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    HTC issues

      Just got off of the phone with T- Mobile and was notified that there is an issue with the Sensation.  Sometimes the phone works and sometimes it does not.  There is an issue with the radio.  The phone will get stuck in 2G mode or NO G mode, will not make or receive calls, plus the internet will not work and at some point, later in time, it will decide by itself that it wants to work again.


      HTC is trying to work it out, but the phone cannot yet be replaced, even though everyone knows there is an issue with the phone itself.  The good news is, I was offered an early upgrade, so I can spend more money on a phone, from a company that does not want to stand behind the first one I bought!!!! 



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          I have the same issue.  Sometimes when I try to make a call nothing happens - I dial the number and the phone returns to the dialing screen.  It may do that five or six times then finally dial the number.  Sometimes it will start to dial then quit and return to the dialing screen.  Other times when I'm on a call the call drops and I cannot re-dial.  Two different people have told me when they tried to call me they got a recording that said my number had been disconnected and was no longer in service.  The phone is stuck in GSM mode.  When I try to select GSM / WCDMA auto it goes right back to GSM only.  Same thing happens if I try to select WCDMA only - it goes right back to GSM only.  If I try to search networks I get an error message that says "error while searching for networks" and it says "no netrworks found".  I should have an icon at the top that says "4G" I've never seen that icon all I see is G or 2G.  If I'm not on wifi the internet is so slow it's unusable. 


          I've called t-Mobile tech support three or four times and spent about two hours on the phone with them.  They never informed me there was a known issue.  I was told there was a tower problem, then I was told my router must be at fault, then I was in an area that did not have 4G coverage.  Twice I was told they would write a service request and I would hear back from them in about 72 hours that was about five days ago and I have not heard anyting from them.


          I'm seriously considering selling the phone and switching to Verzion they have good coverage ion this area and T-Mobile has none.  The T-Mobile coverage maps say this area has fair coverage, but the maps lie.  I've been with T-Mobile about 6 years and have never had any signal inside my house.  If I did not have a good wireless network set-up I could not use T-Mobile at all.

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            I've never had that problem.


            I HAVE had my phone drop to 2G while at work, but I've attributed it to a slightly weaker signal where my new desk is as opposed to where I was.  It tends to restore it's 4G connectivity shortly after I notice it's in 2G mode.


            It's nice to hear they've admitted there's a radio problem, though.

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              I've had so many issues with this phone it's disgusting.  Dust under the screen.  Water under the screen.  Sense UI Crashing.  Full phone random reboots.  Freezing up (have to pull the battery to fix this).  Random screenshots taken.  Power button not working.  Sound level too low.  Green lines in the camera.  Poor wireless coverage.  Death grip issue.  Etc, etc, etc.


              This phone was NOT ready to be released when it was.

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                diaboyos, that is the best response ive ever read.  lol 


                i completely agree... 

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                  I've had similar probems.   in addition,  my phone takes about 90 seconds to return to the home screen (says 'loading' during this unacceptable delay) when exiting a task such is the internet.  I'm so fed up with this phone that I'm ready to cancel my t-mobile account and go back to at&t.   I logged on to t mobile the other day, and saw they were already  selling the sensation for 99 refurbished.  I use my phone for work and travel a lot.   Shipping me a replacement phone is not so easy as I'm not at my residence .  so I thought maybe I can get a replacement at a t mobile store or even have a replacement phone shipped to a store but was told by the t mobile store manager the t mobilewould not do that.    I was also told at the replacement phone would be a refurbished sensation even though I just paid the full price for a brand new phone.  I'm also concerned that a replacement sensation may be worse than the one I have if that's possible.

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                    I will no longer accept refurbished replacements from T-Mobile.  Two years ago I bought a new BB Pearl 8220 that was defective from the first time I tried to use it.  To make a long and painfull story short T-Mobile sent me a total of 8, yes 8, refurbished phones and none of them worked.  I ended up getting a BB curve that was and still is very reliable.  So if this Sensation needs to be replaced I'll just sell it for what ever I can get an move to Verizon and the iphone.

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                      Like any other product, you will hear from the people with problems a lot more than you will from the people with no problems.


                      I love it when you guys with problems always threaten to leave T-Mo.  Don't threaten us, just go to VZW already.  Haha


                      This phone runs well for me.  Not a single problem.  I've seen Android devices in various stages of stock and rooted configurations, and this phone runs as well in either condition.  It's fast and responsive.


                      You guys with problems should ensure you aren't backing up your settings to Google, uninstall all apps, clearing as much data before doing so as possible, let your phone settle in to its no-application state for a few hours, then factory reset.  Your phone will run like new again.  And if it doesn't, you have a faulty device, bad SD, bad SIM, battery, etc.  Obviously this isn't going to help with dust under the screen, but I live in the worst area for signal coverage you can live in and I have a good signal with no dropped calls or coverage.


                      I would put up with my phone taking 90 seconds to return to the home screen one time, then I'd start looking for the reason.  I am 100% positive it didn't do that out of the box.  An app probably caused this issue. 

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                        I would like to add that 95% of problems people experience are app related.


                        People install Task Killers which cause instability that causes some of these problems listed.  Android and Task Killers are bad.


                        Pushing apps to SD -- while earlier devices didn't have enough space, it's not great to do to newer devices.  It generally "works" and is the only way to get larger games on your device, but then you have to make a decision as to how many large games you really need.  If it requires a lot of RAM, Sense will get unloaded.  This is a natural aspect of Android.


                        Quality control of apps -- Not every app has been thoroughly tested.  If you install a poor quality app, it will bring your phone to a screeching halt.


                        Lookout -- Yes, it's pre-installed on the phone.  But, it does the same -- brings the phone to a screeching halt.  I've heard people setting up Lookout and having problems up the wazoo.  Same phone without Lookout set up works beautifully.  There's not really a need for it if you're cautious about what you're installing.


                        Home Replacements -- Yeah, they're cool and it's awesome that you can customize your phone all the way down to that level.  The complication arises when Sense needs to be loaded for basic feaatures AND your Home Replacement needs to be loaded.  If you want a non-Sense phone, it's "better" to have a Vanilla Android phone.  A lot of times you can get this one to work, but when you start installing larger apps is when problems tend to arise.



                        There's other reason your phone could not work right, but these are the mroe common ones. Unless your phone acted "defective" the day you brought it home, chances are it's an app.  Sure, there's a chance that a piece of hardware went defective, but it's a better chance that it's an app.  And, if your phone acted "defective" the day you brought it home, you should have returned it for a working model.

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                          What app causes the radio to stop working on an intermittent basis?  I will uninstall it promptly!

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                            I have the screen shot issues and my pwer button just started acting up.  Really nice for a $250 phone, isn't it.

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                                  I have noticed when some phones are connected to wifi for wifi calling the phone will naturally switch to GSM only. If you disconnect the wireless connection the phone will allow you to select GSM/WCDMA auto mode and will not automatically default back to GSM. Hope this helps!

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                                I just put mine on wcdma only so it sticks to 4g had no problem since. I can have no signal and my data will work just as fast much better.I have a home launcher and all doesn't seem to cause any problems I use go launcher and I have for a while I used to have the htc mytouch 4g slide and i went through 4 of them giving me hell which was not app related considerign I had no apps on em at the time. I had issues with the pattern lock breaking early all the time. This one has yet to do that which is great. The only problem I have had with this one so far has occured with other phones and that is the speakerphone giving feedback and not picking up my voice at all and such. I puleld the battery it seems to be acting ok now. I am hoping this issue stays gone. I think really it's just the htc sense 3.0 is just really tempermental period.