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    Available app storage

      How much internal space is available for app storage? Specs show 16gb internal storage and I'm going to guess 4gb for the operating system. The vibrant also has 16gb internal with something like 1.5 gb for app storage.

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          The 16GB is just static storage. Think of it as hard disk space in your computer. You'll use it for apps, music, videos, whatever you like, but it won't be used for running any active apps. You can also extend that 16GB by up to an additional 32GB by using a micro SD card.


          The Amaze has 1GB of RAM, which is used to run the OS, run apps, etc. Most of that will be available for apps. The Vibrant has 16GB of storage (hard disk) space as well, but only 512MB of RAM. That means that the OS has to swap out running apps more often, and that there is less memory available for running an app. Less than half as much, actually.

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            So you don't know the answer.


            Thanks for the basics, but saying the 16gb is available for app storage isn't quite accurate. As I stated the original galaxy s has 16gb "internal storage" but only about 1.5 is available for apps. Hopefully my local tmobile store has a demo and I can check a live device for the answer.

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              So the answer Trodar that you are looking for is that about 3.2GB is takin up by the OS! The guys at Wirefly are using the Phone and have a video on it:




              You are welcome.

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                Nice try samsung boy! Still not fully answer. I hope the entire 13gb is available for app storage though.

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                  I'm a bit unclear as to why you asked, since you seem to know the answer (although I stand by my answer). I'm also unclear why an OS that fits fine on a phone with less than 1GB of internal storage needs 14.5 GB of internal storage on this phone. Why is that? Windows 7 doesn't need that much hard drive space on a full-blown desktop.

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                    Umm Windows 7 which version 32 or 64 Home Premium, Ultimate. And wow compary Linux to Windows ouch. I understand now what he is asking and why. Some phone break their partitions out so they have a certain amount of space for the OS, some space for App's (this is his focus), and then there is storage for anything else the user wants to use it for (this is my interest). Why is Trodar interested in this because not all app's are stored or can be stored on the SD they need to ran partly from the ROM so how much space do you have for this that is his question. Neither of our answers asnwer that. I am interested in how much space I have internally for me because well let's face it onboard ROM is faster the micro SD.I beleive it's the same comparison as a solid state hard drive and a SATA II drive for desktop computers. So now you should have a better understanding why space on a phone is important. It goes hand in hand with performance. So now Trodar please go by a store and tell us what you see when you use one, or I'll do it and tell you what I see.

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                      Amaze: 2.5GB system storage (for apps), 9+ for media.

                      GS2: 1.75GB system storage, 11+ for media.


                      Those numbers are straight off of the storage page off the settings menu. Looked them over at the store today.

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                        Thanks for the information.


                        I just got back from the tmobile store too. I would have posted but I was with my wife and she hates it when I post on the forums while I am driving.



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                          So it definately looks like I want the Samsung Galaxy SII! Thanks for the numbers this is some pretty good info.

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                            Based on what you said earlier, I think you're right. The GS2 has an additional 2GB or so of media storage, and quite frankly 1.75GB of apps is a LOT of apps! Check out the other features of both phones though. You can always augment the media storage via a micro SD, and there may be other features that you like on the Amaze.

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                              Yes I believe the software on the Amaze for pictures would be a considerable choice. I can't wait to look at both of these phones closer to get a better idea. Thanx again for checking this out.