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Switch2TMobile ETF Question



I submitted the bills a couple weeks back.The reimbursement tracker shows 'Received'.

How many days does it take for it to get?

1) 'Approved'

2) 'Card Mailed'

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    Hi there, tmo_newaccount,


    Welcome! The entire process can take up to 8 weeks to complete. You should see a status change about 30 days after submission.

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       I did complete the submission online with all necessary information on 30-Jan-2014.

       My tracking number is BYJG-7821-1762.

       I was expecting the status for it to have been changed to 'Approved' by now. But the status check only show it to be 'Received' so far.

       If the entire process was to complete within 8 weeks and if the status hasn't progressed to 'Approved', what is the means for expediting it so that entire thing completes fine in upto 8 weeks of submission?