left after Google.

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                  Dont think you need to double post but just so you see it:

                  If you look at your old T&C from 2010 they specifically said that was prohibited to tether your device and use it.

                  However this was never enforced at all.

                  "Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted."



                  On new plans just like every other carrier, tethering is official supported but is a additional cost at 15 a month vs att and verizon at 30 per month.

                  Certain plans with T-Mobile do include tethering,may want to call and ask to see if you qualify.

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                    As theartizan has pointed out, tethering has been prohibited in the terms and conditions for years (since 2008 actually), so any contract you renewed since then will have prohibited that use.


                    Until the end of 2010, they relied on self-regulation to prevent violation of that condition. When tethering became a part of the Android OS they decided to become stricter in their enforcement, but it was still a hit and miss affair until the latter part of 2011 when new devices came with a means of automatic enforcement.


                    There is nothing reportable about this activity. TM had built a profitable line of business selling devices and data plans to enable other devices to connect to the Internet.


                    The introduction of tethering and hotspot capabilities into the Android OS by Google directly threatened that line of business. Rather than insisting that the facility was disabled in new devices (even though the feature could provide connectivity to up to 5 other devices) they added an optional month-to-month charge for use. Now the tethering comes bundled in the higher volume data plans.


                    If it was your business, what would you have done when another competing service threatened to undercut part of your revenue - and you were expected to supply that service as part of your own commercial package?

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                      I have the HTC Amaze 4G... with my plan I have the 35.00 a mothe 5gig unlimited dat plan WITH hotspot tehering...  there is NO 14.99 extra charge with this data plan.  Just 35.00 and you get full data 4G speeds up to 5 gigs with tethering to your phone and unlimited data past the 5 gigs but they throttle you down after you reach the 5 gigs.

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                        Unfortunately, this discussion is being conducted over two threads for some reason. This is an example of what we were talking about in the other thread: how TM are now offering tethering included with the larger volume data plans.


                        In your case, was tethering offered as an integral part of the plan, or as a temporary promotional add-on?

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                          There was a small window (a month or so) where T-Mobile was offering tethering for free with the 5MB plan. I saw it on TMONews back in March I think.

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                            I had an optimus t before and upgraded to the amaze...  When i tried to tether my Ipad it wouldnt work so I had to call TMO and they explained that all new 4G phones will only work with the tethering hotspot feature added to your account... This caused me to have to change my data plan from 30.00 to 35.00 for the 5 gig plan...  5.00 is not so bad for that option...  I called TMO today to make sure it wasnt a promo or anything and they stated it is part of their dataplans over 2gigs for the tethering but the price went up 5.00...

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                              Thanks for the clarification.

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                                Does it seem right that a service that is provided and not charged and now they implement a charge 9 months into a contract. what’s next charge for Bluetooth, charging the phone using a alarm? They are taking their cue from the airlines. For a carrier that is losing market share does it make sense to nickel and dime your customers? We are paying for the data anyway what’s the difference how is used?

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                                  You're mistaken in thinking it was a service previously.  It was simply a function that was explicitly prohibited in the contract, whose prohibition they had not yet found an effective way of enforcing.


                                  Almost every current contract has been entered into since 2008, and each one says tethering is a prohibited use unless explicitly allowed in the data plan.


                                  I don't like paying for it any more than anyone else,  but have to recognize that I have signed a contract where this limitation is expressed clearly.

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                                    Yes you are correct my error I retract my post

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