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        So did you check for availability  of Wi-Fi setting or did you see an actual demonstration of WI-FI calling?

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          So did you check for availability  of Wi-Fi setting or did you see an actual demonstration of WI-FI calling?

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            The T-Mobile rep at the store said both the Amaze and SGS2 would need an update to support wifi calling.  When I looked at both phones on the website yesterday neither listed support for wifi calling.  Even if the Amaze works I guess I'll need to wait because I really prefer the look and feel of the SGS2. 



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              I checked for Wifi Calling feature because it was the most important feature for me on the phone. So I am 100% sure it has this functionality. Go for it...

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                I was comparing both the SII and the Amaze and it appears that in order to use Wi-Fi Sharing / Calling you must now add on and purchase the Tethering & Wi-Fi Sharing Feature.  Has anyone else confirmed this?

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                  To use Wi-Fi sharing, you must add the $14.99 tethering and Wi-Fi sharing feature to your account, in addition to your regular data feature.


                  To use Wi-Fi calling, there are no features that need to be added.  However, T-Mobile does currently offer a free unlimited Wi-Fi calling feature, which makes all of your domestic calls that you make over Wi-Fi unlimited.  Without this feature, Wi-Fi calling will still work; the minutes will just deduct from your account as though you were using the regular mobile network.


                  On the Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze, they do not currently support Wi-Fi calling, but will in the future, after the new IMS network launches and a software update is available alowing the feature on the device.  Anyone wishing to use the new Wi-Fi calling service after it launches will have to be using the new SIM cards that ship with those devices.

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                    Interesting the store personnel don't know this.  They just moved my existing SIM over. 



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                      Im glad to see people talking about the gs2's lack of wifi calling. this was a huge

                      thing for me too. i asked every tmo person i could find (4) in stores and on the phone

                      with customer care and everyone swore wifi calling was there. the screen and the faster

                      data connection are enough to make the phone worth it for an upgrade but i had to pay

                      full price for it since i upgraded when the sensation came out. i didnt want the amaze

                      out of spite and feeling robbed by tmo and htc because the amaze is nothing more than

                      an upgraded sensation barely 3 months after sensation launched. i hope the gs2 gets the

                      software update faster than other devices like the htc hd7 which finally got the mango update.

                      for what the gs2 costs off contract and even with a new activation tmo people should be

                      better informed of specifics when they are selling 500 $ phones. one guy in the store i bought

                      my gs2 from said i needed a new sim card and an update would be out in a week or 2 but its

                      looking like he just wanted to sell me the phone. 

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                        I agree, the lack of WiFi calling is a real game changer for me, this phone (SGS2) and TMO. I, as previous posts indicate, live in an area outside of TMO Towers, the easy transfer to UMA when I enter my home motivates me to continue my contract with this carrier.


                        This issue highlights the need for Staff Development for their employees. I received a number of assurances that WiFi calling was a feature on this phone. I went to my local store on release date to purchase it and something told me to ask to see the WiFi app, it was not there. This led to a number of tech support calls by the store staff which ultimately led to the answer that is was coming soon, when...... no solid answer on that one.That is what I was told when I looked at the new BB Bold 9900 on release date, it was coming soon, well that has not happened as of today's date.


                        Since TMO prides themselves in being first in Customer Service, they should take notice of the needs and questions of their current , and potential, customers, and insure that these questions are answered in an accurate and timely fashion.


                        TMO: Issue a statement officially indicating when the WiFi fix is expected and how it will function specifically how and if the new SIM card is integral to this feature.

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                          When (or if) WIFI calling comes to the S2 to be sure you are using WIFI and not the connected carrier, you would need to turn off the carrier and have only WIFI on.  I can not find a way to do that on my S2.  Anyone found that option?

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                            Would you all look up and try GrooveIP app for wifi calling? it requires google voice account (free and free number) and I've read it works well, for wifi calling, and report back please, thanks.

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                              What do you mean? like putting it in airplance mode and then enabling wifi?  that turns off thr carrier but i don't think wifi calling from tmobile would work then. 



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                                turn off carrier cell network should not turn off wifi, either calling or data.  wifi calling through tmobile or another app like grooveIP, should still work no?.

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                                  Called T-Mobile yesterday and after two holds they said the SII will not support Wi-Fi Calling.  I explained that is not what T-Mobile is marketing on the website or in your stores and contradicts what has been said on this thread.  Asked if it will ever support it and she said NO it will never support Wi-Fi calling.  I don’t believe they would put this flagship phone out and not have Wi-Fi calling that cheaper handsets can do.  So let’s hope they release this update soon!

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                                    They need to do more Staff Development. Surely, based on the above threads, the phone will have WiFi calling. The question is When and How?

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