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  • 15. Re: SD Card Update a no go, customer service a no go too :/

    Anyway the update ruined my phone.  It has a ton of glitches including, but not limited to:

    Hardware Keyboard launching shortcuts while I attempt to type messenges.

    Volume rocker stuck on mute in media mode despite not being in media, unable to change any volume options.

    Phone going in to auto-rotate when not set to do so.

    Phone entering Car mode when I plug it in, icon will not disapear until I restart the phone.



    Store reps offered to send me a replacement G2 and only a replacement G2, refused to allow me to switch the phone for a similar model, despite the fact that I know that a non contract customer is getting a newer model phone sent to him.

    I talked to an online rep who walked me through a hard reset and hard recovery situation which fixed the phone for all of 20 minutes before the problems came back, and now I can't get a rep online.

  • 16. Re: SD Card Update a no go, customer service a no go too :/

    Did you happen to download any apps before it acted up again? If so, you've got an app that's wreaking havoc with Gingerbread. Try the master reset again and don't download anything (go into the Market and stop it from doing so automatically) and if the problem doesn't come back then you have the issue narrowed down. A lot of the apps out there haven't been updated to work with Gingerbread yet and it just makes the phone not work.


    Also, expecting T-Mobile to basically upgrade you for free is unreasonable. They are offering to fix the situation, but you seem to be expecting them to do more than they should.

  • 17. Re: SD Card Update a no go, customer service a no go too :/

    After the hard reset and recovery I left the phone as is. It auto uploaded my contacts but other than that I left it the same.  I'm not asking for a sensation or a My Touch 4G slide.  I'm just asking that I receive an alternative to the G2 despite it still being under warranty.  I'll give you a run down of my experiences witth T-Mobile



    Here’s my horror story thus far.  I returned a G2 three months after owning it for bugs with the vibrate option.  I received my new G2 and all was well for perhaps another 3 to 4 months when the gingerbread update was available.  I went to the store after calling to have the update installed on my phone, and ran in to problems.  The phone would not read the card and the update wouldn’t apply. The associate working gave up after about 5 minutes and told me he would order new cards.  I returned 3-4 days later after having performed a factory reset on my phone to make sure nothing would hamper the download.  I left my phone at the store for nearly an hour while I returned to my job, and came back on my lunch break.  I was greeted by an associate who stopped me at the door and returned my phone to me stating I would have to wait for the update.  In my opinion, not the best way to treat your customers.  I wasn’t given a reason or any other information and was pretty much blown off. I waited for my gingerbread update to come over the air, and was thrilled when I finally received it.  2 weeks after my update arrived the phone began to exhibit  a lot of problems.  When using the hardware keyboard the phone began to send me in to shortcuts for no reason. The phone also began going in to landscape mode despite not having enabled the auto-orientation.  The phone’s volume rocker also became unresponsive and the phone was stuck on media and muted the phone.  Also if I plug my phone in it automatically enters car mode and the icon will not disappear.  Once these problems begin they continue until I restart my phone, but they continue to eventually return after a short time of the phone being on.  Not all problems occur at once or with the same regularity. I recently contacted support and did a hard reset, and hard recovery on the phone, per the instructions I received. 20 minutes after having followed these steps the phone encountered the same keyboard problem, despite not downloading any apps or changing any basic settings on the phone.  I again contacted support and was told I could only receive another G2, despite they no longer make new models.  I reluctantly agreed.  I feel that I’ve been very cooperative with the T-mobile representatives to this point. I received my phone in the mail today. As soon as I slid the phone out of the package the micro sd card holder fell out on to the floor.  And the phone appears to have damage in that area. This is the last straw for me.  I am prepared to leave this company if something isn’t done to make this situation right.  I should not have to return this phone every three months for problems when I am paying $89.99 a month.


    This experience might not be typical for most G2 users, or even most T-Mobile customers, but it my experience.  I again spoke with a chat agent who is sending me another G2(best he can do for me), and I'll be contacting a relations specialist tomorrow during operation hours.  Considering all the time I've spent and hoops I've been jumping through I don't think it's too much to ask for an alternative option.

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