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    I hate you Sidekick 4g.

      I loved this phone at first. It is my first smartphone and my first sidekick. I have had it since May and everything just keeps going downhill.


      --My 4g stopped working a couple weeks ago and just had an "E". Now it doesnt even have an "E". I have to have the WIFI on to even get texts or calls.


      --It will randomly scroll on its own, especially when I am trying to text. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to send a text.


      --I can't use the web because it freezes for upwards of 10 minutes and I can't do ANYTHING. I have to remove the battery to restart it.


      --Sometimes it freezes on its own, vibrates three times, and restarts.


      --I can't receive or send MMS.


      Could it just be the phone? Maybe I need a new handset and things will be better? Wishful thinking


      I have NEVER had any problems with T-mobile phones,  or service near my house. I have ALWAYS had full coverage in my house and the surrounding area. This is really satrting to make me angry and wish I had NEVER purchased this stupid phone. >:/

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          I have had some of these issues also. My phone had no E, 3g or 4g signal at all and I didnt know why, finally I checked through all my settings and somehow my Data Connection was turned off by itself. Its an everyday thing with my phone freexing and restarting itself. Its not just yours there is a nice handful of us having these problems. T-mobile has even posted a number for sidekick 4g users to call its on the facebook page for the sidekick

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            Where do you check to see if your data connection has turned off?

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              first thing I would do, is to check the internal storage left on your phone.  What it sounds like is that your phone is low on mem, and its trying to reallocate space to run apps that you want to run.  Have you ever had the "low on mem" notification pop up? 


              your wifi problem is a strange one.... I have no idea about that.  Only thing I can think of is that the problem might be with your data useage and T-Mobile throttling your connection.  Do you use more than 2GB or 5GB of data in a month?  Depending on your data plan, T-Mobile can throttle your connection back to edge from 4G.  Only thing with this is that it shouldn't effect you when you're on wifi, so Im not sure.


              All the rest of your issues sounds like a low mem state problem though.  if you want, you can download a memory management app like "app 2 sd" or anything similar to check whats installed in your internal memory and see if you can move it to your sd card, and you can also check to see if there's anything you can delete.  I know when I was experiencing similar problems, after I had deleted some apps to make more space, my phone ran a lot smoother. Note that the apps you delete would have to be apps installed in your internal memory to make a difference like this.  deleting apps from your sd card wont do any good as far as for freeing up mem to help your phone run smoother.


              Hope that helps.

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                Thanks for your answer. Then only thing is that I have recently, as in the last four days, done a complete facotry reset and not downloaded any apps. It has been a little better the last few days by not freezing or shutting off. The 4G is still not there and I can't use the web without fear of it freezing, but I can call and text.

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                  Mine does the same thing.  Freezes up all of the time (I call it "my brick").  If you remove the battery do you lose your address book or is it backed up online?  How about the factory reset?  I don't have any apps and hardly any memory usage so that's definitely not relevant.

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                    The problem is Samsung's TouchWiz Stock builds of Android.  All Touchwiz builds have these issues.


                    Here is the fix: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1231021

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                      cgates i have the same issues with my phone. I was really excited about the SideKick 4G but after a month all these problems started. when i called t-mobile they said update the software but i cant find anything on that on this site...