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        Diane next time chect at they have them  gsm white or black 16 gbs For $559 just stick in your sim chip they work for att or tmobile  ive been with Tmobile 8 years always buy there,I always buy open gsm phone, never have purchased a tmobile phone, they support you anyway ,and if you need drivers you call they download for free, its a  warehouse  in ny no taxes free shipping buy your own no name unique colors ans styles not available anywhere else and cheaper than ebay or anyone . .AT GSM Inc. - www.atgsm.com

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          I almost never buy from T-Mobile also and yes, they are still very helpful when it comes to support. I have been with them for about as long as you. They don't get the great phones but I am grandfathered into unlimited data for $20 on 3 lines. Sometimes I will buy something when its time to renew, then sell it on eBay. I don't believe in advertising for them for free -- that is why I object to the T-Mobile logo on the phone itself.  I have the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab though. Has a tiny T-Mobile on the back - I have unlocked the phone on it even though I rarely use it ..  I am interested in seeing who gets the Galaxy Note ..  That will be my next buy I think .. I will bookmark that website for the GSM phones too ..

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            So as long as you buy an unlocked iphone you can use it with t-mobile service?? What if you're a new customer?

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              yes ... buy unlocked and you can use it on T-Mobile __ BUT __ you will not get 3G ..  I don't know that it will ever be possible.  It is a hardware thing, correct?

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                They just want your payment for monthly service provided, if you get their phone you dont get the cheapest deals availble, plus you don't need a contract. I been with them since they where voicestream always buy my own . when you wonna know everything about a phone  bfore buying it go to gsm arena.com ,it says tmobile and att..... check it out.

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                  the answer is simple.  do you like apple or android?

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                    If you're looking to "jump ship" simply for the iphone, you may be risking bad service (with sprint). I would say look into getting an unlocked iphone if you must have iphone. It also depends what you want the iphone for? Apps? Android has them too.

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                      you dont caange carriers you could order the phone you want I have 3 open or gsm samebuy the one you want tmo just wants your service with your own phone you get to pick and download drivers if you need support ive been with tmo since they where aerial, voice stream, tmo, and never have gotten one of there phones, plus if your not under contract you could get the cheaper sevice, you pay more for service with there phone2 or 3 times more than an open phone after 3 yearss besides its your phone why you want there name on it check out this site y bought iphone  4 s samsung galaxie 16gb ceramic white for $559. AT GSM Inc. - www.atgsm.com free shipping ups no taxes from New York store and for info better than cnet zdnet, utube,Samsung Galaxy S Plus review: Enter the Snapdragon - GSMArena.com   check it out, you will be glad you did and always buy an open phone. Good Luck let me know how it went.

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                        I'm going to check it out thanks for the info. I'll still be about to get a discount on my plan too right because it's going to be a normal plan just with a phone bought somewhere else? Not that it's huge but I want the 10% off monthly (tmobile discount)

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                            Yea I agree there. Why go throgh the trouble of getting an unlocked iphone for tmo. If you want that 10% discount just get an android, there are some awesome phones out there, including GS2

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                              I just came to T-Mobile from Sprint and let me tell you that their 3G networks are overloaded atm. I could barely get decent speeds for streaming music and streaming videos was more or less impossible on 3G. You can go look at their support forums and there are hundreds of unhappy iPhone users who are returning their phones due to the slow 3G speeds.


                              WiFi calling is coming to the TMO SGSII in a November 13 patch. So you won't need to wait long.


                              The SGS2 is a great phone and I would certainly recommend it over an iPhone 4S any day.

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                                I've also seen a lot of Sprint users complaing about the slow speeds with Sprint and the iphone. I think I'll stick with Tmo for now.

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                                  I have heard about that too... I'm staying with TMo for now, I don't think it is worth buying an unlocked iPhone 4S and be still broked when the iPhone 5 comes out. Maybe iPhone 5 will be on tmobile by then...

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                                    I have been a T-Mobile customer for about 3 years  and I use my HTC sensation for both work and personal cell. I really really want to get an iPhone and I am thinking of keeping T-Mobile for my work phone and getting an  iPhone for my personal use - Now do you think I should get an unlocked iPhone (spend the 500ish bucks ughhhhh) and stay with T-Mobile  - just adding a line -  switch to Sprint or Verizon and get a completely different plan?

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