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    Why no update to Android 2.3?

      The refusal to release an updated OS for this device is unconscionable. I would like to use Google+, among other apps that don't run on the back-level OS that came with the Tab, and I would like to have the other improvements that came with 2.3.


      I'm even more unhappy at the silence from Samsung and T-Mobile.


      I'll be jailbreaking the Tab soon, but I shouldn't have to. This experience has soured me on both companies. I paid a lot of money for this thing, and don't appreciate the companies' inaction on what should be an absolutely standard update.

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          You don't need Gingerbread to run Google Plus?, I have it on my GT and runs just fine, just go to Android market and download it, There are allot of people who have problems with the Galaxy Tab and I would say a great majority is operator error, there is no device that is perfect, but all Tablets regardless if they are Froyo or Honeycomb still needs interactions from user, Android devices are very customizable, that is one of the very reasons I went with Android versus Apple iPad IOS, the iPad from Apple admittedly dictates to the user what they can or can't do and has limitations on what you can do with it?, if you are looking for a device such as that then I would suggest the iPad, most people I know just want to do the Task and not know anything about the technology underneath and that's fine, but for me I am a Geek therefore I want to be able to do everything I want including make my own customized apps and ROM's, you just need to decide what level you want to be on to accomplish whatever you are using the Tablet for.

          I have had no problems whatsoever with mine but I do research before downloading an app to my GT, I have friends with the same device and they blindly download any app and then have problems because of mis-configurations and conflicts with other apps, I spent 2 days fixing my friends GT because he had 11 GPS type apps that were all trying to use all the resources of the GPS module, its no different that if you have 10 anti-virus programs running on a Windows machine??, but Apple limits what a user can do on a Mac!, that's not to say that a very determined person can't find a way to make it fail....

          Be careful and read to understand what the app does before downloading and you will minimize any problems.

          The Gingerbread update is coming but it needs to come from the manufacturer and that is becoming less frequent because there seems to be new Tablets released everyday!! and what you buy today almost become obsolete the following day! Myself I would prefer that they not do OS releases so often unless there is an absolute need for it such as to correct an obvious problem. But the Business Culture to Sell is to put the next shinny gadget out before the current one has a chance to be used effectively.


          I am so experienced with Froyo (GT) and Gingerbread (HD2-rom) that when I used a new Honeycomb Tablet a month ago, I found it was easier and faster to do what I needed with Froyo than with the new Honeycomb Tablet! The New and Fancy with all the Bells and shinny lights isn't necessarily going to be the most efficient for your needs as there is always a learning curve. The Same happens with IOS iPad as I heard a few people complain a time ago that the update was not favorable with the users.

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            Google+ Hangouts (video) do not work with Android 2.2 -- they need at least 2.3.


            I am well aware of the issues. Gingerbread is now available on other Tab 7 models. T-Mobile and Samsung could provide it if they wanted to, but they are not doing it.


            Again, it is outrageous for these companies to withhold needed updates. In this case they aren't even providing bug fixes and security updates -- a further insult to customers.


            Samsung and T-Mobile are on the verge of losing my business entirely.

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              Go to XDA Developers, I have Froyo with a Custom Rom tat I modified my self, took time but I have it to suit me needs,

              I use Google+ with Hangouts (video) just fine although it is sometimes slow and blocky if I don't have a good connection?, but if you are looking for out of the box or updates from manufacturers to deal with new technology as it comes out? They are a business that is trying to please all, and that often times is an impossible task to undertake as Abraham Lincoln had said "You can please some of the people some of the time", Android devices serve a certain clientele and if you want a do all with ease of use and minimal knowledge of the device then get an iPad!

              But nowhere does it say any manufacture is required to update anything? they do it to please and bring loyalty and it is prioritized by the people involved of which are human! and humans by design "Fail", that's a given! so if you are not getting what you need out of the device, then make the decision you need to make,

              I am just fine with my Galaxy Tab and probably will be for a long time to come as I always find a way to make it happen!

              and that's just me, but you need to make a decision of what type of person you are going to be using the Galaxy Tab?, like I said before maybe an iPad is more for you? it's not meant as an insult, because there are many things I don't want to be bothered with knowing everything about?, I just want to use it! and that's that!

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                Why on earth are you defending this practice? Customers have been amply patient with Samsung and T-Mobile. It is coming up on a year since Gingerbread was released.


                By your standard, auto manufacturers are entitled to withhold fixes to their cars, even when there are safety concerns, on the principle that we can always go out and buy a new one.


                I've jailbroken a number of Android devices. It it a total outrage that I should have to do so.

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                  Just a question...but is it possible that this device is being neglected because they simply haven't sold enough units to justify prioritizing update efforts over other, more numerous devices? Just wondering...

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                    First I am from an older generation so maybe because you are younger (???) and come from a different cultural thinking than what I am accustomed too?,I don't easily have myself think I am "Entitled" to anything more than what I have purchased, and If I get anything more? Then I consider myself lucky to have had it.

                    I am not defending something that does not need defending??, "IF" the manufactures state that they are to "Upgrade" all the devices they manufacture with the ability to the Latest Android Distro? Then you have a case and i'm with you, but I just assumed everyone knew device are only required to "be" by guarantee or implication that the software it comes "with" works as stated.

                    now in a perfect world it would be nice that a device you purchase be supported for many years forward. But if the device works with the software it came with and all software of that time with no defects or errors then they have met the Legal and implied warranties associated, and if there is a need for a fix such as the case with my HTC HD2 had when TMO sent out an O.S. Fix for it, and if Samsung and any other company has an error to correct they usually do or all hell breaks loose on the Blogs, and as I stated previously all company's have priorities whether they are of financial or technical types, and most usually get met? Samsung has been trying to update the software to Gingerbread for more than a year, now what that entails is to meet all the **** that comes with that, I worked in the Testing field for 30 years, and getting an Electronic device as the Galaxy Tab is no small undertaking when updating the O.S. because there are test that must be done to have the FCC or DO160 or EU Telecommunications and so on.. because they serve a world market, and let me tell you when I did EMI test on electronics there is soooo much red tape **** you have to deal with! the simplest of things become so involved, that sometime it cost more to pass a device than you could ever hope to sell it for? now I gave you this information so that you don't feel so frustrated when you don't get the latest and greatest to work with your GT?


                    and never have my "Standards ever implied fixes should be withheld" that is really reaching to the extreme! sometimes people need to take a breath and a few steps back and see if you can widen you view or in this case your "perspective". I only mentioned XDA developers so to help educate you on all your options and "Jailbreaking" is usually a reserved term for Apple products, for Android "Rooting" is commonly used.

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                      In my opinion and from my experience working in this field to some extent, it's not that they are neglecting the customers that purchased said product from more than 2 years ago when first released, usually when product goes from Development to prototype to production, than manpower goes accordingly from 100% to 50% to 10%, and that is because all hands are needed to get the product to market, once that is accomplished 50% starts on the next project for instance the New Galaxy Tab Plus or 7.7 then when the device has been in the hands of the customer for a time they move the remaining staff to the next project. If there is a detrimental problem with a device for exampleSony's Playstation security problem of last year, they had everyone including the janitors working to get the problem under control. and the same I am sure Samsung would do.

                      The Reason the USA is probably the last to get Gingerbread is not all of T-moblie nor Samsungs fault, you can thank our own Government for that pleasure! If you only knew the **** and hoops you need to jump thru you might be more understanding and sympathetic towards them, but don't get me wrong, you have to keep on them otherwise they get lazy, But the Tech culture needs to rethink what their plan is, because when you buy a device it is usually obsolete in a matter of days because how the competition has positioned itself.

                      I use Froyo, Gingerbread(hacked Rom) and Ubuntu (for fun) and I am very happy with it, I still have not reached it's full capacity, but I am a hacker so it's not a fair comparison to the general mainstream.

                      But because of the Tech culture out there it makes the owner of these devices frustrated because the Software developers are constantly writing software for the latest distro with little support for backward compatibility, for instance I use my Galaxy Tab for Ebook reading and have used Zinio on my Laptop for years, and the first version that Zinio put out was for iPad and Android Honeycomb!!, not Gingerbread, Froyo or God forbid Eclair!, I had to hack it to Run Gingerbread, then hack it again to work in Froyo. and now it actually runs faster and uses less memory in Froyo than Honeycomb, so this is why allot of people want the latest and greatest!

                      it's not like Apple or MS-Windows that is mostly backwards compatible, I can still create a word document onWindows7 and run it on Windows95,and I find that amazing! and for iOS on iPhone and iPad had some small problems with backwards compatibility but for the most part they are good.

                      If you want to use these devices it is never a bad thing to learn as much as you can before trying out the latest and greatest version, also never upgrade as soon as it comes out... be patient and let others be the "Guinea pigs" and find the problems, my Daughter has an iPhone and found that out the hard way yesterday with the new release for iPhone iOS5 and now she is banging her head try to restore it to working order.

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                        I think you gave the word "neglected" more significance than I intended. I really wanted to focus on the idea that, with so many devices constantly coming down the production channels, all manufacturers need to consider which of those devices justify the attention of limited resources.


                        I read that at the start of the year, while Samsung had shipped 2 million Galaxy Tab units worldwide, the sell-on from distributors to end customers was actually "quite small", to use their own words. Doubtless, sales will have ticked along since then, but the number of units sold through the T-Mobile USA channel is likely to be modest compared with several of the Samsung smartphones that have been released over the same timeframe.


                        So, when looking at where resources need to be deployed, it is likely that any device with a smaller user population will get passed over. It isn't as if having a smaller customer base is going to make the update process any easier to conduct.


                        As you have pointed out elsewhere, there is no contractual obligation on any manufacturer to do anything more than ensure the device is broadly fit-for-purpose and matches the advertised features and capabilties. Where there is a clear deficiency, such as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S GPS problem, the manufacturer usually makes an attempt to remedy the problem by issuing a software fix. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


                        Otherwise, where repair or replacement is required for individual devices then remedies under the warranty have to be fulfilled. Beyond that, the only imperative for further update is of a commercial nature, where it is not sensible to disappoint a large and expectant customer population.


                        Since it is clear that there are insufficient resources available to provide regular, timely updates to all devices, the manufacturer will inevitably make prioritization decisions to keep the largest possible groups of customers happy.



                        Be careful not to overstate the process of scrutiny to which updates are submitted by federal authorities. While it is true that the FCC scrutinizes every hardware device as it passes from development to production, I don't think the same is true for the software releases. 


                        I think that TM and Samsung learned a great deal about this issue in this country when the update process for the Vibrant moved from OTA, where every customer gets the update (whether they want it or not), to customers having to download the update package, if they wanted to complete the process. I think they will have found that, despite their large Vibrant user base of around one million, very likely less than a quarter actually made the effort to complete the update.


                        In other words, there is always an active and vocal community clamoring for an update, but often they represent a very small proportion of the overall user base, who are often only interested in whether their device does the things that were advertised when they bought it.


                        Look at the Vibrant forum now. The discussion about Gingerbread and whether it will be made available is being conducted by about a dozen people at most. While there are probably still a half million devices in use, the appetite for further updates is very subdued.


                        The personnel managing the Tab lifecycle are every bit as aware of these factors as those managing the the Vibrant, so I suspect that user density will be playing a considerable part in their decisions as well.

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                          Gingerbread was really the turning point for Android as an OS, and the new Android 4.0 IceCream is another, Google is trying to bring together the software to have synergy with all types of hardware whether it's Tablet's or Phones and that will make a big difference in the current user culture developing out there. We often forget that Android is a fairly new operating system although it's based on Linux, and for what it has accomplished in such a short time is truly amazing! I don't know if you looked at some of the specifics on IceCream but it has reached a professional level of operation, it is serious as an operating and is shaking the trees in all the Tech communities!, I was on XDA yesterday and it's all anyone can talk about! and all the Hackers are salivating at the possibilities of what can be done with it, One thing that is important to remember...If your device can run Gingerbread? It can Run IceCream better with it! and Galaxy Tab is more than capable and I believe in a very short time I will be Running Android 4.0 IceCream on my Galaxy Tab! I used Honeycomb for about a month on a Galaxy Tab 10 and it was ok... some things I liked some I did not, The Eye Candy was nice but often unnecessary for what I was doing, and many things I could do faster with old Froyo! but that's just me, Honeycomb was the Test-bed for IceCream in my opinion, and we shall see how it progresses with new and old hardware, I will be able to play with the new Nexus in 3 weeks, so hopefully I will get a better idea of what to expect on how it will work on a tablet?, I use my Tablet more than my phone, I use my phone as a phone and my Tablet as my mobility device, cargo pants works well for me.


                          and on the other subject, it is rare that a device is fully supported more than a year, that's why I think competition is skewing support for anything older than a year?

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                            Unfortunately, I think these evolutions for older devices will have to come through the customization channels over at XDA.


                            Any intention that OS updates will be supported through 18 months from launch, as indicated back in January by TM's CMO, Cole Brodman, will have to address two issues:


                            a) The significant drop off in "interested" customers when the update is implemented via PC download, rather than OTA.The volume of customers running the stock OS version after such an update is significantly lower than the total number of devices deployed and, of course, it is way less than would be the case if the update had been deployed via OTA. Critical mass to justify investment in the update process is important. This means effectively, that you should expect no more than one OS update for each device delivered in this manner.


                            b) GIven that the carrier launches a new array of devices every quarter, the majority of sales for a particular model take place within 2-3 months of the device being on the market. That means that the majority of devices will fall out of warranty between 12 and 15 months after launch.


                            There are unsolved issues for the customer and the carrier where an official OS update bricks an out-of-warranty device, based on understandable, but unsupported expectations. TM have been hit by a maelstrom of support activity as a result of several problematic update processes over the last year or so, and will not be keen to deal with the hostility generated when customers first lose access to services on their device and then are told there is nothing that can be done for them because the device is no longer under warranty.


                            With some of the sales figures for the more popular devices, we are talking about a 90% update success rate still potentially generating tens of thousands of support requests and as many furious customers, if they are told nothing can be done to help them.


                            I think this is a big issue which will continue to ensure that we don't see OS updates released after the device is little over a year old.

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                              Samsung and other carriers have managed to update the OS. So at this point I'm inclined to believe that T-Mobile is the more guilty party.


                              But Samsung won't even let me download the update that it provides to wifi-only users. When its support site sees that I have T-Mobile tablet -- even though I've never used it on the T-Mobile network -- it refuses to let me go further.


                              Apple updates the iOS for devices that are well over a year old. And I'll bet anything that Amazon won't orphan its new tablet as quickly as Samsung and T-Mobile have done in this case.


                              What still amazed me in this thread is other folks' alibis for corporate behavior that is blatantly anti-customer.


                              Meanwhile, neither T-Mobile nor Samsung has responded to my questions about this.

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                                T-Mobile wont update are Tab! Verizon just release Gingerbread update today for there Version Galaxy Tab. T-Mobile suck!

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                                  maybe soon. the update server is looking at your model number. and for now that model number is blocked from updating, I also hope we get updates soon too. I dont want to hack mine just to have the lastest software. I would only hack mine if I wanted to develop software on it.

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                                    thats another good selling point for the tabby thou. comes in all bands and freqs. I picked tmobile because the net service is the lowest price.

                                    and frozen yougurt is not that bad. long live Froyo!

                                    hmm, now where did I put those sprinkles.

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