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    Sync with Outlook

      They told me in the store that I would be able to sync with outlook and download my inbox and all of my contacts from Outlook.  I read the user manual and I cannot figure it out.  Can someone please help?

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          check page 105




          you have to add your Outlook email account ...

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            I read that page, but it asks for a server name?  I do not have a server.  Any chance you can post the line by line instructions to add Outlook?

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              the manual's definition of outlook is for exchange accounts and using activeSync.


              For standard outlook users, you can add the email account info to the stock email app (or k-9 mail for a better one).  Then you can either do a one time transfer of your contacts & calendar into google - export from outlook and import into google.  or you can use  Google Apps Sync to manage the two. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync

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                ajtbs wrote:


                I read that page, but it asks for a server name?  I do not have a server.  Any chance you can post the line by line instructions to add Outlook?

                well go into your Outlook, click Tools and then Account Settings ... from there you should be able to double click the account listed to get all the details (POP settings etc) to use when adding it.


                that's how i did it.


                it doesn't hurt to try using the Google Apps Sync as well if you're at your PC. 

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                  here's how it should work ...


                  - once you click on "add account, enter the email address and password associated with your Microsoft Outlook account.


                  - click "Next." Then click "Next." The email app will attempt to autofill your email server's information. You can simply click "Next," as the settings may be correct. If an error occurs, you will need to manually change the settings. 


                  - verify the port setting, which can be found in Microsoft Outlook, by selecting "Tools," then "Account Settings," then double-clicking on the account to open it and selecting the "Advanced" tab. Keep in mind that the port setting may be different for your Android device. If the port listed doesn't work, check with your provider for details. 


                  - if necessary, change the "POP3 server," to the incoming mail server, which can be found in Microsoft Outlook, by selecting "Tools," then "Account Settings" and double-clicking on the account to open it. Enter the incoming server information. Click "Done." Under "Security," select "SSL (if available)" to ensure that your email account will work with your Android device, since some email servers don't allow you to use SSL.


                  You can try "SSL (always)," however it may not work on your Android phone. Be sure that the delete mail from server button is deactivated unless you want the ability to delete emails from your phone that will also delete from your computer. Then click "Next." 


                  - enter the outgoing server in the "SMTP server" window and change the port, if necessary. Then click "Done." Confirm that the rest of the data is correct, and then click "Next."


                  - choose the "Email checking frequency," whether or not to be notified of a new email and whether to "send email from this account by default."


                  Enter a display name for your outgoing messages. Then click "Done." You will then be taken to your Microsoft Outlook inbox.


                  like i said...it should work that way

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                    Thanks, but that did not help.  Sorry.  I already have all my new emails coming to me from my email server via POP and SMTP setup.  I need to sync my inbox, contacts and calendar on my Outlook with this phone.  I upgraded the other day from a T-mobile Dash and it worked great with Outlook.  This phone is not working at all with Outlook.  I appreciate your suggestion, but it did not work the way you said because the commands you told me to do were not accurate.  Not sure if you have a newer or older version of Outlook.  I have Outlook 2002.  I wish Microsoft ActiveSync would work with this phone because I already have it installed.  Do I need to install it on my phone??  Just an idea.

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                      ahhh Outlook 2002 ... this may hurt but look into Companion Link. unfortunately the easy way (via HTC Sync) won't work because HTC decided not to include it with the myTouch 4G Slide ..


                      here's how to get your calendar situated.


                      How to do it:

                      1. Download the Google Calendar Sync software
                      2. Enter your Gmail account information
                      3. Select 2-Way sync as this will sync your Outlook with Gmail
                      4. Set sync interval in minutes
                      5. That’s it!


                      Note: to force the sync, simply “Right-Click” the Google Sync icon in your task tray (bottom right), click “Sync”.


                      again though, Companion Link is probably the best option for your Outlook.  you can try it free for 14 days too...




                      i know it's likely not the best option but as i said .. the easiest.


                      one other solution is The Missing Sync for Android app ... https://market.android.com/details?id=com.markspace.missingsync&feature=search_result



                      just throwing as many solutions as i know of my friend to help you out

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                        Did you every find a way to get this to work?  I bought this phone instead of the less expensive myTouch 4G because this one said it would easily sync with Outlook and the mytouch 4g didn't.  Now I'm really annpyed that I spent the extra money.  I will not upload all my contacts and calendar to Google!  I don't want that information out on the web somewhere.  I also upgraded from a Dash.

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                          bonattik wrote:


                          I will not upload all my contacts and calendar to Google!  I don't want that information out on the web somewhere.

                          maybe you should have bought a Windows phone instead. 

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                            HTC and Deceptive Advertisement is what it is called! They've made some corrections to their web site!  Added the Driver since I complained! Now they need to change this page (http://www.htc.com/www/help/), since it does not work or Our Android Phones! They stated to me that the phone was designed this way (Some one should told the person who was writing the documentation and who code/wrote that Web page).


                            Bottom Line you shell out money for application or use Google Contacts. I choose instead to find a application (MyPhoneExploer) in the Droid Market that has been working just fine for me! Everyone does not want to have their Contacts and that information on a Server outside of their reach without Internet Connection! Not to mention having to learn another way to keep their contacts!


                            LOL ()but Gandecab good point!  Android phone is better then Windows phone if you are "Technical"! Windows has taken over the Home/Small Business PC Market and has for years, so most manufactures provide this seamless integration for mobile user's, HTC Failed here for this phone!


                            Don't Buy into the HYPE of Android if you don't know what you buying into! Open OS, more software that opens the Door for Better Mobile Phone Functionality!


                            As I told my daughter this phone has more power then early PC's, it is a MINI Computer on Steroids!

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                              Note that the old Windows 6.n phones worked with Outlook but the new WP7 phones only work with MS on-line services. A truly bizarre decision on Microsoft's part, but if it's not on-line, WP7 will have nothing to do with it.


                              Older HTC Android phones can use HTC Sync but newer HTC phones don't work with HTC Sync.


                              You have two paid options, CompanionLink and Missing Sync, but they're both pricey at $39.95. Other well-regarded "Outlook" sync products like Touchdown are really MS Exchange products, so be careful.


                              The problem is that stand-alone Outlook market share is shrinking; most Outlook sales are to Exchange users. You can see the situation a bit in that you're still using a 10-year-old version of Outlook. If you really want flawless sync to an old version of Outlook, your best bet is probably to hit eBay and pick up an older phone. There are plenty of decent HTC phones that work with HTC Sync that can be had for very little money. Just don't plan to get Outlook 2000 support and the latest gaming support in the same device, at least unless you're willing to pay for the capability.


                              The situation is no better with other carriers Android' phones, WP7 or iOS. I don't know about Blackberry.

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                                The application I listed MyPhoneExploer which can be downloaded from the Android Market and here(http://www.fjsoft.at/en/downloads.php)  will work just fine!  It works with Outlook 2000 - 2010 (I used it for 2003).


                                Give it Try I bet you will be satisfied! It worked for my Contacts and it working great thus far...has Chat Feature too that I've used plus other cool stuff. Haven't tried the other yet, since my Contacts was most important first and HTC Lied about HTCSync working with it!


                                I was using Blackberry 8520 Curve 2009 phone prior and their software works wonderful! My daughter is a BB Fan and now I know why! Not only did this work great but also smooth/seamless transition from Wi-Fi to 3G (didn't use there 4G phone, I have to ask my daughter about that one) to TMOB Towers!


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