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    Amaze Battery Life

      Please post you battery life experience with the Amaze to share with everyone.


      After 1st day following a full charge, I was dissapointed to find the phone needing to be plugged in by 5pm after only 10 hours of normal use.  I used Pandora and Spotify a little that day, maybe 1 hour tops combined.  Other than that, low usage.

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          I'd like to see a battery life comparison between the Amaze and the GS2. I've heard a few anecdotes so far (besides yours, macwinpro) that seem to indicate that the battery life for the Amaze is pretty dismal. Checking the GS2 forum as well for some input on battery life there.

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            I am also VERY disappointed with the battery life.  Mine has to go back on the charger after 3 hours.  Given: I need Wi-Fi on when I'm at home!  I know that's a battery eater, but I also have a Sensation that goes 24 hours provided I don't play games on it.


            Very dissappointed.  I'm taking it into a store today to see if i can get a new one.

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              That doesn't sound right. Let us know what you learn at the store. I'd be interested in what they have to say.


              Regarding WiFi eating battery, I've heard two schools of thought on that, and my own experience tends to tell me that it doesn't really make much difference. What I've heard on one side is that with WiFi on, you're using less 4G which takes more power than WiFi. However, while not connected to WiFi, you're using power searching for a connection. *shrug* I don't know enough about it really, but anecdotally, I don't notice a big difference if I leave it on or turn it off on my phone (not yet an Amaze, but I'm pretty close to a decision).

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                I don't know much about WiFi either.  I just remember on the G1 that my battery would take a "hit" when I used the WiFi for any long period of time.


                The store told me to wait until the 26th (2 weeks from launch) to report as a warantee issue.  i would imagine that there should be more information coming out prior to that.

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                  Hmm...I know that there's talk of an update to re-enable WiFi calling. Wonder if there's a power tweak in it as well. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, yzguy!

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                    I believe independent tests from blogs have shown both the t-mo GSII variant and the AMAZE have about the same battery life. That being said, the numbers are not good. Under heavy use my AMAZE took about 5 hours and 21 minutes to die from 100-0. That would be considered my first battery cycle though. Hopefully after 3, it'll improve.


                    The device also gets pretty warm when used regularly...it's part of which has to do with the aluminum case - like a macbook pro, it conducts heat. good for the device, not so nice feeling in the hands/pockets.

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                      I have to say the HTC Amaze battery life is far from amazing.  When I got mine the guy at the store said you're gonna want one of these as he handed me a car charger.  I know what he meant now.  I have to re-charge 3-4 times a day

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                        Mine last from 8AM until 6PM before the battery icon turns orange...this is while using the phone, playing games, a few shots here and there, and Pandora for several hours.  Have the phone since Wednesday...

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                          I had read about the battery life issue before I got this phone on Friday, but I still bought it regardless:




                          It took around 5 hours to go from 100 to 0 my first time using it.  This is with some web surfing, setting up my email accounts, using wi-fi (2hours), watching netflix (45 minutes), taking about 50 pictures (w/ flash) and recording about 10 minutes of video (no flash). 


                          With this gorgeous display even on the lowest light setting, I'm very pleased with the battery life.  I say this because with my old BB Storm 2 on Verizon the d/l speeds were abysmal and the call quality (when they weren't dropped) sounded like I was in a tin can.  With this phone I have consistent 4G speeds in and around my home and my wife says it sounds like I'm talking on a land line when I call her now.   The more bells and whistles, the faster that battery is going to burn.  It's not ideal, but it's 200x better than what I was using before.  Heck, that BB drained in 5 hours just being on standbye. 

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                            I bought my Amaze about a week ago. I am coming from an HTC Sensation 4G... The battery life on this is great. Mine lasted 16hrs. & 47 minutes before it reached the 20% battery life. That is after using Pandora for a few hours, constant emails from work, and facebooking. I absolutely love this phone!!! They could not have picked a better name that "Amaze".

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                              my battery seems to last 4 - 5 hours at most


                              i must be doing something very wrong!

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                                I haven't been too brave to not charge it, but I will one of these days. I notice the battery jumped down "two clicks" by 10a from a 50-minute bus commute where I checked email, made a 10-minute phone call. I have a feeling that a lot of data transferring is happening the background to get everything synced (email archives, etc). So I will wait until next week to freak out. If it's not on 4G it's on WiFi. So we'll see!

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                                  By noon today I needed to recharge, and this with veryy crappy signal, and multiple "No Internet Connection" messages.  That 4-5 hours is 'normal' for my battery.  You people getting 10+ hours, what's your secret?  I'd really like to know.  I took mine off the charger 2 hours ago and its down one click already.

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                                    We bought two HTC  Amaze phones on the day they released the phone and after trying out various apps, including the video chat apps (qik and skype) saw that the battery had drained and did not think much of it since we had been using them pretty heavily that day.. However on the next two days, the battery DRAINED IN THREE HOURS even when not using any video or other heavy usage.. Was VERY dissapointed and thought we had to return the phones.. Called HTC Support (very accessible and quite helpful) and after factory resetting the phones and not using the video chat apps, the phones are now MOSTLY USABLE as an overnight charge seems to last at least 6-7 hours of moderate use.. Still horrible battery life, but at least usable!


                                    Support mentioned that the 'Task Killer' may be placing a big drain on the battery as killed processes are being restarted by the phone.. Quite irritated that apps that I have never used - like Slacker and others - are auto-started and that I have no way to uninstall or otherwise disable auto-start.. There should be a law against that..


                                    Also been 'Restart'ing the phone every couple of days just to help the phone manage ts memory better.. Seems to help..


                                    Bottom line: love the phone, hate the battery life. Having issues with Wifi signal reception, but thats for another post..

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