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    SideKick 4g common issues/bugs

      Ever since the first day I began using my SideKick 4G, I have been experiencing the following issues.  They are probably bugs that need to be looked into.  I’ve noticed that countless others are having the same problems and making posts on the forum. 


      Here is my attempt to make a thread where people can list the issues they are having as specifically as possible so T-Mobile can try and find a solution.   T-Mobile was a great company because of its responsiveness to customer problems, and now that seems to be fading.  Hopefully they find this thread and look into these issues so many of us are facing. 


      • I will send a text message sometimes and find out later that the recipient had replied to my txt, and I had simply never received their text.  This issue happens A LOT, where I do not receive text messages that people send me.  The phone says I have good signal, and everything appears to be fine besides the fact that I do no receive anything anyone sends me at random times in the day. 

          • This issue might have something to do with the integration of cloud texting.  I've noticed that sometimes I login to the cloud texting and see a new message that I didn't receive on my phone. Lately though, the cloud texting has not been keeping up with my phone, and stopped updating itself with recent activity. 


      • My phone will also delete a text message I am typing, while I am typing it, and return to the main text message screen. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING, and happens constantly to the point where I give up trying to respond to a message and just put the phone away. 


      • This also happens with the phone function, when attempting to make calls.  It simply goes back to the home screen, preventing me from making phone calls.


      • The phone will also send out texts hours after I originally wrote them, and sometimes will say it sent a message and never send it at all.  These issues are leading to many cases of miscommunication, and can lead to a lot of unnecessary problems in peoples’ lives. 


      • The phone constantly freezes and restarts itself (while using applications, texting, taking pictures) which is beginning to get very annoying as well; it makes it hard to do anything with this phone.



      These problems have been occurring with the phone since the day I got it, I've factory restarted it and the problems begin again within the same day or two.  I have not dropped this phone at all.  My sister also has the Sidekick 4g, and is experiencing the same issues.  Please look into these problems because I am noticing A LOT of posts pertaining to these issues that involve many people with the same problems.  Here are a few threads I found. 









      Hopefully this thread can help get these problems fixed.  Anyone else having similar or different problems?

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          I have my own subject post somewhere on this forum discussing my issue, but I also have issues texting outdoors in the sunlight and windy days. My sister has the same problem with her SK, but I can't seem to see any other people with this problem..


          And btw, I also have the same issues listed above. I'm sure it's every phone.. especially foreclosing text messages and phone calls. Very annoying......

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            - I rarely use the phone, but sometimes the phone app will close after I key in several digits.  When this happened i tried keying in the number both via the keyboard and via the screen keypad.  The app kept closing.  I think I eventually had to reboot the SK.


            - Sometimes the stock Messaging app will close after I type a few characters.


            - Sometimes the stock Messaging app will not display incoming images (just says Downloading).


            - Random slowdowns, lockup, restarts, etc.   I can not rely on the SK to even be used as a stopwatch.  I've had times in which the SK has just been sitting there and just decided to restart.


            - Some lockups happen at the same point.  For example, one more than one occassion everything has locked up when I've opened the Gallery. 


            Many/most of the problems did not crop up until the update was put in place.



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              kvm I've had similar problems when trying to use my phone outside, the phone seems to start pressing random buttons.  Haven't found a way to solve it without just shading the phone from the sun and wind.


              Leep I have the same thing happen to me regularly when I try opening gallery.  It locks up longer than usual.  I found a loophole to getting into it is opening camera first then opening your gallery from there.


              I also forgot to mention the search glitch.  Whenever typing a text message it will randomly stop typing text in my text input box, and start typing it into a new search.

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                "I found a loophole to getting into it is opening camera first then opening your gallery from there."


                One problem with this is that if you have less than 10% battery then the camera app doesn't function.   Although maybe you can still click to the gallery?  Haven't tried that yet.


                I am also experiencing the txt/search oddness.  I thought it was just me mistakenly hitting something, but I guess not.

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                  I don't think we're supposed to use the Sidekick for texting.  It makes T-Mobile angry.  That's why they freeze up our phones and refuse to display incoming texts.  They figure that if they don't show us any incoming texts then maybe we'll stop sending them too and overloading their system, which is actually two paper cups connected by a string.  And it has nothing to do with cloud texting which I don't use!

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                    I've been having all of the same problems that others on here are having. This sidekick 4G is the suckiest phone I ever had.

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                      i have downloaded the GO Sms Pro app from the market for free.. it helps alot with the texting issues.. i have no problems receiving messages anymore. i use alot of the GO products cuz they are free and they work well. ive had lots of freezing issues with this POS phone but i have tried to make them less frequent. I use Dolphin HD browser and it works nice! GO Launcher is nice for the theme/homescreen.. i feel like if i can use anything but whatever was loaded on the ph one, its gotta be better than what it was.. good luck!

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                        I'm having all these same issues.


                        When I got to work yesterday my boss asked me why I hadn't been responding to any of his messages. My friends have been asking me why I haven't been showing up for things I was invited to. I'll send a message to someone and never get a response back, then find out later that they never recieved the message, or that they replied and I  didn't get the reply.


                        A lot of times when I am typing the phone will erase everything I've typed and kick me back out to the main screen. If I am scrolling through text messages it will suddenly pop up with someone else's messages (not the person I was looking at).


                        The touch screen is glitchy, it will light up the thing I selected, then take me somewhere else entirely.


                        It also shuts itself off at random times.


                        I've tried all the suggested solutions but nothing is fixing this problem. I'm upset that I paid so much money for something that doesn't work.

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                          The device really must have been untested before dropping the realese, and updates as is the case of so many Samsung phones.  The problem is the Touchwiz interface is a hack-job to begin with, and has always been this way.


                          All my issues with this phone were fixed here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1231021


                          The thing is rock solid now.

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                            ya, i guess everyone seems to be having the exact same problems.  So far no update date has been given, its beginning to appear like a Red Herring used to get everyone to stop calling them. 


                            the86d -  are you the developer of this program?

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                              Nope, I just donated a bunch to the developers for a functional device build, and use it.


                              I try to support developers of BETTER THAN STOCK builds when I can.  In this case the device was COMPLETELY UNUSABLE before changing over.  I couldn't function for even hours without instability of the trainreq that TouchWiz causes making me yell at the Samsung gods for not testing this in India, or wherever they fail to test bad code, and code it...


                              They (Open Source Developers, specially @ XDA) are bunch of good guys, and I just got my lady one.  Put it on her's too so it would actually be usable... just finished.

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                                I'm having the same issues as far as your texting and calling issues are concerned. My phone will freeze when I access my gallery on the SD card and I'll have to take the battery out to restart it. I'm glad I'm not the only one with these problems, but it's pretty dumb that we drop hundreds of dollars and the company we got it from can't be bothered to do something about it. It's not like I'm the only one with this phone, let alone these issues.

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                                  I have had these issues on EVERY Samsung device I have had in my hands (I did actually return one, the Epic 4g but that was because Sprint's service was worse than WiFi calling/TXTing).  I cannot believe that this is even acceptable to people, considering All Samsung phones have these issues to one extent or another if they are not running Vanilla Android.  Check the http://support.t-mobile.com/community/phones_data_devices/android/google_nexus forum, and see that Vanilla Android has about ZERO issues, so it seems to be all TouchWiz builds.  Anything NOT running TouchWiz (the ones running Pure Google [Vanilla] Android work fine in comparison).

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                                    I am so sick of this freaking phone that I could scream.  T-mobile claims that it is a "known issue" and that it's being worked on, but I've been waiting as patiently as possible for months and I'm getting tired of it.


                                    My issues are not with texting and calling (other than the fact that sometimes it lags so bad that it takes 10 minutes to do either of these things).  My phone just freezes.  Constantly.  Almost every app I open causes it to freeze.  I probably have to pull the battery, on average, about 5 times a DAY.  Sometimes it will restart itself after it has frozen (after randomly vibrating several times), but when this happens, the touch screen stops responding.  Every time, without fail, and then I just have to pull the battery anyways.


                                    I've called T-mobile to complain, and because this is a known issue, the phone cannot be replaced because the next will likely have the same issue.  I am so SO mad that I spent this much money on a phone and it doesn't even work properly, nor does my sisters.


                                    I've been a loyal T-mo customer for 9 years now, but I'm becoming VERY disappointed in both Samsung and T-mobile.  Get on the ball guys or I'm out.

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