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Gingerbread watch 2011

Well, someone had to start it. Lets try and make an organized thread will the known information to keep repeat topics down.


What I know:


Canadian Vibrants to be getting an upgrade in the summer - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1168564


Leak for US T959V is up on Samfirmware.com, but nothing yet for the T959.


Other Galaxy S devices have/or are recieving updates within "early summer."


Why am I hoping for the update? Froyo has a problem with its VPN access so I cannot jump on my wireless network at school. It can be done with 3rd party apps, but having it natively would be nice.


EDIT: Please don't use this thread to complain about the new boards versus the old boards. You want to do that? Create a discussion on it. This thread is supposed to be for GB information for the US Vibrant ONLY!



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    Already in the new forums   I heard a rumore the other day that Gingy will be the last update we will ever see.   I am sure they will hold off on it for as long as they can....I'm thinking winter myself....

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    One of the last posts in the old forum was for a link to a blog site claiming that Samsung had announced the GB update for US Galaxy S variants would be out later in the summer. Unfortunately that post is blown away with everything else...
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    I'm currently on CyanogenMod RC1 on mine and loving it - 2.3 really does add performance while giving you access to features like Netflix!  Can't wait to see how the "official" 2.3 contrasts!



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    amy20 wrote:


    Canadian owners already got the update to gingerbread heres the link http://www.unwiredview.com/2011/07/13/uk-t-mobile-samsung-galaxy-s-android-2-3-gingerbead-update-now-available/


    I'm used to being a technological backwater behind Europe and Asia, but Canada too?



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    Hi All.  Yeah well, new board, we did loose acess to a lot of good info and a good amount of note worthy threads talking about real issues.  So here's a time to recreate the important threads and continue the discussions.  At least now the discussion isn't going to get buried.


    This thread being one of them.  Lets stay on topic and hope that TMobile and Samsung come through with Gingerbread.  This is an amazing phone and it deserves the attention. 


    I really do wonder what the hold up is....  Is it crazy to think that Tmobile is holding this up?  Cuz Really, the upgrade wouldn't even be OTA but through Kies. 


    Has Tmobile classified the Vibrant as EOL?

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    Probably.  This phone was released 367 days ago.  It's probably not end of support, but most likely end of life.  That said, I wasn't holding out hope for 2.3 until I heard the UK and Canada just got 2.3.  Maybe we'll get lucky and see Gingerbread yet.  That said, I can say with 99% certainty, Gingerbread is most likely the last official version we'll see for this device.


    I just hope if we do get an official 2.3 release, they'll fix the lag issue by implementing a proper EXT4 apps partition.  If not... [sigh] time to root and install the Voodoo lag fix.

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    By lag issue do you mean the fact that everything you click on takes way longer than it should to come up???

    My phone is full of those!  Tell me more about how you would go about Rooting.  Would you use a root program that can convert back to the original stock version?

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    Yes, that.  But first of all, I'm no expert on rooting.  Second, this isn't the thread to discuss that in.  Third, read up on theunlockr.com if you really want to know about rooting.  It's a good site with step-by-step instructions and even videos.  But like I said, this isn't the thread to discuss rooting in.  You should create a new thread for that if you want to know more.

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    Got it.  Thanks for your help.

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    This is where we really miss the old forum. There were a handful of key posts that summed up literally hundreds of contributions.


    The best source for rooting and custom ROM issues for most Android phones is the XDA-developers forum. Find the device forum and read the "Vibrant Bible". Tons of stuff, but everything you need to survive in a customized world.


    The best tip I can offer is to read and learn about Odin. It a huge enabler and will most likely help you to un-scr3w your phone if things go wrong, which they can do when you go down this path.

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    yep, I really do miss the old forum.  I can't believe they would just toss all that information out.  There was a lot of insightful information for ALL of Tmobiles Devices.  They could still lauch an archive portal.  Just read only.


    If anyone has been on the Motorola forums, It think Tmobile is using the same software.  The emails look exactly the same, which now I feel like I have my CLIQ XT again waiting for 2.1.  FML!


    * back to topic *


    Like Magus, I expected to be capped at 2.2 (unless I root) until I heard that the UK and Canada got 2.3.


    The Vibrant is more than capable of handling Gingerbread.  In fact it would even improve it.  2.3 was optimized for Hummingbird CPUs.


    What does the UK and Canada have that we don't have?

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    I wouldn't give up hope just yet sprintfeed.com is reporting that the epic 4g is supposed to start getting gingerbread. If this is then I'm pretty sure all the other u.s. galaxy s models including or vibrant will get gingerbread
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    Gingerbread for the epic is supposed to start being rolled out on the 24th
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