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      • 15. Re: Love the new forum UI
        There is a way. Obviously you can reply from the option at the bottom of the message to which you wish to respond,  but you can also post a new thread as follows:

        Go to the initial "Everyone" page in the mobile version.
        Tap on the little pen/pad icon at the top right of the page.
        Tap on the Discussion: Tap to find a place bar.
        Enter your preference in the search dialog.
        Don't try using the magnifying glass on that dialog to start the search, instead use the one on your keypad (or enter depending on your phone model).
        Select from the resulting list of forum areas.
        Start typing your post.
        Send using the Post button in the top tight of the page.
        • 16. Re: Love the new forum UI
          What's up brother I love the new forum too but the need to ad an option too search for diveces like the pc vercion unless I'm missing something lol
          "yes he's my brother we are twin and rocking the myTouch 4G together"
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            I'll look into this as I never, ok very rarely visit a forum on my phone. I need the bigger text versions. ;-)

            • 18. Re: Love the new forum UI

              have i mentioned lately that i REALLY hate this new forum??? i can feel my blood pressure raise just trying to navigate this freaking place. i have to go thru several different links just to get to the stupid mytouch 4g forum. when i click on "community" it opens a new internet explorer tab then i have to close the previous one.

              next, i can't post a picture when i start a new discussion. the icon is grey'd out. i have to go ahead and create the discussion, then reply to my own discussion and insert an image.

              i still dont see any way to change my subscriptions to daily digest. so far all i see is email for every reply or no email. my inbox is being blown up with all the subscription replies.

              please close this forum and open the old one. i liked it better. at the very least put a link to the mytouch 4g forum somewhere on the main site so i don't have to spend 15 minutes navigating to it.

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