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    Dear unhappy G2x owner


      (Posted an edited copy of a fellow pillar's post from the Sensation forum)

      Your options are as follows:

      1. Try some basic troubleshooting tips.  Most are in the documentaion area.  Others you can find via searching in this forum for your issue and seeing what others have tried.  Try a battery pull (pulling the battery and putting it back in).  Try a factory reset (aka hard reset).  Try clearing all of your caches (browser, apps).  Try a new SIM Card.  Try a new MicroSD card.
      2. If you say you've already tried point #1 a thousand times over, you are part of a group that simply can't get the G2x to run well in its stock configuration, and you have to try one of the other options below.
      3. You can ask T-Mobile to let you try another G2x, but if you're already on your 2nd or even 3rd G2x or higher, don't waste your time getting yet another replacement, continue to the other options below.
      4. If you are still within the 14 or 30 day return window, get a full refund and buy something else. If beyond the return window, continue to the other options below.
      5. Ask T-Mobile to swap your G2x for something else.  This will only work if you have gone through 3 or more exchanges.  If you don't want to swap for what they offer you or are refused, continue to the other options below.
      6. It's already not working, you're already on your 2nd device or higher.  So you are at a point where an outside of warranty option may be something to consider.  Check out the Android Development Forum or outside developers forum.  Keep in mind, many things in the developers forum might void your warranty.  But you can at least read and learn what you can and can't do with your phone.  You will learn terms such as root and custom roms.  If you don't care to try something like this, continue to the other options below.
      7. Sell your G2x on Ebay or Craigslist and get yourself something else (a laggy iPhone or even a dumb phone perhaps).  If you don't care to sell it, continue to the other option below.
      8. Continue to suffer in your current state but please keep the whining to a minimum.

      8a.      Bite the bullet by paying the Early Termination Fees and find better luck with another device on another carrier.

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          Not bad information, that is until you reach 8 and 8a.  TM needs to realize we are paying customers, customers who provide their profit.  A final result of "suck it up" or "bite the bullet" is inexcusable and no way to keep customers around.  After my last conversation with TM today, which resulted in "I guess your phone just won't work right"; I'm about ready to look for a new account.  I've had this same account handed over through companies for the last 17 years.

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            No carrier will have an option beyond #7.  The whole point of the post is not to get to that point!

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              Is this official policty from Tmobile?

              • 4. Re: Dear unhappy G2x owner

                gadgetfun wrote:


                Is this official policty from Tmobile?


                I am not a T-Mo employee, contractor nor employed by Deutsche Telekom.

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                  sometimes it's cheaper to let an unhappy customer be unhappy somewhere else

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                    Gandecab I don't understand why you choose to defend Tmobile for problems with the G2X.  If the G2X has problems and it is under warranty then it deserves proper customer service to resolve the problem.

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                      Because TMO is not responsible the 'problems' with the phone.  TMO is giving the same cust service as any other phone.  TMO historically has been very liberal on the return/replacement policy.  People have received multiple replacement G2x and/or different phones.  TMO is not going to recall or refund all G2x users. 

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                        gadgetfun wrote:


                        Gandecab I don't understand why you choose to defend Tmobile for problems with the G2X.  If the G2X has problems and it is under warranty then it deserves proper customer service to resolve the problem.


                        It seems to me you have multiple exchanges already.  Why is it that you continue to get yet another G2x?  Are you trying to win the lottery?  For people that have exchanged more than twice, it is highly unlikely they will get one that will function to their liking.

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                          I'm just following the options T-Mobile gives me.  I.didn't win the lottery when I bought this phone.  Today my.replacement G2x has frozen 7 times already. 

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                            Today I placed my G2x in the original box and put it on the shelf.  I'm now using my G1.  Yeah, great stuff.

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                              I went with option #7. Got $300 for the phone so it should help with the ETF. I ended up going with Sprint since they are the only other carrier with unlimited. Got myself the Samsung Galaxy S II and I won't be looking back. I keep benchmarking it and it's getting near the top results, almost twice what I got for the g2x.

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                                amazes me.  first Tombile sold the phone they are responsible.  It is Not only people right to tell the seller of an item of their unhappiness its their responsibility.  Im sure there are some people out there that read these forums than either didnt buy this phone or go with tmobile because of they way they have handeld the G2x and if it stopped 1 person from either im extrememly happy.  Continually replacing a defective phone with another defective phone or returning a brand new product and receiving a refurbished phone is not a great return policy. 

                                you keep saying why do you keep returning it than.  well its because there are people out there saying there is no problem with my phone its great so people think they will recieve a good one and you are one of those so im not understanding why you wonder why people would try replacements to get the perfect one like you have. 

                                I just really see no use of your post. all things are obvious , already stated thousands of times.  This post does nothing but stir the pot that was on simmer. 

                                Tmobile and LG have done a great job of refusing to answer questions or post responses and allow the phone to die out. youll just reawaken with posts like this. might loose you pillar badge.


                                If i have any more info on how i feel about this post ill let you know.

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                                  Common sense man...common sense.  You have just replaced your device more than twice and get the same results with the 3rd or 4th.  Do you REALLY think you might get lucky with #5, #6, #7 or #8?  Give me a break.  There are other options outside of T-Mo -- but only IF one is willing to do them rather than feel they are handcuffed to only what is available to them through the carrier.


                                  Say what you want but there are other options out there.  I'm merely pointing them out and if you don't like it, you don't have to respond to this thread.

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                                    How about this. people paid money for a device that was advertised as many things.

                                    1 being a follow up in the g line of phones of which people expected updates. FAIL

                                    2 phone being pure android , which it is not FAIL

                                    3 anything shy of returning every last cent someone spent there is no option for those that got succkered into "sooner than you think"

                                    4 they do expect something different since those like you keep telling them your phone is perfect.


                                    5 the only real option to have the g2x run decently is to root and install roms that people who actually care what people think about their software.


                                    this whole mess would of been over if LG/Tmobile threw out the problematic phones that were obviously hardware related and sent the newer phones which seemed to have some quality assurace to them .

                                    instead they are throwing a new os on a junk phone and shippoing it out again.

                                    surprise same old problems when some poor sucker gets that phone.


                                    Yes people can pay etf and go elswhere which will happen by the thousands if att takes over count on it.

                                    but this doesnt repay them for the monies spent. and they should not have to eat it because Tmobile/LG releasd a faulty device and have continuoulsy lied and mislead people about the extent of the problems.


                                    And each time i see you post for people to not complain or try to throw the truth/fault away from tmobile i will respond in kind . 

                                    Your post was fine until you added 8 and 8a.  and i bet many agree with me. without those i would not have had a problem with your post at all.


                                    ill relay this post  and if they have any info ill let you know.

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