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        brandt wrote:


        alang wrote:


        I'd like to know this also. I bought the Amaze with WIFI calling in mind as I have spotty cell service at my home and also want to make WIFI calls when I travel abroad.


        Can someone at T-Mobile supply actual FACTS on when this will be available?

        If I give you a date when it's not 100% confirmed and the update slips, then it makes T-Mobile and I both look bad. Once I do have a solid date, I will let you know! I have the Amaze 4G myself (just got mine yesterday) and I'm waiting for the update too!


        *cough*MyTouch3G FroYo*cough*


        Yeah, stay away from specific dates. It just makes everyone upset

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          what about the vibrant still stuck on froyo while al other galaxy s1 are on gingerbread

          or how long it took to get an update to the g2x?


          Tmo's update reputation is terrible


          I had to take mines back... went back to my old phone which has it and it works fine.. unfotunate, i had upgraded and resigned. Now im free again.. this gives me more time to look around

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            From a business development mgr at T-Mobile... in response to WiFi calling for Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Amaze:


            "If you want hand off for Wi-Fi calling the best right now is the Blackberries 9630 or older or Any of the Nokia E Series that support Wi-Fi calling. With the Android's you will not hand off to the outside environment. New devices like the Amaze is moving to IMS VoIP technology with will provide a more commercial quality solutions for corporations. The Amaze will not support out of the box and will need a maintenance release that will be sent OTA to the device. It will be the best choice moving forward. Hope that provides some direction."


            Sounds like the Amaze will be the device to own for WiFi calling moving forward.

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              the glaxy s 2 does not have it either.. they are waiting for an update also which will use the same technology. all premium android phones moving forward will be using the new tech

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                yes it was there.. but after you turn it, shortly there after you are prompted to update the phnoe.. The update whipes the ability

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                  Seriously? That sucks.  So you saw the following, selected it and the phone prompted an update?  Which in turned wiped it?



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                      This post might be irrelevant (mine here). Can't you just use 'GrooveIP' along with a google voice account? Might want to look that up for a better solution than standard wifi calling and see if it works. Google voice links to your cell phone number but the receiver I assume does not get your cell phone number as the calling number (but you can get a good GV number for free still I think)

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                        I bought GroveIP for $4.99 yesterday and that works fine for Wifi calling.  Thanks!

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                          Yeah kinda surprised that did not ship with the phone.

                          The wifi calling that will be available on this device is a different type of program.

                          The current wifi calling on available devices uses GAN based

                          New one is using a better SIP model that seems like overal better system type


                          either way both devices amaze and sgsII did not ship with it but will be available as a update later on.

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                            Not sure if you realize that the G2X problem was a problem that LG had to fix. Nothing T-Mobile could have done would have accellerated things.

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                              WiFi calling, being a major issue for my utilization and making the decision between the Amaze & Galaxy GS2, I have pressed T-mo and the manufacturers directly on this issue.  I won't get into the finger pointing on who releases what and when, although I could answer this question.  However, I will say that HTC was very thorough in explanation.  Prior to choosing the Amaze, 2 days ago, I received the actual answer from T-mo Blackberry/PDA Support, Atlanta (do not make decisions based on anything that general Customer, Offshore train wreck, Support says).  WiFi Calling is in full release/use via the new 4G SIM card.  This was verified by a manager in technical care, Colorado, yesterday when I placed my order for four of the HTC Amaze for various locations accross the country.  Last week this issue was a priority discussion that was edified in late last week's Team Meetings.  If the tech care folk didn't listen, that's their fault and only directs the blame upon those individuals and unfortunately we suffer with their mis-, mal- and incomplete information dissemination.  Hopefully I did "OK" with this posting, as it is my first ever blog, forum or whatever you call what we are doing here.  Regards, Eric

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                                That's the 'official' WiFi calling from TMobile but there are apps also that do it.

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                                  According to TMONews, wifi calling will be pushed out to the Amaze and Galaxy S2 starting on Nov. 13th.  I think wifi calling is hit or miss at best but for those of you who want it, here is the article.



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